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Welcome to Disneyland! (fan park)

Humor me with an exageration about a theme park.

1. Let's say the name is Disneyland.
2. It's not just the name of the theme park; all the attractions and merch is Disney themed.
3. The builders post a small sign out front, under a giant "Disneyland" sign, which reads "Fan Park".
4. The builders of the park signed a binding agreement with IPARK Inc (a private organization) that they would not use someone else's trademark or take advantage of a famous name for commercial purposes when they built their park or they could lose the park in the event of a dispute and decision that they breached the agreement.
5. A bunch of Disney fans flip out when the real Disney reports the "fan park" to IPARK.

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If only disney would be so

If only disney would be so gentle