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Ben Ginsberg will head the newly announced Presidential Voting Commission

Announced during tonight’s SOTU address, the commission is being established to “improve the voting experience in America.”


Ben Ginsberg! Ben Freakin' Ginsberg!!! The same Romney lawyer that pulled every slimy trick in the book to deny Dr. Paul his duly elected delegates in the primaries will now be in charge of making certain national elections are run more fairly.


Don't know about anyone else, but he certainly did not "improve the voting experience" for me.

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This would be funny and

This would be funny and ironic if it weren't so tragic.

This is just Obama's way of

This is just Obama's way of thanking Ben Greaseball for making sure he didn't have to face Ron Paul in the general election! If not for Ben Greaseball's stellar performance, Obama would NOT be president today!

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+1 for "must know" & be prepared for more of Ben Ginsberg's

DISGUSTING CHEAT fest. . . at Presidential Voting Commission to solidify & codify the "American D/R democracy" fraud.

He WILL "improve the voting

He WILL "improve the voting experience in America". For the crooked politicians. B-b

What they fail to realize is the function of elections: It's not to be "fair". It's to stabilize the country by approximating a civil war, convincing the losers that, if they started a civil war to reverse the result, they'd lose that, too.

When the elections are perceived to be dishonest, they are no longer convincing. This may lead the losers to try their hand at the real thing.

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"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

Maybe he was unemployed

.....and needed a if fat government job!

He made the GOP primaries a joke.

Now American elections will be exposed for the joke they have long been.

The Federal Election Commission is a cartel given monopoly control of the election process to private entities: The DNC and RNC.

Free includes debt-free!

we all knew

this was a joke...this verifies it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Ginsberg will make sure that the entire delegate process is smooth and orderly....this country has become a parody of itself.

You Can't Write This Stuff!

This must be from The Onion.... right? You can't write this stuff!

Ed Rombach


Exactly what I was thinking! I would laugh at the hilarity/insanity of it.... but I am too busy feeling like I am going to puke. We are seriously left with only one option.... and it's not a pretty one.

and Obama appointed him?

" I’m asking two longtime experts in the field, who, by the way, served as the top attorneys for my campaign and for Governor Romney’s campaign, to lead it."




Can you verify this claim, with something other than a google search link about Ben Ginsberg?


Thank you!

He is actually in charge of making sure the machines are rigged.

He is to America what Stalin's vote counters were in the USSR.


No doubt!

How comforting..Both attorneys representing Obama and Romney..Most of the American people don't know that this was code for "The Fix Is In" and the fix will continue.

Am I suppose to be comforted knowing a supposed republican attorney is going to fix things..

What a freaking joke..The sad part is the american people really don't have a clue what all that means to their ability to case an honest vote..

Criminal politics! You gotta love it!