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Live Now: Rand Paul Tea Party Response Here...

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Will we have a video soon? I

Will we have a video soon? I missed everything.

Here you go


BTW, very disappointed in CNN for cutting the live stream. Low class right there.

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I am so bummed

the live feed didn't work for me. The networks and cable did not show it. I read the text from the (yuck) huffington post. It was okay but not the same as hearing the intonation of his voice. He mentioned a 17% federal tax. That would mean I pay 17% to the feds, 9% to the state, 8% city tax, and 2% property tax for a total of 36%. Good grief!

No Tea Party Speech Aloowed To Upstage The Annointed Rubio

I knew deep down this wasn't going to be...Quick! Someone help Rubio get a drink of water.

Yes, Rubio does believe going into debt for student aid to get his Harvard Education and a trip to the Senate for six years..

He said if it weren't for student education he wouldn't be able to go to college..

What a bald face lie...



Don't see it on cnn, live steam isn't loading

Hopefully somebody uploads this to youtube.
Would be much appreciated.

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I Received An E-mail That Rand's Speech Would Be Shown

on CNN. Hasn't aired yet. Glad you posted the link.