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Corporation of the United States' War OF Terror: My entire State now a Constitution free zone?

For those of us living in Florida...if what I've been reading over the past few days is true...we ain't got no stinkin constitutional rights! Of course the massive populations along the eastern and western coastlines are also in this supposed constitutional "no man's land". Damn it JIM!

So how much are you going to take, America? The area marked in orange on this map is supposedly a “Constitution Free Zone”. A zone where you have no rights or protections and can be assaulted, detained and interrogated by federal agents just for traveling through the zone. These federal agents used to be American citizens. Now they, like a few million others, are simply “boots on the ground” for the federal corporation. No longer part of the “we the people”, these individuals have rejected the notion of a free America and most certainly the idea that we have a Constitution specifically to prevent this kind of activity on the part of the federal corporation. Their job? To unlawfully detain, to interrogate, to harass, to intimidate and to demand your “papers”.

This is pre-conditioning. Its getting you used to the idea that you have no rights or protections and that the Constitution is meaningless. You are being conditioned to think that this unlawful activity is somehow ok……after all….they have a uniform, a badge, and they will remind you incessantly that they are federal agents in their effort to terrorize you. And this is terrorism. It is terrorism committed by the federal corporation that frauds the public and calls itself our government.

What true American would voluntarily don a uniform and a badge and accept the premise that the Constitution is somehow a hinderance to law and order, or that it somehow does not apply in specially marked areas which they patrol?


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If it is a C F Z......

YOU get people on the bandwagon and form a Constitutional LAW Zone (CLZ).

All's you do is get a group of people and tell them you want to form a Constitutional Law Enforcement Zone in your county, print up some stuff and network it. Get your sheriff on board if he's a good guy.

Do it now. If you do loose your Constitution, it's only done because the people in the area hove gone lax on they're Constitution, created a vaccum and the anti-Constitutional forces moved in it's place forefitting they're Constitutional Rights.


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Strike The Root: There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.

if the brain washed

among us could get past "as long as it keeps us safe", then they could see the forest for the trees. but people are so apathetic and so dependent on the nanny state that their brains have atrophied and they have dumped them into a basket.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
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"As long as it keeps us safe" effects some but the real

elephant in the room is "well, I don't have anything to hide". That is the thought process exploited which allows this and other violations of rights to occur and this is the thought process which need to be gotten past.