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Orson Welles pays a beautiful tribute to Jimmy Stewart

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a dog named Beau

Jimmy Stewart also wrote poetry and read this poem he wrote on Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show.



I still remember that.

I saw it at the time, and that's how much it struck me when I heard it. Very nicely done, and thanks for posting.

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. . . aaah, a clip from the time when simple decency was valued.

yup, America used to be like that.

America is still like that

Hollywood propaganda agents getting together and patting each other on the back.
I just can't get very nostalgic about anything out of Hollywood any more.

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wow, cool video!

Thanks for posting

No problem


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"current events"?!

---aha, it has been moved.

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It got to current events thanks to the uncontrollable scroll on my mouse.