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They murdered Dorner.

Officers yell "Get the gas, burn it down" during Dorner, police shootout - LIVE


Christopher Dorner Shootout - Cops say "Burn It Down"


WACO all over again. But no worries, they will investigate themselves and declare themselves not guilty. I remember when even "presumed guilty" people got a trial before they got executed

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Choose battles wisely. Dorner deserves to be Martyred for reasons of standing up to the system and I hope more of that comes out. He did not intend to be taken into custody so he knew right well what he got himself into.

not necessarily

who knows what went down, I'll keep my ears out.

Couple describes Dorner ordeal, and his unexpected compliment

"Although the Reynolds were aware of Dorner's alleged trail of violence, they couldn't help but feel some compassion for their captor.

"I really didn't wish him dead, though. I really didn't. I prayed for him a lot and I'm praying for his family now," said Karen.


Kudos to CBS. So far, they

Kudos to CBS. So far, they are the only ones reporting the truth. On their show, Inside Edition, they reported that the cops set fire to the cabin and even played that short video posted above. I left them a message on FB thanking them for reporting the truth.

Blessings )o(

"He just wanted to clear his name."

And that is why the LAPD could not let him out alive. And if I understand it correctly, the LAPD now wants to stiff this couple the million dollars they EARNED by calling the cops instead of deciding "He seemed nice. Let him have the car."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Looks like he is dead

They killed him with machine guns then burned the evidence. Real gun battle. More like bonnie and Clyde Barrows life ended. The LAPD wanted no evidence no doubt. He fought for what he thought was right when all other means were exhausted not saying he was right, he did unconciable things but His heart was in the right place. His actions were wrong.

The cops claimed they threw

The cops claimed they threw tear gas into the building to force him out, which it did. When he tried to come out the back door to get out of the burning building, they forced him back in to die in the fire.


Blessings )o(

You know....

You know this because you saw Dorners white flag and his overt act to surrender and have his day in court.......Or did the coward try and shoot his way out of the corner he put himself in ?


Dorner did a do clip of himself explaining everything that will surface.

Memory lane

"I remember when even "presumed guilty" people got a trial before they got executed" reads the post above.
A policeman's daughter was shot because her father was accused of a crime. No trial, no jury, no justice

Three policemen not accused of a crime was sentenced to death. No trial, no jury, no justice

Two people were detained without probable cause, held at gunpoint without charges. No judges signature, no probable cause, no justice.

A persons property was seized. The property was used to commit a crime, it was destroyed.

The man who did this violated every principle Liberty minded people believe.....and he is defended at the Daily Paul......

Chris Dorner burned that house down when he stole it and tried to kill people from it while professing and acting like a man who had no intent to live. The San Bernardino Sheriffs Department is not the LAPD, the residents in that neighborhood had NOTHING to do with the criminals complaints. Dorner ransacked their lives, killed one of their deputies and wounded another. Chris Dorner was hell bent to kill people.

Good Grief !

I don't get it

You seem upset that people were killed and property seized without due process.

But then seem okay with someone else being killed without due process.

Which is it? Are you FOR due process or AGAINST due process?


more like confident in my convictions.....

Due process

For it, as evident by my post. I think the confusion comes from our definition.
Due.....as in earned.
Due....as in able to waived
Due....as in a man is due his day in court and can waive by his own acts and deeds.

Why should anybody defend this mans rights when he waived them ?

Martyrdom is not a virtue, nor is it compatible with due process.

I ask this - When the people o flight 93 crashed the plane, killing the hijackers, did they violate the due process rights of the hijackers ? Or did the hijackers waive those rights when they attempted to use innocent lives for their own political gains ?

Dorner wanted to be tried in the court of public opinion, he had no respect for my life, my rights and our Constitution. I wont defend him or any of his acts, nor will condone the people of the neighboring community for how they solved the problems of the criminal LAPD. LAPD is the problem not the San Bernadino Sheriffs department.

How Come Dorner

...chose not to kill the two women? Why didn't he kill the guy whose vehicle he took? One of the girls broke free & notified police. So did the guy when Dorner let him go. If he killed them it is possible he would still be loose & gunning for his intended victims.
Perhaps he viewed himself as a mini state at war with the LAPD. His conduct is little different from how our troops operate overseas. His behavior ironically reflects U.S. foreign policy. Police/deputies from other departments were like associated enemy forces to him. No, there are no libertarian principles guiding his actions. What we can do, however, is point out the hypocracy of the defenders of the system that molded this man's thinking.


