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Paul Krugman Struggles to Admit He's Wrong

Short clip from Ron Paul and Krugman debate last year, followed by Krugmans comments before the State of the Union speech.

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That's the problem with most

That's the problem with most people in the political arena. They are too afraid to admit when they're wrong and try to save face. The well being of 350 million Americans and countless innocent foreign lives are at stake you fools, tell the truth!

The Ability...

...or more properly, the inability, of some people to see and accurately assess, is simply amazing.

I don't mind the

occasional prediction and even reading into things that seem probable but this type of "reading into things" is useless.

He said no such thing. He merely said things weren't peachy.. Catch him in 5 years maybe when things are really bad.. MAYBE you'll get an "I'm sorry, I suck at financial matters." I wouldn't bet on it though.. He'll probably just disappear from the camera spotlight gradually after he's embarrassed and highlighted for the Keynesian fool he is.

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That about sums it up.


However, in all fairness, pretty much everybody struggles to admit they've been wrong.

Krugman has spent the last decade investing a lot of his time and reputation in a wrong position so it will be even more difficult for him to come around. He has a rational addiciton to his wrong position if you will. I feel sorry for him. The cognitive dissonance he must feel would be overwhelming.

How is that him admitting

How is that him admitting he's wrong? He has always been a gloom and doom type guy since the start of the financial crisis. I don't see him saying anything different now than he said right from the beginning: print more money, spend more money,etc.