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Does Anyone Really Believe They Got Chris Dorner? Not On Your Life! Why Did They Destroy The Crime Scene?

Does Anyone Really Believe They Got Chris Dorner? Not On Your Life! Why Did They Destroy The Crime Scene?

I allege that Chris Dorner out smarted law enforcement and he got clean away. You can bet he fled the country after a well thought out plan. The disgusting establishment media, without sighting evidence, assumed that Dorner was dead, speculating that someone threw a fire or flash granade and ignited the cabin he was allegedly in.

Sounds like an FBI special Op to me. Noboby knows squat except they found chared remains at the site.

No evidence that Dorner was even there, no names, no bodies, no witnesses and a media speculative cover story.

Sounds like a SPECIAL OP to me...

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The LAPD bungled this from start to finish...

yet gun-control advocates would like everyone to entrust their safety entirely to these people. Ridiculous.

Did they ever end up finally confirming that the body was Dorner's? Last I heard, they backtracked and said the body was too charred to run an adequate DNA test.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Absolutely Not! BTW, Had to Finish The Deed in Time For Obama

Hey Pauling Is My Hobby,.. this whole thing is a 'cluster efing' distraction.

Notice how they found several types of his alleged ID in different spots. Most of us would have it in our wallet...

What a screw job!

...and why did they just happen to have the whole kit & kaboodle finished just in time to watch the efing Obamnoidal Narcissisic

'State of The Commune"...I like that one..WOW!!

"State of The Commune...As in State of the Communist State...Ha!!

Dorner A Goner

...but he's likely to be sighted as often as Elvis going forward.

He is probably living in Mexico drinking them Margarita's

Dorner is re-Borner, LIVING in the Mexican corner of Margaritaville..while the LAPD plays the Keystone cops routine in San Bernadino..

and the American people CONSUME this 'donkey slop' like it was Filet Mignon.. I guess donkey slop tastes pretty good to some..I'm not buying this horrible display of so called, LAW ENFORCEMENT..

A valuable lesson to other police department on HOW NOT to behave..

At one time the LAPD was an exemplary police department. The envy of all law enforcement.

Look at it now...DISGUSTING!

Dead as a Dorner.

Dead as a Dorner.

They can't even run a "False Flag" properly..

He got away I'm tellin ya..Where is the beef!!

The beef was in Mexico, laughing his fool head off..

Like Curly Howard said, "What a bunch of maroons..- yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk..

nuff said..

How could they find his wallet ...

... at the cabin in Big Bear, when they found his wallet a few days ago down in San Diego?

"Investigators were picking through the rubble of a burned-out cabin in California's San Bernardino Mountains on Wednesday ... A wallet with a California driver's license bearing the name Christopher Dorner also was found ..."

"After authorities interviewed the boat captain early Thursday, they found Dorner's wallet and identification cards "at the San Ysidro Point of Entry" near the U.S.-Mexico border."

I guess he stopped at the DMV

and got a replacement so he wouldn't get a ticket for driving without a license.

Precisely! In other breaking

Precisely! In other breaking news, people who are criminals and commit crimes have stopped committing crimes in countries where guns are illegal, a government report suggests.

From what I gather

The cops ordered media away, then lit the place on fire, using gasoline. There is some evidence that Dorner tried to escape, but they forced him back inside with gunfire. I am fairly sure they murdered him to keep him from saying anything more, too many people were ready to listen to him.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

plain and simple =P

After exchanging gunfire with officers, Dorner ran into the woods and broke into the cabin. As SWAT closed in, a single shot was heard inside before the cabin was engulfed in flames. As the fire grew, more gunshots were heard — apparently ammunition ignited by the fire, authorities said.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

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we'll see if it true in a while

If LAPD starts getting shot at or LAPD starts their own shooting rampages.

Made for TV Movie..."THE DORNER PARTY"

They didn't eat him, they cooked him first..

This is SNL comedy central - signing off..


