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They murdered Dorner.

Officers yell "Get the gas, burn it down" during Dorner, police shootout - LIVE


Christopher Dorner Shootout - Cops say "Burn It Down"


WACO all over again. But no worries, they will investigate themselves and declare themselves not guilty. I remember when even "presumed guilty" people got a trial before they got executed

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The ladies delivering newspapers were not firing on anyone...

...yet they were met with bullets from the police.

The police ~ forgot~ the law and proved their real intentions when they started shooting at people they simply thought might be Dorner, people who were not firing at anyone.

Let me be clear

Murder is murder whether it be by Dorner or by the boys in blue. I'm not mourning anything but the slow death of due process.

well said

When "Osama bin Laden" was executed without trial, it bothered me. That is not supposed to happen in a nation that values the rule of law.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

The problem

with your "due process" is that it should not become a purpose in itself, detached from reason and reality. That is the main mental mistake of Rothbard, Block, Herman Hoppe, Stefen M., etc.

Any reasonable person understands that Dorner was guilty of the last murder. Risking another human life or spending millions on death row process is not reasonable if Dorner did not want to surrender himself.

Not sure if you are trolling

Not sure if you are trolling or never paid much attention to history.
Once a government begins bypassing basic human rights such as due process it is a government on the verge of tyranny.
These basic rights serve a dual purpose, they give us the assurance that if we are falsely accused of a crime that we get our day in court. But more importantly they are a power check for power hungry governments. It draws a line and sets boundaries. This line is now gone and unless the public at large protests and reminds the government where that line is supposed to be, they (government) will draw a new one where they feel most comfortable, one that suppresses basic rights and freedoms.
No matter how well intentioned a government is when imposing the loss of basic rights, it is human nature to abuse it. Much like the law of gravity will cause a bridge to collapse if enough structural support is weakened or removed.


I know what the media told me.

Innocent until proven Guilty.

Would he have shot himself to keep from being captured, or did the ones who killed him make that decision Judge Dredd style?

Many dangerous, armed men have been taken alive and since they knew his location and he was under siege, time was on Their side not his.

There's no way they'd let him have his voice in court. From day 1 it's been clear it was a hunt to kill, not capture.

This isn't the way my country is supposed to operate. It appears to me those charged to protect (even criminals) became a "lynch mob".

"The Law Man" used to hold off the lynch mobs, even when EVERYONE knew a criminal was guilty.


The guy

does not believe in your due process. He does not want to surrender and have due process. Why would you use force, money and lives to force him to? It is his life and individual rights he decided to abandon.


He didn't kill himself. He may very well have surrendered in due time. Harder men have. And time was not on his side as he was surrounded.

Where is arguments? Only collective thumbs. Pathetic.

You argue of "due process" while Dorner does not want to surrender to go thru the same "due process" you advocate. You guys are failed dumb people with false thinking that you had discovered truth, moral and ways to achieve liberty. You make our movement weaker.


Don't say "our". You are not a part of any kind of Liberty Movement. Do you even like Ron Paul? I have never seen you post anything remotely advocating a smaller government, ending the FED/IRS/etc, cutting foreign aid, or anything to do with the message of Liberty.

End The Fed!
BTC: 1A3JAJwLVG2pz8GLfdgWhcePMtc3ozgWtz

What you are advocating is

state sponsored vigilantes. We have rules and those rules must be followed or the system fails. John Wayne Gacy killed at least 33 boys he was tried and sentenced to death then the state killed him. Why do we have laws if we don't follow them?

You have weak mental focus

I advocate reasonable due process. If the suspect himself does not want to surrender to go thru due process, wasting lives and money to force him to go thru due process is not rational. FAILED!

"I advocate reasonable due process."

We either have due process or we don't.You can't pick and chose who does and who doesn't have the right of due process. See the 5th and 14th amendments for more details.

Who gets to define "reasonable?"


can you say...

Psychooooo!! This guy was a loon. Did you read that manifesto? All his advice to the world? Give me a break. This guy had some sort of sever mental health problem. I'm glad he's off the streets, he got what his actions brought upon him. He could have lived the rest of his life in peace, but he decided due to his absolutely warped and insane version of morality, his own "code of ethics, ethos" that he had to go start murdering people. This shows what you're "own code of ethics" does for us. Ethics exist or they don't, this guy pretended they did, made up his own rules and in them, he's allowed to kill people, but other people aren't allowed to say nigger. He got what he deserves.

