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Where's my son's 0.1% interest rate to secure his education?

It seems if the Federal Reserve can hand out, I'm sorry, counterfeit paper currency to finance the Wars and swindling of American debtors, then they could also see to it that my son's education is secured at a similar rate of interest and that his requirement to payback what has been loaned to him delayed until a future date when an educational credit for completion of his studies and willingness to foster himself as an asset to this Nation could be filed...not a bailout, but an honest reward for persistence in helping America flourish and realize it's full potential in the people it harbors.
How about this country fosters an incentive for people to care again about learning and education instead of affixing biased rates of interest to obligations they cannot bailout on or file bankruptcy on. If we as individuals, as natural persons are truly persons or commercial entities subject to the same statutes and regulations as corporations, then where is our baliout?

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Student Loans

In case your son is interested...


Your son does not have to pay any of it back, he can get retroactive scholarships. There are tons based on merit and essays.

I understand that this is not quite the point of your post, but I paid for the vast majority of my education in scholarships, I only had to use loans for 2 semesters and have already paid most of it back with new scholarships.

Thank you...

jrd for the information...he is still young but I appreciate the information as I am still paying off student loans 10 years later and have 15 more to go...six years of college (with scholarships, grants, etc.) and 20 years of payback...trying to avoid that situation for him.

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