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So is the DP now censoring / burying all news involving R.a.n.d P.a.u.l?

It is just a question?

But it would appear that any news posted in forums under R.a.n.d P.a.u.l is excluded and automatically culled from the Active Forum Topics side bar list.


(If you don't believe me bump one of the posts at the link above and take note that it DOES NOT Appear in the list of Active Forum Topics on the right side bar.)

If this is the case and this has become official DP policy I would like to know.

If we are now censoring R.a.n.d P.a.u.l the way ABC, NBC and CBS ignored him and anointed Rubio tonight... Well then there is really no difference between the Daily Paul and other Fed funded mainstream media / news (aka, propaganda) services.

For whatever reason both the MSN and now the Daily Paul seem to be in the business of censoring candidates and politicians which threaten the establishment and their corporate / bankster point of view.

I hope this is just a bad mistake and not a sign that this site now has a new source of revenue and funding influence apart from the grassroots?


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Rand stands for Peace, Gold, and Liberty

Not sure why he has haters on this site.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

If this is true, which it

If this is true, which it seems to be, I seriously regret my recent donation to this site.

feel free to start you own

Start your own website the "Daily Rand". As other writers have said, you could tailor is to the people he is trying to reach. You won't have potential Rand supporters having to shift through controversial posts on this site. You could have all his videos. Flooding this site with Rand sites just makes this conservative bored and cold.


I am getting used to devisive post

it's becoming the norm around here.

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No offense to anyone.

But for those still whining about not having Rand around, if you truly believe in his chances and his motives, you should be grateful for what MN did.

I honestly, thought it was a bit of a joke at first (simply because I don't like Rand)... But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how awesome it is for you guys that do like him, and how much I wished we had that for Ron Paul.

It is unlikely that you would get Rand critical posts now, because those of us who don't like him, simply won't be paying attention.

In addition, I was always afraid to send people to the DP in 2008 because I was afraid they would see the "chem trail folks", or whatever and get scared off.

Well YOU don't have to worry about that. Sending someone to the Rand news is not likely to yield any of the "Sandy Hook crap" that we get on the regular front page. YOU don't have to worry about people being scared off.

You can send them straight to Rand.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Times They are a-Changin


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Rand Paul 2016

does this nonsense

never end...?



Southern Agrarian

Thanks for contributing that.

Here's your "minus 1."

After all, that's what you wanted, yes?

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

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I want a Glenn Beck page!

I want a Glenn Beck page! Better yet: Rush Limbaugh page!

Okay. j/k. And not funny.

Seriously. Let's chill out and just remember the explicit:


(and I take it that the OWNER of this site wrote that)

Thus, this doesn't affiliate with, nor exclude, a priori, anyone who is liberty-minded.

BUT! The point is: the focus is on IDEAS (to defend or denounce - when anti-liberty). Not persons.

Even formerly long time statists** can find (by/for themselves) "the light" to liberty. Rare. But it happened.


** I don't like using labels, but sometimes you don't have much choice

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Glenn Beck is still allowed on the DP Front Page, Rand is NOT.

Alex Jones is allowed on the DP Home Page, Rand is NOT.

Mitt Romney is allowed on the DP Home Page, Rand is NOT.

Rubio is allowed on the DP Home Page, Rand is NOT.

Boehner is allowed on the DP Home Page, Rand is NOT.

Obama is allowed on the DP Home Page, Rand is NOT.

Clinton is allowed on the DP Home Page, Rand is NOT.

Every other liberty topic and scumbag politician is allowed on the DP Home Page, Rand is NOT.


Those other gentlemen are minor topics.

Rand is a MAJOR topic. There have been times when more than half of the threads on the Active Forum Topics list are about Rand. How else could Michael have accommodated Rand fever, without undercutting the primary aim of this site, which is to promote *** RON PAUL *** and a diversity of topics relating to his vision?

