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Obama-care question

Hi, I was wondering if there were any Obamacare "experts" around here. I have a question. We are a self employed family (large family) and we have always attacked our medical needs as a pay as you go plan. To buy healthcare would be too $$$ and so far our needs have been paid off month to month. Well, we were told that the penalty for not buying healthcare under this new evil plan is a penalty at tax time of $2000. However, we were recently told that it will be $2000/PERSON. Is this right???? And what about ex-pats? And what is the penalty when you run out of money for the penalty???? EEEK, now what?? Thanks guys.

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I am sick of the usage of "Obama-Care"

Your effing Congress and Senate passed it. It is "National Health Care".

The last thing I want to here is a reminder of this POS 10 years from now...