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Dispatches From Cairo: Bragging About Gang Rape - gang rape

Is this true? People are now Bragging about Gang Rape..

Im feeling this is getting out of hand, i dont know what is real and what is made up anymore..

I dont see this on the news as much, are they sweeping this under the rug.. Just hard to see people think that rape is okay!

This is just shocking to me.
Dispatches From Cairo: Bragging About Gang Rape
"He couldn’t have been more than 19. His clothes were cheap and his sparse yet unshaven facial hair was indistinguishable from the dirt on his cheeks. He was with another kid on the other side of a kiosk and couldn’t see that I was listening. He was telling his friend that the women who go to Tahrir Square are hoping to get raped because they want sex."
Here is where i found this article -

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