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Rand Paul Gives The Tea Party Response To The President's State of the Union Address - 2/12/2013

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How about this...

END THE FED and replace it with Constitutional money printed by the bank of the U.S.

END THE IRS and go to a 10% sales tax for everybody.


And since we would no longer have to defend the petro dollar, we can end the wars.

There ya go. Problem solved.

How about this...

Get rid of legal tender laws and allow for decentralized currencies like bit coin. Problem solved.


Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. ~Thomas Paine


- If US government starts printing money, it will be even worse than the FED. The solution should be (if short of the gold standard) to devorce the FED from accommodating US government budget deficit, unemployment and inflation. Original FED was sufferable: it was backed 40% by gold and 60% by corprate papers, it was not responsible for budget deficit.

- Sale tax does not work. If people decide to spend less in a particular year, government wont get projected revenue. Flat tax on gross income (say 1-5%) with no diduction is the best solution. Corporations should be taxed the same after deduction of salaries and dividents.


flat tax? No thanks, Rand.

AD in NV

Did you not watch the debate

Did you not watch the debate where Ron Paul supported a 15% tax rate?

Well that was 1000 time better than Bobby Jindal's sad

reply years ago.

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This Rand Paul speech link is good.

Thanks, eduardo89.

Great Job RAnd!!

This man is burning a trail right through Washington. Keep going Rand. Your our single most productive advocate right now!!

The media has started the "SHUN" on Rand.

A few days before leading up to the SOTU, CNN started putting up unflattering pictures of Rand whenever they mentioned him ALSO giving a rebuttal.(They called it a rebuttal to the rebuttal) Photos of stupid faces with his mouth open when he's talking. Yesterday they were using a picture of him in a T-shirt and another with him in a baseball cap along side of Rubio's TIME "Our Savior" cover or Rubio wearing a nice suit.

You can see where this is leading. I predict him being out of the race before it even starts. People don't have enough passion for him to stick with him.

I agree..

During the SOTU speech.. the camera went to about 15 members of Congress. No Rand. No media mentioning Rand.

Feels like 2007 all over again.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


Rand is on a tear! Is CPAC the next big appearance or does he have more planned between now and then?

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He did amazing tonight. Rubio

He did amazing tonight. Rubio screwed up too which makes it even better!