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-4 votes Now Claiming Lew Rockwell wants domain for himself

They're really taking it too far now. This post went up a little while ago on with a poll at the end. I think these guys are really going to lose a lot of sympathy by trying to drag Lew into this.

"We have it on good authority that Lew Rockwell (and not Ron Paul) is the driving force behind the ongoing legal ambush on

The reason is simple: Lew Rockwell wants for himself.

Lew Rockwell is already in control of Ron Paul’s Twitter account.

Last week’s callous attack on Chris Kyle just two days after his death was only a preview of what will be turned into in the future if Lew Rockwell gains control of it.

The Ron Paul we knew and loved will be twisted, distorted and misquoted to fit into Lew Rockwell’s anarchopacifist worldview."

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"Cyber squatting Australians!!"

I love that description..."Cyber squatting Australians!"

Good news! is still available. Unfortunately isn't:(

Unless I am foolish, it

Unless I am foolish, it appears as though they have removed this post.

I do not think Lew is the handler of

Ron Paul. Ron Paul has his own people he trusts and delegates things to. Ron Paul does not need to be pure like snow for our populists to worship and for the masses at large to admire.

Lew Rockwell is indeed an anarchopacifist. I give him a credit for the awesome job at von Mises institute. But Lew himself promotes more Rothbardian Utopia than anything else. Rothbard, too, was awesome when he promoted von Mises ideas, but sucked when he campaigned against Goldwater for a socialist party.

Since I cannot get a clear

Since I cannot get a clear answer to who is/are the foreign owners of the site, it is obvious as to why Ron Paul needs to disengage this site who is now using his name as a pseudonym to put out any disinformation they wish. We are witnessing intellectual dishonesty going on before our eyes. I think Ron Paul needs to publicly out this fraudulent use of his name and re-establish himself under a new monicker, thereby neutralizing the site as being a legitimate connection to Ron Paul. This is not a free market issue. This is fraud!.

What's amazing to me is the

What's amazing to me is the Ron Paul "supporters" who have given knee-jerk reactions, listening to hearsay, rather than the facts... so quickly taking the side of these Australian cyber-squatters over our own Ron Paul. You people ought to be ashamed.

In addition, aren't there more important issues going on in the world than this? Get back to work fighting for Liberty and a free America.

See Brian Doherty's blog here... maybe this will answer questions:

Cyber-squatting Australians

When are you people going to realize these are cyber-squatting Australians, who wanted to make money off Ron Paul's name and are not true supporters?

Here's a scenario for you... 5 years ago, you find that is available as a domain name... you quickly:

A. Try to contact Ron Paul or his staff to let them know you've obtained the domain so that you can give it to him and it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

B. Set up a website, selling Ron Paul goodies.

What would a true Ron Paul supporter pick... A or B?

Why Blame Lew?

Why not blame



Lew is defending what is NOT the PRINCIPLE Ron Paul stood for. RONPAUL is not Ron Paul, but a CORPORATION, using precident and FORCE, to TAKE from, "bad faith" grassroots, rather than DIPLOMACY AND TRADE. can go jump off a can go jump off a cliff and hopefully go away forever.

negative voting on this thread is away for folks to neg the owner of who is like the scum romney. the owner of reminds me of a attention whore such as beck. should just shut down and go away. The actions of show they are not liberty oriented or friends of our movement.

f, the owner and his polls. I will be blocking any emails that come from them. is dead to me.

Ron Paul 2016

RON PAUL wants

and RON PAUL hopes you will LOVE HIS more than you like the worthless grassroots who had it for 6 years or DP.

TOLD YOU GRASSROOTS ARE WORTHLESS.. even worse.. RON PAUL will use precident and FORCE, and file a case saying grassroots is BAD FAITH and WORTHLESS.

Funny.. I've had plnety of issues with grassroots, and now here I am defending grassroots while grassroots chew each other up.

I actually believed they were good grassroots supporters

at first. Then, they put the domain up for sale at over $800K -- for anyone, not just RP or someone friendly to RP. They got no takers and when RP asked them for a price, they threw out the $250,000 figure (again, this figure was the new price for anyone, not just RP, if I understand correctly)...$200K more than the site was worth according to the domain valuation RP supposedly paid someone to do. At that point, I started to question their "good grassroots supporters" status. When RP opted for the contractual domain dispute arbitration, immediately started using the domain to smear him with insult and disinformation (under his own name!) and I lost all respect/sympathy for them.

Putting these people into the category of grassroots supporters is an insult to true grassrots supporters like yourself, Granger.

What's the PRICE for grassroots? PRICELESS

I think it's a huge compliment for a Ron Paul domain to be offered at $856K? That figure could easily, and accurately, be what the IDEAL cost of the site is worth on a global market for 6 years, paying living wages to a staff, consultants, lawyers, specialists, intel property for security on a gloabl scale. IDEAL COST. The cost reflects what an IDEAL value is because their efforts and real costs are not worthless.

It appears to me, it was not The Honorable Congressman Doctor Ronald Ernest Paul Ret., who contacted, but RON PAUL, a corporate legal firm that specializes in international domain laws for arbitration purposes representing the Honorable Congressman Doctor Ronald Ernest Paul RETIRED.

THE PROBLEM is that if you joined the GOP, and you're fighting the neocons face to face. What do I say, when I approach Karl Rove, who has formed a Victory PAC to eliminate people like me in the GOP, when he asks, "Looks like your guy Ron Paul thinks diplomacy and free trade are great foreign policy for a nation, but not great when it comes to protecting himself."?

