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"Ron Paul's America" coming soon

Per Ron Paul's tweets:

I will be doing daily radio commentary and podcasts starting 3/18. Details on "Ron Paul's America" coming soon!

To hear me in your city get in touch with your local radio station and have them contact Courtside Entertainment Group.

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Do Title 47, Part 15

Do Title 47, Part 15 low-power broadcasters need to apply for permission? LoL If so, I can possibly understand the reason, but a name is only a name just like a tool is only a tool. The person wielding the tool is ultimately responsible. Unlicensed broadcasters don't want a nanny any more than most people. ;)

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In Seattle write to:

Here is what I sent to lgifford@bonneville.com the program director here in Seattle for KTTH, The Truth, etc.

It would be awesome as Dr. Paul has a ton of support in WA state and beyond. I am tired of hearing Medved and Limbaugh and their brand of conservatism driven by their particular "special interests" while they shut out and dismiss any opposing debate. I want to listen to someone who has no allegiance except to the Constitution who can inform, educate and cogently debate issues based on his long experience in Congress and his expertise in economics, and as a Medical Doctor without injecting ad hominum attacks, etc. I want to listen to someone who is rooting for America and is not a water carrier for the Republican party or for AIPAC. An independent point of view.

I hate to be a stick in the mud but,

as wonderful as this sounds it will be as much use for saving our freedoms and this country as it would be to bail the Titanic with a paper cup.


I have to disagree

the sheeple love their media - not too many would watch Cspan to catch a RP speech - but they will tune into a local station to catch it.

Hell - look at hannity and Beck - if those clowns have an audience - RP should be able to build one too.

Not saying this is a lifeboat by any means - I get your point - but it is a little better than a paper cup - it is more like a getting one pump to work. Might just keep it afloat long enough to get another one working(clearly a setup for the Rand run for president imho).


RP has built up enough currency with the mainstream media (which other liberty voices don't have) for this show to be a smash success. Hell, if ratings are high enough, perhaps he could parlay that success into a simulcast on FOX Business or something.

I wonder if he's doing this in order to start saturating the market with the liberty message in advance of one last run in 2016.

I don't play, I commission the league.

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Ron Paul's preview of radio spots...

has the whole country "buzzing".

The lame street media just got OWNED (again).

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Just sent emails to the local

Just sent emails to the local Houston stations..


try to get this on Sirius. Maybe they can replace Hannity on partriot - LOLLLLLLL

Ah, good...

...looking forward to hearing more of his calm voice of reason in these increasingly troubled times.


I'll bet he is really an anarchist. No more oath to keep now.

You have to wonder

why people like dducks come to DP.

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

what's the big deal?

I've listened to Ron Paul speak long enough to know he stands for Voluntaryism and anarcho-capitalism as his philosophy. He has bashed government his entire life. Have you not heard one word that has come from his mouth? He is against taxation, where is a government without funds? why is anarchy so wrong? because people like me and ron paul believe we can't own anyone.

It doesn't matter the type of government, they are all monopolies that can only grow in size. You can't work against market forces. Government creates the corporation. Social contracts fail even constitutional republics for obvious reasons. we're not even 250 years old and we are back where we started.


When I look up the word Anarchism on Wikipedia, it appears the various schools of thought of what is, or what comprises anarchism, is so undefined, I struggle to label anyone an Anarchist. Seems to me there is vast confusion around the term.
I get that we have disdain for pre-emptive regulations and governance by the state. But what about remedial (criminal) prosecution? "Anarchists" that I have talked to do not favor an environment to the exclusion of criminal prosecution.
I would suggest that most "self professed" anarchists are really just libertarians. Which is to say, where the government is conservative (constrained), we the people have liberties. Where the government is liberal, we the people are more constrained.
I seem to remember RP espousing a government that operates within the confines of the constitution. Where anarchism is somehow a political environment to the exclusion of the state, I can't say I remember RP ever promoting such.



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