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Check this address for all of the latest DP postings on Rand Paul:

www.randwatch.com. The site defaults to this page on the DP: www.dailypaul.com/rand

It is an alternate view that Jon built of this site's Rand Paul Forum. Either of those links above will give you a one stop shop for all the user generated Rand Paul stories here on the site.

It isn't quite done, and we're still tweaking it, but the cat escaped the bag a little early.

I hope all of you enjoy this new feature of the DP.

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scramble rip

pem bup skipbly.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

I agree with you and now see

I agree with you and now see that I had used an unfortunate wording in my "crux" comment which did not comport with what I intended to relay.

What I meant was that it was good to see people arguing about questionable Rand Paul moves. It shows that principles matter to our movement for liberty and the Constitution. If we backed down on any of these principles by letting Rand, or anyone else, "get a pass," then the momentum and self-coherency for our movement's ideals would have been lost. Standing up for our principles is what I meant by the "crux of our movement."

So, I see it as a positive that people are so well educated and principled in our movement that they call out any and every politician that panders and supports the establishment's standard of tyranny over liberty.

People that support neocon pandering and semi-promises need to be educated so that they, and everyone else reading the responses, will become stronger themselves. That's one net positive effect of arguments that we will be missing now that Rand has been corralled off.

I'm sick of Rand and beyond disappointed in him, so I won't be bothered by not seeing him all over this site anymore. I just hope that we can still reach the ones who are lost.

don't worry about them. if it

don't worry about them. if it wasn't rand taking the liberty spotlight, they'd still be attacking the guy who would have filled in. nobody can live up to the expectations of their idol.

Thank you

Myself when Rand betrayed me, endorsing Mitt, I wrote him off. But some here keep in your face promoting him, saying things like. He tricking the GOP etc..

Its like some people are forcing Rand upon me here.

This new site will take them out of my face. Also they can look forward to me no longer voting down their views.

Good Idea

Thanks again


Don't include me

I could careless who you vote for. It took brains to get Ron paul and it takes even more brains to get Rand. You use the brains you got and I'll do the same.

Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks for the clarification.

Cool with RandWatch, NOT with restricting Rand from DP frontpage

#1 RandWatch should be a final destination website (e.g, using a URL rewriter, etc.) rather than a 301/302 redirection ERROR.

#2 News concerning Rand Paul should not be treated as "OFF TOPIC" crap and should not be relegated to a buried link somewhere in the hard to find back pages of DailyPaul.com.

#3 Posts concerning Rand Paul news / videos should be treated just as any other relevant current event posting with users voting it up and down and links visible according to that popularity.


Of course Michael can do as he pleases. But this is my protest and I will speak my piece at least until my friend kicks me off of his DailyPaul site altogether.

Jefferson's picture


it a freakin' rest will you?

For God's sake the guys created a specific Rand Paul forum so that you and other enthusiasts could go and discuss him all you wanted, and you're STILL pissing and moaning. You've even insinuated that the DP has taken the same path as the MSM and even alluded to MN being a liar, which now has me pissed off.


Don't you understand that what you're doing is precisely what the owner is trying to avoid? Do you NOT remember all the vitriolic GJ bullshit that went on here Ad nauseam? I couldn't care less if you and that jackwagon from Canada agree on Rand Paul now. HE'S NOT EVEN RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT!

NO other political website that I know of has made more concessions, and been more lenient on content and clown like behavior than this one. You're definitely veering into the clown like column.

The owner has taken considerable time out of their day to carefully explain their own thoughts and positions ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS, yet you still clamor on like a spoiled toddler that isn't getting their way.

Let me make it simple for you.

