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An e-mail from Lew Rockwell on ronpaul.com issue

Just wanted to send a quick update:

I e-mailed Lew Rockwell about the RonPaul.com issue. Here's what I said:

Hi Lew,

I hope he (RP) does something big for liberty soon. The internet is going crazy right now over him going to the UN for help over ronpaul.com and I'm trying to take a step back and give him the benefit of the doubt, but I know he's making a lot of his loyal supporters upset. Just doesn't sound like the Ron Paul I supported over the years.



And here was his response:

He appealed to ICANN, the private organization that allocates URLs to obey their own rules, which forbid someone using a famous person's name to make money. There are four arbitrators ICANN uses: one US, one Asian, one Czech, and one international. Since the people at RP.com are not Americans, he had to use the international one, which is affiliated with the UN.

So there you have it. Just figured I would give you the latest from someone who has to be in the know in regards to RP himself. Take care!


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ytc's picture

I have NO doubt that Ron Paul is fully capable of

facing sticky questions from The Granger without getting hurt :-))

Asking questions is hurting Ron Paul?

I think it's a fair question with no malice.

Why are you trying to hurt me in the name of protecting Ron Paul?

I Happen to Agree...

...with your questioning on this issue.

Now, if you could only see the same when others are critical of and/or question Rand Paul.

Your posts in this thread show a role reversal verging on hypocrisy.

I do not begrudge your freedom

I am learning a thing or two from Rand. I appreciate what he is doing for industrial hemp, the constitution, and what he's dealing with (RP's party, the GOP) and what is in place (massive corruption, ignorance, malice and dity politics). It is much easier to find fault than to actually get in the game, hold MSM attention for issues, rather than events and emotions, and so I'm standing with Rand.

By all means stand for yourself and whatever best represents your political opinions and reason.

I do not announce my upvotes for you, but from time to time I have agreed with you.


Very nice response (still chuckling). It is a dicey one as the people of ronpaul.com worked very hard to promote him over the two presidential campaigns.

they did?

i must have missed that. what was it that they did that i would remember. seems like i remember them doing something once or twice but their colossal contributions escape me at the moment. anyone, anyone, bueller?

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Rand Paul 2016

What was nice about it?

It's mean spirit made you chuckle?

I don't know the people who own ronpaul.com, I don't care if they win or lose, matter of fact, I don't even have an idea what a win or lose would look like.

You and Brian seem to think you're so smart, but instead of answering honest questions, you slander the person asking questions.

Ron Paul never did that.

So how mush did you learn from Ron Paul?

Not much.

Why not read the complant first?

It's posted here on Daily Paul if you care to look.

Your question would likely be answered by simply skimming through it.

link me up Thimbleberry

I don't see it on the right, anywhere.