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As 2016 shapes up, an Obama third term seems more and more likely.

It's quite simple, he may very likely have the best chance of winning. There have already been efforts to repeal the XXII Amendment.

As things develop, a three term Obama seems unlikely but never the less, a REAL possibility. What's stopping him, The Constitution? lol

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If the Republicans back a

If the Republicans back a Rubio 2016, I can see that happening. Maybe not a third term for Obama, but another term for Bush polices headed by a Democrap.

Not a threat or anything...

but a prediction:

If he gets a third term, he won't live long into it.

People will be so utterly freaked the EFF out that somebody will put a hot one in him. (Which would spell huge trouble for the whole country, what with federal government feeling justified in suspending the Constitution [further so than it already has] etc. as a result).

Never a dull moment these days....

What would the Founders do?

Not gonna happen

Many thought Bill Clinton would be the three term president. Then the liberal left feared that somehow Bush would be the three term president. Even though Obamba is the worst and most unconstitutional president I still don't think he could succeed in hacking a third term.


At least they put No second. The last thing remembered sometimes but not always sinks in.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul