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They murdered Dorner.

Officers yell "Get the gas, burn it down" during Dorner, police shootout - LIVE


Christopher Dorner Shootout - Cops say "Burn It Down"


WACO all over again. But no worries, they will investigate themselves and declare themselves not guilty. I remember when even "presumed guilty" people got a trial before they got executed

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There's a perfectly good

There's a perfectly good reason for the media to lie. Here's a hypothetical example.

Chris Dorner has sensitive information that could proove fraud in high levels of LAPD. The mafia bosses in the organization want him dead dead dead. They do not want him to ever go on trail or speak of what he knows. The news is instructed to say that Chris is hell bent on going out in a blaze of glory with 0 chance of surrendering. Now the police shooting at anything that moves is legitamet as, obviously, there is no point in trying to take him alive.

A single lie propogated by the state controlled media changes the narritive from a man trying to survive, to a man hell bent on killing as many cops as possible before dying. All the excuse the LAPD needs to slay this man publically without due process.

There are a million other possibilities, including of course that Chris is guilty and evil. However as the media is "known" to lie without pause, whenever it is convientant, you would have to be a knuckle dragging primate to believe anything they say. Listening to the news is like tap dancing in a mine field. You have no idea where the mines are, so you're an idiot if you don't suspect every inch of ground.

More will come out about this, mark my words.

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did I state "everything" the media reports is a lie? I basically stated that they've been proven to lie, or distribute lies in the past. You should know that just from the Paul campaign/s.

All I'm asserting is that I do not know exactly what happened with the manifesto, the murders, the fire, or any of it because I wasn't there and didn't see it with my own eyes. And, no, I don't always trust the media for the reasons I already gave.

And yes, in this "information age" it is important to be extra vigilant, because bad info can come out as quickly as good.

If you look at many of these "big events" as you describe them, there is usually a precedent set.

After Charles Whitman shot a bunch of people from the UT tower, SWAT was introduced nationwide.
After the big shootout in L.A. with the guys in body armor, AR 15's became mandatory in squad cars across the nation.
After OKC all these "anti terror" laws came into place.
After 9/11, our rights started to become systematically dismantled.
After this incident, the lobbyists are salivating to provide drones for human capture on American soil.

It's called the Hegelian Dialectic. Problem, Reaction, Solution.

This event could have totally been organic and gone down the way you think it did, but that is not always the case. Things are not always as they seem..

Okay just to be clear, in my

Okay just to be clear, in my American and Fed Courts college class on monday we talked about them sending a drone after him. I thought to myself, "what a perfect time to showboat to the public that drones are awesome at finding criminals and the public will love them!" (We discussed how f*cked up the use of drones is in this class). But that didn't happen. Not saying that it wont ever happen. Just saying we should look out for something like that.

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saying we should look out for something like that."

I couldn't agree more. That's essentially what I am saying. Watch out for the "solutions" that are proposed in the aftermath. (no matter what the actual circumstances of the event)

See, we can find common ground.

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Were you there? Did you see him trespass and tie these people down? Where did you get this information? Who are you? Why should I believe you?
Did you just gobble up whatever the TEEVEE told you?

If being around people who question events where certain precedents are set is considered fringe, then you can count me guilty as charged.

I'd offer that it is you and others who just take Anderson Cooper and Co. as gospel that are becoming the "fringe." Their credibility is diminishing by the day.

Since you seem to accept whatever the TEEVEE personalities tell you, I'll pose a question that didn't get any answers on AC's "show" last night.
"What happened to Dorner since 2011, and why did he drop off the map?" "What was he doing from then until now?"

You seem to know everything he allegedly did in the last few days, so tell me what he did in the last year. I mean, you guys were obviously close buddies right?

I'll accept the sound of crickets as your answer.

We can argue about things we can argue

So you KNOW for fact that he was innocent but afraid to surrender? OKAY. Sleep tight together with fishyculture.

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did I write that? I don't "know" anything for "fact" as I was not there. All I'm trying to do is get you to possibly question your sources of information who have had a history of misleading people.

I'm not lockstep with fishyculture. We've had our disagreements, but I respect her ability to at least question the official narrative against the backdrop of history. Your collectivism is showing.

So what your saying is to not

So what your saying is to not believe the media and the TV but yet these two clips are from the TV. Hmmmm


Everything does not make sense. Use your own logic to see if information the media feeds you makes sense or not. I have read his manifesto - the dude is mentally unstable and a weasel. News reports made sense to me. I would let him burn alive.

But you can read and see completely different. For example, if one sees that Sandy Hook was a staged operation, I cannot help him. It does not mean I will agree with his rabid speculation that Rothschild and bankers were behind.

Don't let it be lost ..

That a quick consensus of the thread is mainly concerned with the strong possibility that they BURNED HIM ALIVE in the cabin without due process while simultaneously DESTROYING MATERIAL EVIDENCE.

Caps for emphasis. Not emotion. So that main points are not buried in the noise.)

'Authorities' in a Free Society do NOT execute suspects and burn evidence.

This has nothing to do with anarchism, populism .. or any other ism.