Jefferson's picture


did you know him? Did you see him write this manifesto? Did you see him murder anyone personally?
I'd be very careful of what I took at face value from the MSM.

"He got what he deserves?"

What he "deserved" was due process. It is afforded even to those with the most heinous of allegations. To be charged, tried, convicted and executed by the MSM and the police is a pretty slippery and dangerous slope.

What is wrong with many DPers?

Are you mourning a killer? Of course cops killed him! He's a psychopath who obviously has been screwed over , so what does he do? He murders an innocent daughter and son in law and 2 other cops and shoots wildly at any cop he sees and burglarized, robbed and tapped and elderly couple (imagine if any of these people were related to you?). Sounds like a stand up good guy to me! By the way, you don't even know if the manifesto was even sincere truth or ramblings of someone disturbed, your only assuming its true because you don't like authority/police. I'm not saying he's right but if I was on a team and he kept killing my teammates and children of my team mates and wants to kill me you bet ya I'm gonna kill him if he doesn't come out hands up!


Ron Paul 2012

Why are you defending a vile gang with badges?

LAPD is a gang. They've done so many vile things, yet get away with them all by hiding behind a badge and a corrupt judge. This gang shot innocent people while hunting Dorner, because the officer felt he was ABOVE THE LAW. The reason he feels so powerful is because he will never be held accountable for his actions by people like you who can't see how corrupt the badge has become in America.

So how do you know for sure ?

Maybe some one set him up ?

He probably did it, but the police cannot be Judge Jury and executioner.

That's what Obama does.

You should understan the soul

of our folks. No news today to blame bankers, Zionists, GMO producers.

News like "Egypt floods Gaza tunnels to cut Palestinian lifeline" makes them feel down. Mental anxiety needs another scapegoat to whine about. People outside our movement laugh openly at our fringe elements within.

What is fringe?

If you are referring to Intelligence quotient distribution the extreme fringe on one side is 140 IQ with the other fringe being 60 IQ. Being that DPer's typically have the richest knowledge and awareness of history and recent events with an intelligent skeptical eye I would say that we are closer to 140 IQ side "fringe". That would imply that you are not on the fringe and are therefore less intelligent than those who are. Maybe you are just a sheep in the middle of the herd headed for the slaughter house all while you are making fun of the few who are moving away from you because they are aware you are doomed to a fate of consenting to your own demise that you don't even realize when the obvious is right before you. Fringe in the current state of TV induced hive mind is a sign of real intelligence free from the herd and will be taken as a compliment.

Thank you...

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...


they should be laughing at their own political party. Scratch that, crying about their own political party.

So What?

Let me see, you've killed or shot at 3 or 4 cops, and you expect more cops to what? Get themselves killed for the sake of due process?

Let me tell ya something. When you are chasing a psychopath who has proven he has every intention of killing you- and you kill him first including let's say by burning his hideout down- then I say good. Nobody else got killed.

You wanna go thru that door first for the sake of due process? Be my guest.

Pretty good...

Someone ordered pizza delivery to Dorner's hideout...


Who Is They?

Where is the evidence that he was murdered?

"They" would be the folks calling for gas

to burn down the building he was believed to be in. "They" would be the people who ordered the media to stand down.
"They" would be the folks who claimed they heard a gunshot after they fired "tear gas."
I suppose "they" must have been calling for "tear gas" to "burn it down" in your mind? Because otherwise, calling for a murder weapon on video is pretty solid evidence of pre-meditated murder.
Head on over to CNN where they will assure you Dorner committed suicide and that the LAPD is really, really sorry and they will look into whatever those crazy accusations he made were... and next week they will assure you there was nothing to the accusations, that Dorner was just a nut job.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Yes, suicide!

Suicide by coop, is a popular alternative to those scared to meet their maker!

The Law of Nutjobs

You'll find that killers often kill other killers. He was a nutjob, I'm not saying the LAPD are not nutjobs, I'm sure they're full of nutjobs. But nutjobs both produce and kill other nutjobs very often. It's the law of nutjobs. Wow, that was deep.

Ah...I'm so self assured that CNN is calling the shots now..

I can trust the establishment media has all the answers when no one else does...

I think the whole thing was stage, with all the asorted actors, cameras and foul language coming from police scanners, etc..

It's all B.S.

You believe it! I don't!

He got away..he got away with murder..

Nuff aid..