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Gun Rights Rally: 2000 New Yorkers taking an oath with Oath Keepers

There was a large 2nd amendment rally yesterday on the New York capital steps. The video below opens with the crowd taking the oath right after Stewart Rhodes from Oath Keepers gave an impassioned speech. Rhodes implored everyone to stand together in defiance of the new law, stating "We will mot comply! We will not disarm!" If any New Yorkers are reading this, please attend the next rally on February 28! We need everyone who supports liberty to show up and lobby their legislators on the 28th.

There was another rally in support of gun control at the same time inside the capital building. Only about 75 people showed up. The newspapers keep reporting polls showing that the majority of New Yorkers support gun control. Yet, huge crowds have been showing up at gun shows. It is almost impossible to find guns and ammunition anywhere. Huge crowds show up to protest the SAFE Act, and almost no one shows up to support it. I simply don't believe the polls or the media.


Here is a 2 minute summary:


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One positive is this gun grab bs is waking up the oblivious shee

p. They wouldn't listen to Federal Reserve comments or our loss of rights til now. Even in this video they talk about bills getting passed that they didn't have enough time to read. They also talked about the bs Patriot Act. The awakening has arrived, even for the semi-sheep.

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Thank you for posting.

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I posted about the 28th

but it didn't get much traction.

check out the video link, it's pretty good


Great video!

I saw a guy yesterday at the rally carrying the same Cuomo TYRANT poster that was in the video.

I heard February 28th is supposed to be huge. SCOPE has a list of buses here:


It looks like a number of buses have sold out. I hope it is so big that the national media is forced to cover it.

I was there for the first rally

I was there for the first rally which is in the video, I'm just out of view on the left. my estimate for that day was 3-4,000 people. C4L put the number at 5,000. Not a bad turn-out for 3 days notice.

I missed the rally yesterday, which I think was about 2,000 people because I don't think the word got out very much. I didn't even know myself until I saw somebody posting on FB!

The 28th should be big. Word spread early about it and the state legislators will be there that day...so I expect to see a very large turn out. I'm hoping for 10,000+

Aren't there more that 8 million people in New York

Makes 2000 a little impotent since .025% of the population isn't very impressive.

8million is state wide

8million is state wide correct? So 2000 isnt bad. It is a good start, and Im sure it will increase as people hear about it.

I wouldnt expect to see 100k or 1 million people there. Remember that even if only 1% of the population is activly out there it is huge. Because for every one out there, theres at least 1 more at home who couldnt make it, and 10 that believe the same thing.

I seem to recall a fact that only 3% of the population activally supported the revolution.

According to Census bureau it's 19,570,261

for the whole state.

Pop of NY

Population of New York is closer to 20m. NYC 5 boroughs is around 8-9m.

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Appreciate the info about Feb. 28th...

I hope you have an even bigger rally!

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