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What am I missing here? North Korea not a threat but Iran is?

News outlet says nuclear threat from North Korea is still a long way off. What!! North Korea just sent a rocket into outer space and a few weeks later detonated a nuclear bomb under ground. Iran doesn't even have a nuke or a a rocket to launch it but they can attack the US within a year? LOL! I forgot North Korea isn't floating on oil. Wow if this doesn't shed some light for the blind.

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I was thinking about n Korea

And haven't seen much of anything on this here at the DP. Not sure why that is. Seems like there is a lot of rand bashing or supporting and other ordinary type posts and such but nothing on North Korea and I think we are getting pushed pulled or directed into some sort of conflict here and it's all crickets.

Does anyone have thoughts or perspective on the situation we are facing. I don't, it seems that North Korea, according to msm, is almost provoking us to throw down. But, I imagine there is much more to the story.

N Korea has nothing to loot. Iran is loaded.