Either enjoy and appreciate the effort that has gone into trying to please Rand supporters and participate in the special forum that has been created JUST for you, or hit the road and head on over to RPF and participate in their Rand forum.
This site (to my understanding) was never meant to be a life long shrine or a torch bearer for the Paul dynasty. I frankly don't even care if it is still "Dedicated to Restoring Constitutional Government to the United states of America" since you can pretty much get a Nobel Peace prize free with oil change, and the Constitution has been practically eviscerated.
I'm just happy to have a place to discuss and prepare for current events with like minded individuals who were brought here for a lot of the same reasons. You should be as well.

admit it. if it was somebody

admit it. if it was somebody else besides rand you'd still be complaining. be thankful there is somebody in the senate who has motivation for positive change in the country, change that highly aligns to your ideals.

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I think

you've mistaken me for some libertarian purist elitist. I'm an elitist in certain respects like being part of the minority that actually cares about the direction of this country and wants its elected officials to ACTUALLY follow the Constitution, but I've been pretty indifferent towards Rand.
I donated to his Senate campaign twice and I don't even live in his state. I've been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm actually a friend of part of the Paul family here in Texas, so...uhh...you missed.
What pisses me off is that the owner and other volunteers are running around trying to make the site "acceptable" to everyone, and there are STILL people who piss and moan incessantly. I guess this site can't be everything to everyone. So at some point you have to either love or leave it. (and I hate to use that reasoning) I actually like "Appeal" but he's becoming a bit of a pain in the ass, just like that Canadian was with his "GeeJay 2012" campaign. At least "appeal" actually LIVES in the US and is involved, which I can respect.


Maybe you and I, along with everyone that is on the DP, can stomach the truth and want to hear it bluntly. In reality the public does not want to hear the bad and the ugly, but only the good.

Everyone that has run for the presidency and won, ran on a positive upbeat message and not the constant "america is doomed" meme.

I have said for years now, that you have to say what has to be said to get into office. Once there, do exactly what the constitution says.

Why should Rand do any different. All these other A-hole Reps lie through thier teeth to get in office, then they do what they want.

I say, lie through your teeth so that the sheep drool over you, then get into office and give them a REAL DOSE of the Constitution and Liberty.

Don't like the idea of having to lie? Please move to another planet that accepts "political nepphytes".

Big problem here is...

if you lie to get into office like that you betray the liberty base, unless its a 'plan' they all know about somehow which will eventually be known to the msm, etc... I don't think it could work. Get into office by doing the wrong thing just to do the right thing-There is no way people can trust that you WILL do the right thing once there. i see what you are trying to say, but it is very hypocritical.

Isaiah 2:4
And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

Kinda like fighting fire with fire?

Unfortunatly that tactic usually does not work and you end up with what you did not want in the first place, fire.

You and I are welcome to our seperate opinion and I do dissagree with you on Rand Paul.

I find your reasoning, to be without honor. If everyone that runs for the presidency had to be a liar, (Stated endorsment by Rand of Mit Romney while his own Father, a better candidate was fighing hard for the position.)

So if it wasnt a lie, its betrayal. If it was a lie, he is a liar.

Either way your moraly bankrupt to justify your logic. Yet some continue to force this bankrupt logic in support of Rand Paul.
In desperation do not loose your honor.

Great idea to seperate those Rand fans, bet it wont do a bit of good, because I suspect that Rand support for the most part is shills for the PTB to fragment the liberty supporters and corupt them. I would bet a dollar to a donut that the Rand posts will continue on this site for tat reason.


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Trenton, you demonstrate, with your actions

Why Rand won't win: His supporters and their behavior. You're the posterboy for the Rand Paul supporter:

"My way, or the highway!"

Ok, if that is your choice then, the highway. You want to see what your lack of compromise brings, keep up the whining.

I'm doing my best here, in good faith to come up with a compromise that is workable for everyone here.

We don't all have to agree, but we do have to get along.

So, yes, I will kick you off the site if you keep it up. And I'll happily send back the donation you sent.

I am not telling you what to do.

I am stating my opinion, you don't seem to like that.

I stated the facts of what I found concerning how information concerning Rand Paul is blocked and relegated to back pages, you didn't like that.

