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Lindsey Graham’s Clear Path to Reelection

Graham’s Clear Path

South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham will probably cruise to reelection in 2014.

Lindsey Graham was supposed to be the Dick Lugar of the 2014 cycle. Instead, he may be the Orrin Hatch. Even tea partiers in South Carolina admit he probably has a smooth path to the nomination and then to reelection.

Graham has consistently irked conservatives. He voted to confirm Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor. He supports the DREAM Act and was one of the chief architects of the 2007 immigration legislation that was widely derided by conservatives as an amnesty. The Club for Growth — which helped topple Indiana’s Lugar and Utah’s Bob Bennett — announced last fall that Graham would be a top target for the group.

Yet South Carolina tea partiers admit that chances are good Graham will face no serious opponent. “Lindsey Graham’s got an easy path to reelection,” glumly admits Colin Lindell, founder of the Palmetto State’s Aiken County Tea Party. “People would love to see someone challenge him, but the problem is there is no real serious contender who can gather the support.”

“There’s nobody viable to go up against him,” agrees Allan Olson who founded the Columbia Tea Party. (He is no longer an active member, but he remains a tea partier.) “He’s got too much of a war chest,” Olson adds. Indeed, Graham has already collected approximately $4.5 million.



For those interested in defeating Lindsey Graham, PLEASE check out South Carolina state Senator Lee Bright. Lee endorsed Ron Paul for President and has been the top scored legislator in Club for Growth's scorecard the last 4 years. He is strong on civil liberties (against indefinite detention, warrantless wiretapping) and against wars.

Lee is strongly considering running against Lindsey Graham. We need to show him there is a lot of support.

Please like Lee Bright's Facebook page and leave a comment for him:

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Chump Change

The Revolution can raise 4 million in one day:


WHO do we got??? ANYONE???

I hearby nominate Brian Franks to run against Lindsey Graham.

Go get em Brian!

I don't think he needs to go

I think he needs to be held to the constitution, perhaps even used by the party as an example why we have a constitution..

Rand made a huge impact last night and Graham's dissaproval only exposes him for what he is.. surely it it better to have him to employ as an example from within the party, than to let him slip away leaving us in chains rather than rights.

After his comments today on

After his comments today on the floor... he needs to go.

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Tom Davis for U.S. Senate

Lindsey graham has no clear path, all someone has to do is run against him with some state name recognition


Tom Davis

said he's not running for any election in 2014.

Focus on Lee Bright. He's leaning strongly towards running.

There will be two South

There will be two South Carolina U.S. Senate seats up, Graham's & the other to fill Jim Demint's seat permanently

All you need is for somebody to have

good speaking skills, know the issues, challenge him on his leftist stance on war, and question him if he is for defending America or is Israel his first call. If somebody really had the balls to hit him hard on his continuous desire to place the lives of our soldiers, our tax dollars, and our national security, because Israel can't get along with its neighbors, they could defeat him. Also, question why, since he is a reserve, isn't he leading the troops to combat? It's easy to send others to possible death, but when you know it's your azz on the line for a ficticious threat created by his puppeteers at AIPAC, it would be a very different story. The best way to put him on the ropes is to question him, that if he believes terrorism is such a threat to America then why hasn't he been raging to secure the border, instead of trying to police the world. Tell me Gomer, I think the people of S. Carolina need to know why you have failed to defend our country first? All I ever hear you say is how we must defend Israel, Iraq, and Afghanistans borders!'

my god

what would i give to dump lindsey graham over a river


we could

money bomb him a couple Million I'm sure, anything to dump Lindsey.

Who else would really want

Who else would really want the job? He's like the only person who keeps coming back to take the job to throw runaway pets into the gas chamber because he really loves what he does.