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Need help with petition for sheriff

We are starting a county wide gun owners association. One goal is to get signatures for a pledge/petition/decree (not sure what to call it to submit to our sheriff. Here is what we have so far, An open letter to the Sheriff. Any thing more specific we are missing?
We the undersigned wish to express our support for the County Sherriff Department in their efforts to insure safety within our community.
As firearm owners and concealed pistol licensees, we intend to act within the law, and are fully behind efforts to thwart the activities of those who would use firearms illegally. We believe the unlawful use of firearms only enhances the negative aspects of gun ownership, and may negatively influence the thinking of local officials when it comes to protecting our rights.
We recognize that all rights come with attendant responsibilities. We would ask that the Sherriff and his officers and staff do all they can to assist us in preserving these rights.

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I reached out to Sheriff

I reached out to Sheriff Mack, oathkeepers, free america now, and goa. goa had nothing to offer. sheriff mack is mailing me a letter to give to the sheriff, but it isn't for citizens to sign and support.

Here is some info:

It is important to know the law and to cite it, otherwise it will not hold water. Let it be known that you can not and will not be subject to law/ordinance which is essentially null and void. The following link has specific information:


In the above thread, hawkiye posted a link to pertinent information that you may find useful.

Along with 2nd Amendment which is the 'Law of the Land', you may want to cite your specific state's constitution regarding right to bear arms.

Please post your draft if/when it is complete.

Best of luck :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

That is quite a bit of

That is quite a bit of information for me to chew on, thank you. I will definitely post the next draft. I have a meeting on Thursday with a atf agent, was hoping to have a descent rough draft for him to look at.


It is, but...

I am confident that with the right formatting and font size you can fit everything needed on 1 to 2 pages :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

We had a public meeting at a

We had a public meeting at a library to show a film on nullification. Few showed up, but one lady who did, said there was specific wording you needed to address a sheriff. I do not know, but for what it is worth, here it is. I guess, at the beginning of the letter you state: I accept your oath of office and I bind you to it.
That is all I know.

thank you for the input!!!

thank you for the input!!! That search phrase opened up some interesting language written to sheriffs. Interesting the latter part of the phrase comes from this: "Bind down the Public officials with the chains of the Constitution" ---Thomas Jefferson

for some reason my computer

for some reason my computer will not let me view this site? The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association cspoa.org/



also curious if anyone else

also curious if anyone else has done this to help persuade a sheriff to come out against the unconstitutional legislation.