Do what you will Michael. I just think that it is a shame that you allow Glenn Beck and Alex Jones and block and censor the one US Senator (Rand Paul) that most often votes in favor of our views.

My actions were only to demonstrate the prejudice in your actions and administration of the Daily Paul.

Others can draw their own conclusions or you can just delete these posts and pretend that it never happened.

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I'm sorry for jumping your case this morning. Please accept my apology.. I know you and MN both mean well. The divisiveness that was caused during the GJ thing is still a sore spot. (obviously)
I sent you an email.

"You demonstrate with your

"You demonstrate with your actions why Rand won't win: His supporters and their behavior." "My way or the highway".

I was told this very same thing when I was campaigning for Ron Paul.

Michael Nystrom's picture

And remind me again -

How did that campaign turn out?

I've been through it twice now, and that is more than plenty for me.

Don't give up Michael

everything you do is extremely appreciate by most people here. Take a break, a vacation, get some R&R man, it's gotta be stressful doing what you do. Please, like I asked Ron Paul in a letter I sent to encourage him, don't give up. The war for liberty needs people like you.

Isaiah 2:4
And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

Hmmm. College students are now talking about End the Fed.

I think we won.

Maybe not the election, but we already won.

When I was about to give my first $1,000 to Rand's US Senate campaign people like you Michael told me the same thing... Then he won and Carl Rove lost big time.

When at the same time I gave my first $1,000 to Debra Medina people like you Michael told me the same thing. Then the establishment had to sacrifice both Glenn Beck and Alex Jones (their main controlled opposition) to keep my friend Debra from getting into a runoff election with Rick "the corporate b.i.t.c.h" Perry. Some say we lost that one, but I know we won by cutting the legs out from under 9-12 and Glenn Beck's fake tea party movement.

If you want to give up on the Paul family because of a disagreement over strategy then go right ahead. This fight is bigger that any one person, it is way bigger than Michael Nystrom's personal beefs.

And yes, WE WILL WIN in the end, truth will win out, because Christ already paid the price whether you believe it or not.

If it were not for that hope and the success we have had I would not still be here working on you my friend.

I just wish Ron (and Rand) would sit you down and have a long talk with you, again.

I see what your saying

but I cannot agree that Rand is a viable option anymore. However, I don't think posts regarding him should be shunned. Michael is trying to work with the Rand community though. You should know that he is doing his best and it is extremely discouraging after 2 cycles to be in his shoes. He and Ron have begun a gigantic movement and I think we will win out in the end. I just want someone good to step up or see Ron run for re-election again... A wish is a wish...

Isaiah 2:4
And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

*shouldn't be shunned

my bad

Isaiah 2:4
And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

Michael will not give up. The DP is worth an awful lot to our..

Michael will not give up. The DP is worth an awful lot to our enemies.

They are drooling over the possibility of turning the Daily Paul into another "controlled opposition" site.

I am not saying that this has happened. I just hope it does not.


Oh yea...

as it enters more into the lime light that is a danger for sure...

Isaiah 2:4
And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

I have to agree with Michael...

... you are welcome to start your own.

I'd recommend staying away from a site devoted to an individual though (unless it is Jesus or someone). In all seriousness, Michael is having a hard time transitioning the site into a general 'Liberty' forum - the last thing he probably wants is for it to become 'Rand Paul Central.'

He keeps mentioning how the Gary Johnson crowd (and the anti-GJ crowd!) really brought things down around here.... and now he is seeing the same for Rand. I'm not sure what he would think if Ron ran again or Justin Amash were to run... I was surprised to read that Michael worked hard to keep anti-Ron Paul people off the site (at least the belligerent ones) - actually banning them.

I think Michael is tired of baby-sitting us.