The headline of this article says Dorner was murdered....Is that your view ?
You ask why he did not kill......the best I can offer is that he figured it was in his own best interest not to.
Our foreign policy is sad, this we agree on. Yet Chris Dorner does not deserve to be the poster child for its ill effects. We have plenty of others more deserving.
If we want to do something, we should go after the LAPD for the crimes they did commit and not make up drivel like this.Dorner is a criminal without remorse, and absolutely no honor. The gutless coward went after a mans daughter for christ sake !!!!

They go after families

He played on their level. I'm not saying he was a hero, I am saying he had a right to a trial.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Sure he did

First off, those he murdered had that same right and he acted a judge, jury and executioner.
Secondly, he did want his right to trial. He waived it when he murdered the San Bernadino Deputy and barricaded himself in the cabin and made no effort to demand his right to trial. All he had to do is negotiate his surrender, instead he continued to try and kill.

Remember, this thing started when he was not happy with the results of his internal investigation and defaulted any appeal to our judicial system. He took matters into his own hands and left his fate to the court of public opinion. I intend to make sure he is guilty in the forum of his choice.

So let get this straight, if this man had grievance against you and murdered your daughter and threatened your neighbors claiming the whole time he will no0t go down alive you would risk your life to safely detain this man to protect HIS rights to justice.

Any free man with your theories was free to go save this mans life, most elected to judge from the safety of their homes, daughter alive and family safe........

To: LocalBoy

You are his judge and jury? How do you know he killed an officer? What circumstances were there? Were there any witnesses? How many? Was there video tape, as they claim the officer was killed IN HIS CAR!?

I think when there are dark political agendas influencing our police departments, such as a push to activate the NDAA, you will see that a LOT of things aren't adding up. I wish he would have talked more with that couple and told them of his situation, but he didn't stay long enough to do so. Perhaps they could have helped him surrender peacefully. Now, he's been killed needlessly by a ridiculous number of law enforcement.

Good grief.


I have no sympathy for a man who takes his beef with another man to his daughter, none. Dorner was a coward low life murderer, period !
Is Ron Paul's family fair game ?
Is your family fair game ?
Should we also condone the killing of a soldiers child as fair game.

I dont know where you draw the line but you know where mine is.

I thought this community was dead set against the killing of innocents....I see now they put a different value on lives depending on their own political agenda.

I wont hide from convictions, nor will I stoop to the level of the coward Dorner

Nah, just a jurist

I am not Judge, just a jurist in the court of public opinion.
By now he has met his judge, in my opinion.

Look, I did not initiate this public opinion trial, Dorner did that. I did not want to participate, yet again this Dorner character forced that upon us.
He had his chances and choose to use force.

Those who claim he was murdered have the burden to prove he did not kill McKay......I dont call it murder and dont have the burden to PROVE he killed anybody. Dorner did that on his own in his little manifesto. Do you believe he wrote this and if not, how do you know anything. We have the same source, do we not ?


I Agree

Dorner was not murdered, but he's not the only criminal without remorse in this story. The LAPD remains rife with them and it's unlikely to change anytime in the near future.

Freedom is rough ride

The people of L.A. get the government they deserve, let us hope they earn better

thank you for clearing that up for us.


A neat and clean ending for

A neat and clean ending for the state.

A charred body. Official ID near by. So predicable now.

I suspect the cops that shot those women delivering newspapers won't be facing attempted murder charges.

At least a few more americans might have figured out this is an occupied country. The cops are the occupiers and we are the indigs. The police have demonstrated behaviors functionally no different than used by military forces in occupations.

Isn't due process something that can be lost?

From what the reports were saying, Chris Dorner was shooting police officers near the cabin and was a hostile suspect. In general, if there is no way to capture a hostile suspect without losing men, doesn't it become a duty to turn on the green light so that you can shoot to kill?

From my knowledge of law enforcement, the cops weren't doing anything wrong because they knew that whoever was in that cabin was a hostile suspect and would not surrender peacefully.

I'm not saying that the LAPD was truthful in every step of their investigation, or that everything the MSM is reporting is entirely correct. They probably fabricated a bit of stuff, but in general, isn't due process something that can easily be lost when resisting arrest violently?

He can't kill you

if you're not within range.

Does the law say its OK to

Does the law say its OK to throw gas bombs into a residence to set the "perp" on fire? If so, Houston... we have a problem!

Not in this case

In a siege situation like this with no hostages involved, they could have easily and safely just waited him out if they wanted to. But their intent was already made clear when they shot up those two ladies truck without verifying it was even his. They had no intention of capture.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison


Besides, if they captured and convicted him, they would owe somebody $1 million. Kill him and nobody gets a dime.

Chris Dorner Was Executed - Fire Set by Police

Dead men tell no tales.