It does not matter whether you think the accused is a Terrorist or a Freedom Fighter (both of which are subjective evaluations of relationship to authority)


Under anarchism

victims would have no money to hire private detectives or pay for private jails. Insurace limit will be exceeded in no time.

Back to the real world; the man had used his free will not to surrender and subject himself to the due process. If you like your taxes go into forcing him thru the death row, it is okay. I do not. Clearly, policemen did not want to risk their own lives. But you could send your son or daughter to subdue the man.

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Oh, well, just another one of those pesky domestic terrorists.

No trial by a jury of his peers, just a slow death after torture.

Nothing more to see here, just move on to the next big story.

A terrorist who was friendly

A terrorist who was friendly to everyone, had a no-issue career in the military, then the police force...until he crossed the wrong crooked cops.

So much wrong with the entire narrative...

the bottom line is that now "Law Enforcement" can murder with impunity.

Really, only now?

Was there ever a time when they couldn't?

The first question we should be asking is:

Did Chris Dorner ever exist in the first place?

Or is the entire story manufactured for some agenda?


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

One aspect of the story I find interesting / disturbing is that

in Dorner's manifesto he claims to have a SA-7 manpad surface to air missile. At first I figured this was just bellicose exaggeration, but CNN said yesterday that they were diverting air traffic away from the area because Dorner might have had the ability to shoot down aircraft. How does a Navy reservist get his hands on a surface to air missile?

Wheres the proof he wrote any

Wheres the proof he wrote any of the manifesto or murdered anyone? Its speculated by many that the manifesto was altered by the same media who brought us the story, so legally the authenticity of the entire manifesto is in question. It would have been nice to have a trial, but apparently a trial by CNN, Faux News, and LAPD is sufficient.

Have to second this!

There is nothing but easily falsifiable evidence in this case.

Now he may very well have been the perp, but the point is that there is absolutely NO hard evidence to even come to that conclusion. A Facebook post? Yes we all know how its impossible to hack someones Facebook profile; give me a break! And NO eyewitnesses to the murders confirming it to have been done by Dorner. And even if there was irrefutable evidence, he was still entitled to due-process. This is a rights violation on so many levels it makes me sick!

And there is absolutely NO necessity to kill him in a siege type situation. None whatsoever! They could have easily waited him out in safety if they wanted to. The only justification for killing would have been if the officers were in imminent danger, and had to invoke self-defense. THIS IS NOT THE CASE IN A SIEGE!! give me a break!

And now with him presumed dead in the fire...there isn't even going to be a body to confirm beyond a doubt it was even him in the house. This whole thing could have been a False Flag and we'd have no way of knowing for sure. This whole thing stinks to high heaven!

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

Here is actual police radio


This was planned apparently. This is clear, police radio. There are going to be people going to jail over this.

What happened to due justice?

There it is ...

I downloaded this before it disappears

Don't kid yourself

No one will go to jail over this.

I just realized they were

I just realized they were probably talking about CS gas. For how many they shot into that place, it probably set something on fire. Nobody is going to jail over this.

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is supposedly slang for CS gas, which many of us know from Waco is flammable. Surely there weren't guys going up and lighting the cabin up with torches, but I could see CS gas being shot through the windows, and then a flashbang to set it off.

The most disturbing part of that radio clip was where one guy said "like we talked about, " which is code for this is being recorded so don't say shit.

When I saw that cabin burning on the "news" last night, It brought back memories of Waco. It reminded me of how easily I was swayed by the media back then. Until some of my friends helped rebuild their church, I didn't really know (or care to know) much about them.
I'm not stating that I agreed with every aspect of their lifestyles, but it definitely could have been handled differently.

This was another burnt offering in which I believe the truth was one of the first casualties.

Very True.

Slang for CS Gas: "Gas, Burners"

"Get the GAS, BURN him down" maybe "BURN him out"?

Be patient with this story

Be patient with this story before you leap.

Our lame anarchists failed again

If a person does not want to surrender in order to go thru due process, wasting lives and money to force him to is lame.

Our anarchists forgot that innitiating force to subdue a man into due process against his will does not constitute defending his individual rights.

Its pretty obvious that if

Its pretty obvious that if someone is not guilty they would have fled to a jurisdiction where justice could have been sought, and turned themselves in. This guy did not, nor did he even flee. These do not have the appearance of an innocent man.

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Free societies don't execute without a trial

Even if the accused confesses to the crime(s), and they are witnessed by thousands or even millions, and there are countless video cameras trained on the act in its commission showing them doing it.

The law says the man gets a trial before his peers.

The state is not allowed to deliberately murder the suspect, OR even burn down material evidence before the trial.

This Law has been completely forgotten apparently?

If a suspect is corner in,

If a suspect is corner in, and instead of surrendering he begins to fire on those trying to bring him into custody...it has been accepted for 100's, probably 1000's of years that firing back with deadly force is acceptable.

If you think this is an example of the "Law being forgotten", then the law never was. A fire fight with the final result of the accused being terminated is nothing new, its been going on for a LONG time.

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