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An e-mail from Lew Rockwell on ronpaul.com issue

Just wanted to send a quick update:

I e-mailed Lew Rockwell about the RonPaul.com issue. Here's what I said:

Hi Lew,

I hope he (RP) does something big for liberty soon. The internet is going crazy right now over him going to the UN for help over ronpaul.com and I'm trying to take a step back and give him the benefit of the doubt, but I know he's making a lot of his loyal supporters upset. Just doesn't sound like the Ron Paul I supported over the years.



And here was his response:

He appealed to ICANN, the private organization that allocates URLs to obey their own rules, which forbid someone using a famous person's name to make money. There are four arbitrators ICANN uses: one US, one Asian, one Czech, and one international. Since the people at RP.com are not Americans, he had to use the international one, which is affiliated with the UN.

So there you have it. Just figured I would give you the latest from someone who has to be in the know in regards to RP himself. Take care!


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"RP.com people have never given a dime to any of his campaigns "

RP.com people have never given a dime to any of his campaigns nor educational efforts.

made plenty of money Off of Ron Paul and his likeness though

They have no legal right...and they have no moral right in this fight

people are still defending the dot com though? why???

Apparently you people are

Apparently you people are Statists for Ron Paul


Perhaps I missed it somewhere

Perhaps I missed it somewhere but who are the non-Americans who claim to own the site?

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There were & are MANY non-Americans, who support RonPaul's

philosophy. Since they couldn't legally donate directly to RP's campaign fund, I imagine that they tried to boost his cause by hosting a website.

You are too trusting!

The way I perceive it, the T-shirts, cups, and other novelties, that I saw on that site, are typical Chinese, cheap, stuff that an opportunist would use to enrich himself, off of the supporters (and not help Ron Paul supporters, at all). Otherwise, the site would have been given to Dr Paul, by the present "owners"!

I am not always right either. Just, a little more skeptical about the fight, and some of the comments I am seeing here. We need to agree to disagree, yet REMAIN CIVIL!

I have heard

the owners are Aussies


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

According to Lew

"-Ron is not using the State to acquire RonPaul.com. He could have brought a lawsuit in US government courts, but he did not. He is seeking to have ICANN enforce its own rules against cybersquatting, including the rule against registering a famous person’s name and making money off it. Anyone registering a URL agrees to keep all the rules, just as he must pay a recurring fee. A URL is not private property in the normal sense. It is a license, and ICANN is a private, non-profit organization."

If it is true that the rules you sign when you register a domain include not making money off a famous person's name, I would say this is pretty open and shut.

Many thanks to the RonPaul.com folks for being decent people and running a good site, but the rules you agreed to say that you don't really have a case here.

I hope Ron does pay a reasonable amount to these folks, as even though the rules are in his favor, they did put a lot of time in. Karma says give them some love. I say $50k, but that is me just throwing out a number.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

why should Ron Paul pay him

why should Ron Paul pay him anything? There are plenty of people on dailypaul, apparently willing to break into their headquarters at timbuktu and force them to sign the domain name over to Dr. Paul.


I don't just agree with Dr. Paul

because he's Ron Paul, but because he is proceeding in the only way he can. If someone was using my name, I would be concerned. This site will not make a lot of money now that RP is not running for office, but they will find a way to make money.
Suppose they start supporting a neo-con, or advertising porn, would that be OK with some of you; well, probably not with RP, since his name would be attached.
If anyone has a better way to reclaim his name, please quit whining and step up. I'm sure he'd appreciate your help


ronpaulforhomeschools.com would be an awesome bumper sticker !!




does that domain name fit. are there enough characters? was 26 charachters the amount it couldn't exceed? i'm just learning this stuff right now. someone advised a person to study for CCNA and that's what i started doing a few days ago.


someone hates that i'm

someone hates that i'm studying for CCNA



By now, i think the evidence

By now, i think the evidence speaks that rand paul is a zionist shill.

And for Ron Paul to do this, speaks to the rumours that he was experiencing the early onset of alzeihmers. some of you can't take it. but i think that rumour was true. i heard it form adam kokesh on his show.

Why would he care about web site on the internet in his name?

He could just say his domain name was ronpaulradio.com or something like that. or ronpaulhomeschool.com

why ronpaul.com ???

why steal from another person.

you people aren't thinking rationally, and libertarianism was about thinking rationally. although i'm not really rational myself. INFP. 38% Feeling on the Briggs-Meyers, but at least i read a lot of books, so my feelings are true to me.

And so i say Ron Paul better get a vaporizer and inhale marijuana. And he should take THC oil. He should fight for his right to do it in Texas, or he should move to Colorado.

He really needs marijuana. my uncle just had a stroke and we were talking, and he's considering moving to colorado to take marijuana through a vaporizer so he can regenerate brain tissue.

Ron Paul needs to regenerate his brain tissue. Then he won't care that some guy has a website with his name on it. He obviously didn't care for those racist newsleters that had his name, so why should he now?


go ahead and downvote, rand

go ahead and downvote, rand paul was your god once too. even ron paul is fallible. he was my God once. but i was agnostic then


Are you still agnostic?

just curios

i believe in God now. i don't

i believe in God now. i don't subscribe to religion. i wouldn't have minded being a Cathar


Similar here

Very spiritual, not religious

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This transition period is very NEW for Dr. RonPaul (& for us)!

Even with all his experience as a congressman and a candidate, this stage of life is NEW to him, and he is handling it as well as he could, imho.

As a candidate for presidency he was wise to leave myriads of grassroots supporters find their (well, *our*) own ways to promote his ideas & candidacy, and thus, not buy up all the RP-related domain names. Ron Paul just arrived at the stage, where he needs an easily recognizable dedicated website, (which I really think doesn't have to be RonPaul.com at all, but that's not the issue here.) He must be as baffled as we are bewildered as to how to continue on with our own future liberty projects ;-)

*** Let's wish him and all involved in this dispute to come up with the best possible outcome amicably. . . with the help of the ICANN arbitrator, if necessary.***

Oh, come on. He was a

Oh, come on. He was a lawmaker for decades, he's not some young pup, ignorant of the outside world. Give me a break.

After 6 years?

I can see if it was a new site, but 6 years is a long time to begin to make an action to protect one's name?

It seems like while he was campaigning would have been

a more important time.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Considering he and Carol

Considering he and Carol reportedly wrote a congratulatory letter to the Revolution car badging company, it seems disingenuous to knock RonPaul.com for selling promotional merchandise.

some people blame him for tolerating anyone and anything

some blame him for pick and choose

c'mon.. you can only have one

not going to please everybody

people aren't even asking questions about ronpaul.com managers here, but they ask plenty of jesse benton

hypocrisy much? either you micro the people around your name and actively manage your reputation and all things associated, or you don't. can't have it both ways. you guys seriously think ron paul is jesus or something, he does have to make hard decisions from time to time

We're in agreement on this

We're in agreement on this one.

Why do you hate Ron Paul so

Why do you hate Ron Paul so much?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

why should ron paul even care

why should ron paul even care about the doman name? i think he's getting alzheimers, i think it's setting in, and he should start smoking a lot of marijuana to regenerate brain tissue.


my God, people, i was saying

my God, people, i was saying a vaporizer would be the best thing for him, not the actual smoke.


I LOVE Ron Paul

My LOVE is not blind. I'm asking questions.

why are you trying hurt ron

why are you trying hurt ron paul?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...