What a crock of sh*it!!

Has anyone else seen the video by the reporter on the scene?

I caught about 30-45 seconds of it on ABC this morning. Looked like a made for TV movie with a few discrepancies. Could have been edited but I'm not sure. The government loves to destroy evidence so we cannot know the truth.

Dorner vowed to keep on until his name is cleared so if he really isn't dead and he is true to his convictions then we haven't heard the last of this. Time will tell.


He got away? No, they killed him!

How would they explain his return? - "Oh must've been some other guy armed to the teeth that just wanted to get into a shootout."

Don't believe everything, but don't believe nothing either! Just doesn't make sense that he got away with the LAPD saying he's dead...

I don't believe much of anything

I'm not there, and I have no faith in the media.

I Was Stopped By San Jose PD in the late 60's

My buddy and i were driving down Stevens Creek Blvd. in my 58 Chevy Impala driving eastbound in the late afternoon, when i was abruptly pulled over. The officer asked my buddy and I to get out of the car and walk to the rear of my vehicle with our hands place on the trunk and above our head. He asked us not to move.

After several minutes, I asked the officer why he was detaining us and he said that two individuals just robbed a bank in Saratoga, Ca. and my friend and i fit the exact description down to the tee.

After several minutes the officer had advised us that the two bank robbers had been captured and that we were free to go..

Not Enough Media Information To Make a Decision

A few years ago, I was stopped by a cop while driving around my neighborhood. He told me that I fit the description of a person who had just robbed a local convenience store at gunpoint. He told me to sit in my car as he chatted on his walkies-talkie. After fifteen minutes, he told me that I was free to leave because they had gotten the real robber.

Maybe they should have shot CS gas into my car and waited for me to be burned to a crisp in the car? After all, I was ID'd as the bad guy.

The Dorner story started with a cop who was supposedly angered because he was fired from his job five years ago, so he recently killed three people. Then they claimed that he wrote a Facebook page that supposedly told the story. At this point, it sounded like all speculation. There were no reported evidential links to Dorner or anyone else.

The next story has bumbling cops shooting two innocent citizens without first trying to ID the individuals or trying to arrest them. Because they thought they had Dorner, they were not required to follow any procedure.

Shortly after, Dorner supposedly broke into a home and tied up the occupants. In that report, they do not leave any room for a story that the robber might not have been Dorner even though the victims had no way to properly ID Dorner.

Then, based on the media reports, an unidentified passer-by "thinks" he saw someone who "looked like" Dorner. Finally, the cops burned down a cabin where Dorner might have been because they heard a gun shot.

How do we know that all these sightings were not Elivs? Based on this limited information, there is room for another story that has a Dorner that got away and maybe was never near that cabin. There is also room in the story to make up anything desired, including a manufactured DNA test for the dead body in the cabin.

My gut reaction is that the Dorner story is probably true. But not from the reports that require the audience to have faith in the accuracy of the media. I did not see any value in reporting this Dorner story if this is how it all ends.

Gene Louis
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A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

Great summary

I'm curious how they even knew it was Dorner who killed the police Captain's daughter. I haven't been following the story that closely, because as I wrote above, I have no faith in the media.

Well he certainly wasn't

Well he certainly wasn't convicted for it.

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They had to burn It

when they fig out it was someone doing a paper route!!!!

Lets see the interviews first.

Seems more like a real story then the Sandy hook like incidents. Only reason I say this is the terror that was running through the LAPD. There was nothing to gain for the LAPD by shooting up all those innocents. A ton of bad PR, and a show of helplessness. Which is why I think the killing of Dorner is sketchy at best and should be looked into.

There were supposedly victims who were tied up, and one who was car jacked so I'd like to see their interviews before I confirm one way or the other. I'm wondering

Can anyone

find the few stories that were out there momentarily that said he escaped and was driving down highway 38?

they said they were setting up ways to block the road to get him but then not too long after that all the news stories said they had him holed up in a cabin.

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