Didn't the GJ crowd evolve

Didn't the GJ crowd evolve because of the fiasco created when Ron Paul dropped off the radar when Rand endorsed Romney, the gut wrenching blow that did everybody in, including Ron Paul? I wonder if the owner of this site will also ban anti Rand Paul people too? There is so much politicking going on by professional (as in paid) infiltrators to disenfranchise everything to do with RON PAUL's philosophy, especially with the war drums beating. This is just a viewpoint. I never thought of Michael as a baby-sitter or us as needing one.

For me, Gary Johnson became a

For me, Gary Johnson became a viable candidate while Ron dithered prior to announcing. Not moving aggressively forward was a huge disappointment.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Ultimately there is my own self interest

i.e. my sanity.

Everyone hated all the GJ fighting threads. I did too. I didn't like looking at them. They took up the ENTIRE active forum topics list at times. It was draining and tiring. It seems that all people wanted to do was to fight about GJ.

I didn't know what to do about it, but I knew that the election would be over soon enough, and the problem would be solved.

In this instance, the problem won't be solved by itself. It will drag on and on for years. There are some people here (see above), who think that because this site actively supported Ron Paul, that it should also actively support his son. The owner of this site (me) disagrees. The owner of this site (me) would be bored with such a mission. Therefore the owner of this site (me), has taken steps to appease both factions.

BTW, to address your comment above, I didn't divide this site into pro or anti factions. Individuals have all made their choices, and in the aggregate, the division has occurred naturally. Same as it did with Gary Johnson.

I never thought of Michael as a baby-sitter or us as needing one.

The reason this site was united behind Ron Paul is because the moderators, led by me, actively managed the community. We banned all the Ron Paul haters. We broke up fights. We banned the disagreeable. It was tiring and draining and took up a lot of time and energy. The fact that you never thought of me as a baby sitter is testament to the excellent job that the moderators here have done behind the scenes on my behalf.

I think you mistake, and sorry for not explaining it, RandWatch as a pro Rand section of the site. It is not. It is where people can go - pro and con - to "watch" and discuss Rand. Since I'm not interested in that discussion, I don't want to have to watch it played out on the front pages.

So I'm not going to ban anti-Rand folks. They can duke it out with the pro Rand folks. Just don't ask me to break up any fights. That part of the site will be largely unmoderated. Then you'll really be able to see what a baby sitter I have to be for the rest of the site.

Creating divisions in the liberty movement

.... seems to be the one tactic that has any impact. Liberty activists need to master the art of deflecting division while remaining on-point and focused. Learn to identify divisive tactics and boomerang them right back at the source. Learn to identify and refute logical fallacies and disinformation. Most importantly recognize that simply wasting your time is a victory for paid government shills who are likely using new software that creates 40 or more online identities managed by one government shill. Thanks to State-run media the average American is so misinformed they cannot make any useful contribution to the conversation. Thanks to State schooling the average American cannot discern truth from propaganda. Thanks to satanic "pop culture" force-fed from birth the average American is unaware that they are being incrementally de-humanized and turned into soulless bots for totalitarian world government.

I agree with you

I am sure some are acutal Rand Paul suporters but I also am sure that Rand Paul come up through the usurped Tea Party. I am sure that the Rothschid bank controlers who control media and corporations ie funding their two party election system, both sides DNC GOP are atempting to destroy the Liberty movement. However since the liberty movement is about individual freedom they are failing in their standard tactics to either buy out leadership or install puppets or to take over by financial bribe. Teaparty look who paid for their first convention for their installed puppet CIA Bob Barr.

So I do believe their current tactics are to splinter any liberty support if they can get some into factions following shill puppets they cut down the numbers.

That said I do not belive this is about elections. They have destroyed any chance for real elections, media propaganda, liar FU Frank polls, DiBold IzUnreal manufactured electronic vote counters to cheat the count. All the bogus elections laws to protect their left right paradigm. Even sold out Supreme Court Judges who maintain membership in the bank mafia CFR group.

So its about identifying the opposition and leading them back into the slaughter chuts with the rest of the sheeple for butcher.

Good luck, may the sun shine upon you and the wind be at your back.