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How are police roadblocks like this one (live feed) legal? 4th amendment..


CNN has a live feed of a police roadblock in California searching for the cop killer

How is this legal? Anyone know the loophole?

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Vehicle check points...

The Court has allowed certain vehicle checkpoints without individualized suspicion. Whether a vehicle checkpoint is reasonable depends on (1) the gravity of the public concern, (2) the degree to which the seizure addresses or advances the public concern, and (3) the severity of interference with individual liberty.3 Using these factors, the Court has approved vehicle stops at border checkpoints and driver's license and registration checkpoints under specific circumstances. The Court has limited law enforcement, however, by holding that checkpoints created for general crime control (including drug enforcement) are not constitutional. Illinois v. Lidster provides the latest guidance on where the constitutional line lies when officers have no particularized suspicion.


because nobody is refusing

all they have to do is refuse.

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I wanted to post the same

I wanted to post the same thing. It is only legal because people consent to it.
I would have refused the search, sure I would have gotten arrested or shot. But someone has to stand up for our rights.

I was thinking the exact

I was thinking the exact thing when I was watching that. I would have said "No" to consenting to a search during the checkpoint.

He was branded

As a word much worse than the term he initially despised. At least on the news here in CA. That's how it was pulled off. That and fear.

edit: see below from kron

I think with the...

..."Patriot Act" they consider anything like that legal these days, and they don't give a s**t what anyone thinks, they will do it anyway.

Warrants were easily available.

If i remember right, the last time I was in that area there was a branch of the San Bernadino County Court up there in either Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead. Issuance of warrants would not be a problem, and could likely be done in a few minutes.

It is legal

because it is tolerated

I said something about this, in my cubicle

And all my statist co-workers popped up like a dang whack-a-mole machine saying - Yeah, they should! Do you want him rolling through here??!? They need to KILL that guy!

What is wrong with people?

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I got really pissed off when

I got really pissed off when that happened.

Am I the only one getting more and more suspicious with this? I bet the house was on fire because of a drone strike.

I also was stunned that the officers could search cars that far away from the crime scene. They were searching cars about 10 miles away from the incident. I understand making people leave the immediate area and closing the road if need be; however, where the hell do they get the right to stop the cars, take the keys of the driver, open the front and back doors with guns drawn, and then open the trunk. Who gave them that authority, when did they usurp that? It's like they had martial law in Big Bear.

Also, did anybody notice how powerful all of the cops weapons were. They all had semi autos.

Was anyone else disturbed by the militarized response?

Wondering the Same Thing

Wish some Liberty Lovers could get out there to gum it up.

"No you may not search my car without a warrant." Again and again, all day and night long.

The Police would charge that it was Obstruction of Justice, and the People an Invasion of Privacy.

Whom works for whom?

is it legal?


is it LAWFUL under our constitution. NO.

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Who cares?

I mean I'm not just trying to be a dick troll but really, who cares? Do any of these people object? Will any of these men in blue costumes face any repercussions for doing this?

I mean how can you argue against the constitution being just 4 pieces of paper that either gave you exactly the government mafia that rules you today or was powerless to prevent it and in either case being completely irrelevant?

So I ask you again, who cares about whether or not they're breaking the 4th?

Because this is precisely

Because this is precisely what justice and the rule of law is. The government must follow its own rules, or tyranny will surely follow.


Please... you are not speaking to a 5year old. Show me a single government that is following it's own rules. They do until they change the rules and don't anymore. It's the same story over and over everywhere on this planet in the history of rulers.

Btw I could not give two shits about your rule of public law, what I want is private law that I gave my contractually arranged explicit consent to follow. You know, kind of like my internet subscription.

Of course the government follows its own laws.

When the same body writes, interprets, and enforces all the laws, there can be no contradiction. If you think the government has broken its own law, just take your case up with that judge over there who is also part of that same government. He'll give you an impartial ruling. And if he rules in your favor, you can count on the other branch of government to enforce the law...on itself.

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Yeah, you're right

but that's the problem. I guess what I should have said is "Show me a government that is bound by rules set in stone and doesn't simply change them when they become inconvenient."

Pay Attention

I feel like this is a very important event. BUMP this thread.