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Knock KNOCK begins today!

The Knock - Knock Ron Paul is Here Campaign begins NOW. Copy this and post up to all MEET UP groups.

Step ONE: Type in your zip code here: http://fundrace.huffingtonpost.com/

Step TWO: Print out all the Names and Addresses. Your Name & Address List. Do not concern yourself if its a Hillary or Giuliani supporter or supporter of any other candidate. This does work magic on getting the Ron Paul name out there, and does create the impression that he is WELL ORGANIZED better than THIER candidate. Remember, these people TALK around the water fountain. Do not discriminate, approach all registared voters. And yes point out that Dems & Independants must change voter registration to republican to vote for Ron Paul.

Step THREE: MapQuest the Addresses. Print out maps and staple to your Name & Address List. Make sets of 25 addresses, Names/Maps. Group them in sets of 25.

Step Four: 2-5 people in your Meet Up Make up ONE Knock Knock RP Team. Make many teams. Pass out one set of Names/addresses/Maps to Each TEAM. 25 names/addresses per night is enough work for 2 hours per night. This should cover everyone. If zip codes in the 5 primary states are not covered, POST this, ask for volunteers to come from other states. WE WILL COME.

Step Five: Gather together Ron Paul info Campaign materials. Get Scotch Tape, and some flash lights. Monday, Tuesday, Wednsday, Thursday, & Sunday nights are nights which the person is most likely to be home. Go out door to door, knock for Ron Paul.


Ok, now KNOCK on the door 5 times, then repeat a second time. If no answer, leave materials taped to the door.

if the person is home, first address them by name if can, and then just say, "Hi, sorry to interupt your evening, and no we are not selling anything, (Hand them RP Flyers/CD) this is yours for free. We are neighbors who live around here and we would just would like YOU to have this information on our favorite Candidate, and, we would like to ask you to please join us in voting for Ron Paul". Then Smile, and Smile some more. If they hesitate taking anything, leave your hand out and Smile. After they have the info, then feel free to talk about the weather, sports or anything like that. IF the person wants to talk politics, listen for a minute and SMILE, then smile some more, but do NOT add in YOUR opinion....simply excuse yourself saying that you and your neighbors have more info to pass out.

If the person does not answer the door, use the scotch tape to tape the info to the door handle, or to something nearby. NEVER place anything into the Mail Box...Never. Stay away from the Mail Box. Sure place stuff near it, but never in it.

Lets get this Knock Knock for Ron Paul Campaign Going. Lets stop the signs and the blogging except for Friday and Saturday nights. Week nights we should be Knocking on doors.

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This is probably obvious but let's be careful about the tape - we don't want to take any paint off. Doorknobs or metal frames are good for tape or sticking it in the doorjambs but I think more than a few people will be annoyed to find tape on their doors.