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Seth Grossman for NJ governor

I just read about this in my local newspaper,

Seth Grossman, a former Atlantic City councilman, and Atlantic County Freeholder has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for NJ governor.

He is the former head of South Jersey Libertarian group "Liberty and Prosperity." He wants to be the conservative alternative to Chris Christie.


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christie is contemplating changing parties.

I hope Grossman pans out. If not, yet another dog/pony..

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


sorry for the somewhat negative debbie downer reply!!!!

i guess im just tired and worn out after 2012 and grumpy

hell i may have to get a kick in the _ss! and just go volunteer and spread the message to any and all i can

seems we have such a tough road to hoe every single time,,,, and i just don't get it because ,,,,to me,,, it seems our philosophy is just basic common sense

will check him out

but not a real great time to be running

christie unfortunately stomp this guy,,,, no matter how good he is,,, 70% approval rating,,, and a supposed national media darling is gonna be quite a feat to take on

however,,, maybe it will be good as he'll be able to get his name out there for the following election

he needs to add to his issues page to,,, with his broader view on topics

i was big on lonegan and over time now i have my doubts about him,,,,as a koch stooge,,,, but he did seem better, more reasonable and right on issues than christie,,,, i guess others just don't see it as i do,,,, maybe my view is warped????

i've also liked murray sabrin and others,,, doherty but they just don't seem to make traction or get elected to get the message out,,,,i guess being for liberty in a democrat state and fighting the corrupt GOP system on top of it ,,,is just damn hard in jersey!!!!!!!!!!

even the dems have lost hope to take down christie.,,,, they're running a lady that they didn't even invite to the dem. convention,,, she had to borrow a friends pass to get onto the floor and basically threw her from her leadership position