Many of us see Rand as a wild card with neoconservative leanings. Talking about him isn't much more interesting than talking about Rubio. However...Rubio threads don't threaten to overwhelm this site completely. Rand threads do.

I'm thrilled with how Michael handled this. I feel like the Daily Paul will be more peaceful now that there will be fewer Rand Wars.

or maybe people arent up

or maybe people arent up voting Rand stuff anymore

I have neither hindered or promoted Rand's actions

I have given my opinions on his actions. If that is seen as a hindrance against Rand, so be it. I will not justify neocon leanings

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Here you go:

All the Rand Paul news that you want, all on its own page:


I was working on a surprise for you, but you spoiled it


I'm not particularly interested in Rand. I don't want the same kind of divisiveness that we saw with Gary Johnson flooding and ruining the Daily Paul.

i.e. dumb threads like this. Ever heard of email?

I went through it once, and I'm not going to have every single funking active forum thread some kind of an argument about Rand.

I wasn't finished, but there you go. All the stories you want.

Is it feasible for you to

Is it feasible for you to devert my recent (albeit small) donation to your new rand site?


I have been coming here and reading the Daily Paul since 2007. I have wanted to post here many times but have never taken the time to sign in and involve myself in the discussions.

I missed Rand's speech last night and when I came home today from work I came to this site under the assumption that his speech would be linked on the page. It was not. I was surprised to see that I had to do some clicking around before realizing that this place was censoring Rand Paul topics.

Mr. Nystrom, I believe you may be a little oversensitive to emails and comments from participators here. I've seen you get mad a few times when people criticize the site or how things are ran. As a career minded man who works in the marketplace, I have learned over the years that criticism can be a very positive thing.

I understand that you want this site to be about Ron Paul... but if that is true why is the front page filled with links that have nothing to do with Ron Paul? Why do we allow these links to move up the chain and find their way to the top?

Pro liberty minded people have donated thousands of dollars to this web site over the last month or two. Seeing censorship on this site does not inspire me to want to donate or participate.

Just my two cents as a consistent observer of this web site.

Ok Michael but is it really necessary to cull Rand news from DP?

Was that really your intention long-term to remove Rand content from the Daily Paul and restrict him to this one page or isolate Rand news to this separate URL altogether apart from the DP?

Never mind the fact that LegalizeLiberty (the biggest GJ promoter) and I (not a fan of GJ at all) generally agree on Rand.

Rand is not his father

Pro-randers have made a point of making this obvious. So why is it appropriate to make the Daily Paul, a clearly Ron Paul forum, into a Rand Paul forum? Find someone where else to do it.

I can't speak for Michael, this is his site, and I have no opposition to pro-Rand threads, but it's irritating to see threads like these claiming that a forum that has absolutely no inherent allegiance to Rand is anti-rand.

I don't think that's the

I don't think that's the point. This is a pro liberty forum. Rand does contribute to liberty but his stories will not be seen on the front page of the DP while others will. It just doesn't make sense to me. Kind of leaves me feeling like those of us who support or agree with Rand are being tossed off the bus.

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let's look at what this culling has done


Sorry he's not beating out the encyclopedia or the .gov site.

People will still post the content here, and Google will still index it literally within minutes, making it equally available for everyone on Earth.

They're visible @:
http://www.dailypaul.com/rand aka http://www.randwatch.com/
and plenty other places.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

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I've said that from the beginning. THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE A RAND PAUL SITE. I've said it multiple times so if you want one - go start one. I told you how to do it, and you've done nothing. Now you're all over me about how you you don't like how this one works.

Fine. Leave. Start your own. I told you how. I didn't know how to do it when I started this one either. I learned. You can too. I don't owe you, or anyone else, a Rand Paul website.

Sorry. Take what is offered and be grateful, and if you don't like it then do something better.

I also do not like this "Take

I also do not like this "Take what is offered and be grateful" comment. It shows a level of nastiness toward those who disagree with you or those who criticize your decisions.

People understand that nothing is perfect...but you should treat your site visitors like customers. If you treat them like crap, they will stop coming and your advertisements will dry up as soon as your site traffic goes down.

Michael, No one said you owe us anything.

I asked for the code via email, you did not respond. No big deal.

I get it.. you want us to start with a plain vanilla version of Drupal just like you. I get it. Years of development.

What I don't get is the censorship of the DP.

Aside from 911 conspiracies and efforts to label us (and Debra Medina) crazy it has never been like this around here; even with promoters of GJ and others who were sincerely promoting liberty, no one has ever been completely silenced.

I don't get it. I don't understand it. And I have never cursed at you sir.

But it is your site. And you can use it to serve whatever interests you like regardless of whether or not it serves the truth.


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I did respond

www.drupal.org. As I said, the code is free for anyone who wants it.

- - - -

This is what I don't get. No one is being "completely silenced." There is a whole page, and a whole forum devoted to Rand Paul on this website. How is that being "completely silenced?"

Those people who want to discuss Rand can do so just fine. Those people who don't want to be bothered with all the fighting don't have to see those threads. I'm one of those people. Considering this is my site, shouldn't I be able to have it the way I want it? I think this is a great compromise.

But for someone who says I don't owe you anything, you sure act like it.

And again, if you think this site doesn't serve the 'truth' then you are free to start one that does serve the truth as you see it.

The internet is free. The code is free. The knowledge is free. So what is stopping you?

So now you are worried about

So now you are worried about offending the anti Rand faction? Why not just advise those who don't agree with the pro Rand threads to not read them? Just a thought.

Michael Nystrom,

Michael Nystrom, please don't feed the trolls. ;-)

Please keep in mind there are those posing as RP supporters just to get next to you to drain your energy and resolve. Let them continue to starve for attention.

I, also, have created huge websites, only to realize half way through that the community that developed would not allow for an exit stategy. That's the price you pay for helping millions of viewers. That's an enviable problem.

The DP will evolve as you personally evolve. Anyone having a problem with that has a smaller heart than you.

Brave On man. Just don't feed the trolls.

(Check out my RP wiki if you find the time. Your input would be most welcome.)

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The Houston Chronicle used to bury Ron Paul on the back pages

Now the Daily Paul does the same thing to Rand.

I agree you have not removed Rand completely.

You didn't have to do that to hide him from view. You are both right and you are wrong.

Congratulations, you win!


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And look what happened to Ron Paul eventually

After being buried on the back page of the Houston Chronicle for years. He exploded across the internet, thanks in part to websites spearheaded by individuals such as myself (and RonPaul.com). Ron Paul had good ideas, and they spread.

If you think that the Daily Paul is somehow going to hold Rand Paul back - when he makes nationally televised speeches, and appears on Hannity and Fox News... Well, I'd say you're lacking in perspective, or your perspective is somehow askew.

Did the DP help RP win the presidency? No. He lost. Personally, I don't think Rand has much of a shot, either. He doesn't have the charisma, and his strategy is horrible. He's such a partisan that he'll never win a general election. Like his father, I don't think that is his intention.

But if we're talking about spreading the message of Liberty here - and that is what I'm talking about - then it begins with the individual. And my Liberty begins with me, including how I want to configure this site. I don't care much for Rand, and I really can't make myself. And that being the case, I don't know why I have to serve that market.

If Rand is such a good idea, that market will be served.

Look, I'm sorry I yelled at you. But I'm sick and tired of these kinds of drama queen type threads. This thread is a perfect example of the kind of BS that gets posted in the name of Rand. "Oh the world is going to end! Rand Paul threads aren't on the front page." It is extremely tiresome to me.

Instead of just emailing me and saying what's the deal Michael (you have my email), you had to go create this whole drama.

Well, you wanted drama, I gave it to you.

Again, I think this is a good compromise. Rand's got his page, and I've got a front page that isn't cluttered with endless fighting over a single topic. It is a win-win in my mind.