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Oathkeepers Not Welcome

Yesterday at the Colorado Capitol building (Judiciary Committee) hearings for "Gun Control" measures: I was KICKED OUT of the chamber because I was wearing my OathKeepers shirt (OathKeepers on the front, and actual Oath on the back).

I protested with the Sgt. at Arms who told me that the Chairman said I could not enter. I kept pressing the issue throughout the day, and my civil disobedience paid off - they didn't taze me or arrest me for standing my ground.

I remained in the chamber until the vote - then I had to leave because I was going to VOMIT when these traitors started talking about how they were honoring their oath to the Constitution - sickening.

There were over 300 pro 2nd Amendment citizens there, but the traitors won out...this time.

Both measures passed out of Committee ("universal background checks" including private sales, and limited rounds/mag.)

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Thanks DP'er

I'm being contacted by a Constitutional Lawyer, who is dealing with several other people who were also denied "public" access because of their "political" t-shirts. Not interested in making $$, just want them to PAY for their actions in the court of public opinion.

P.S. If I do get any FRNs, I'm going to buy more OathKeeper SWAG ; )

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa


Sounds like your State got in with the fedgov on selling the people down the river. better block and pursue via County govt.