It appears to me, the guys who bought the domain were fans, grassroots, who made a decent site.. it's no Daily PAul, but it's no Debbie Does Dallas, or even close.. much closer to Daily PAul, in all good and real things about The Honorable Congressman Doctor Ronald Ernest Paul.

The Honorable Congressman Doctor Ronald Ernest Paul, who campaigned for president, cured our apathy, brought us all together, inspired the Daily PAul, delivered a message of freedom, liberty, sound money, non interventionist military, and restoring the republic with respect to the constitution and bill of rights, is not, RON PAUL filing an arbitration within ICANN.

the grassroots of didn't expect The Honorable Congressman Doctor Ronald Ernest Paul Ret <-- RETIRED in the form of RON PAUL to contact them asking 'What's it worth?" probably gave a figure that accurately gives an IDEAL value. Nothing wrong with that when you understand that you are dealing with a man using diplomacy and trade, rather than a legal enity posing as RON PAUL (Honorable Congressman Doctor Ronald Ernest Paul NOT ret).

So RON PAUL asks, "How much do you want for it?" WHAT's IT WORTH TO YOU (Priceless is not an answer, though what is Ron Paul worth is the real answer)? responds: $250K

Who thinks that is not reasonable?

Honorable Congressman Doctor Ronald Ernest Paul, being a messanger of diplomacy and free trade, one might think could say, "Would you be willing to trade it for some gold or silver RON PAUL coins?"

Wouldn't that have been exciting? Few advertizers on Daily PAul would have been thrilled! opened their notebooks, like the charactors in BigMikeDude's Valentine greeting to us today, and got the RON PAUL case being filed in ICANN. I don't think they expected that.

I read the case, and what it is, is not the Honorable Congressman Doctor Ronald Ernest Paul, but Honorable Congressman Doctor Ronald Ernest Paul RETIRED, who has EMPLOYED / RETAINED a law firm that is REPRESENTING Honorable Congressman Doctor Ronald Ernest Paul RETIRED, as RON PAUL. THEY claim the owners of are using the site IN BAD FAITH. I don't see that.

I think grassroots who LOVE Ron Paul LOVE Ron Paul and they are not worthless UNLESS YOU ARE DEALING WITH THE ESTABLISHMENT, which RON PAUL is. Now is RON PAUL the CORPORATE legal efirm making these claims against hired by Honorable Congressman Doctor Ronald Ernest Paul RETIRED, or a friend, or maybe a family member.. or maybe RonPaul Inc? That no one knows.

The Honorable Congressman Doctor Ronald Ernest Paul, isn't talking. The messager and MY teacher has become silent.. he has every right to PRIVACY..

Meanwhile RON PAUL (whoever they may be.. three names are named on the file, but they are representing others in the name of RON PAUL) are not using diplomacy or trade to acquire the domain, but they are using precient.. Hillary Clinton and Julia Roberts, famous people, who had to fight for their domains because they wanted control over the site. Nothing wrong with that.. it not wrong to want control, it's how you go about getting it.. to FORCE to quit "NOTHING FOR YOU nameless so called fans of Ron Paul, who act in bad faith and use the good doctors name in vain!"

Honorable Congressman Doctor Ronald Ernest Paul taught us that sound money, diplomacy and free trade are what we need to restore America, and many of us thought that's how we could begin the rEVOLution, starting with ourselves. But it seems, that Honorable Congressman Doctor Ronald Ernest Paul RETIRED, is now showing us, that his message is a wonderful dream, the reality being, we all need to earn enough fame and fortune so we can hire the corporate machine to take by force of hearings on a legal scale what twe want, no trade, no diplomacy, nothing personal, just cold hard dirty politics.

Moral if the story: It is better to hire a legal firm and use force than to barter with diplomacy on a personal level when you have money, fame and power, against those who do not.

Don't put words in Ron's

Don't put words in Ron's mouth now, he never said anyone was WORTHLESS.

End The Fed!
BTC: 1A3JAJwLVG2pz8GLfdgWhcePMtc3ozgWtz

Actions speak louder than words

RON PAUL is not Ron Paul, but a corporate enity in the name of Ron Paul to extract the domain name through precident (Hillary and Julia Roberts named) and FORCE, not the principle of DIPLOMACY AND FREE TRADE.

So tell me.. when I go to a GOP convention, as I have campaigned for my political stand within the GOP to be that of a Ron Paul RepubliCAN.. what do I say when Karl Rove and others bring this up, because to many, it appears that Ron Paul's principles of DIPLOMACY AND TRADE are falling short whan he EMPLOYS corporate FORCE through precident of WHO is famous (like him), rather than who is everyday people AKA grassroots who want a principled leader?



Not sure why neg voting

Perhaps the ip addresses of the downvoters will trace back to Australia

destroying Ron Paul = destroying

I will continue my 'boycott' of But because they have never had any good content. Even back in the day (2008) blew them out of the water. I seem to recall some hubbub about them not giving Ron Paul the website back in 2007/8 as well. That said,as I said before they deserve some cash and they should try to cooperate with Ron Paul rather than compete. They cant win in a competition--

What a stupid boycott

I never went there because I always had DP and DP beat all of them.. DP was and is the BEST Ron Paul site in the world. I never went to beofre this and I doubt I will go after.. but I see NOTHING WRONG with their page and I think RON PAULs law suit is a PILE OF POOP. ANd yes, I read it. It lies.

If you never visit

Then you cant think its that stupid to continue not going. I think we are not too far apart on this one.

If you never visit

and since DP is so much better, why would you visit, then it's not a boycott. I think grassroots needs to stick together and learn that astroturf acts like grassroots and is not, and there's a lot of astroturf.. who are organized grassroots.. are grassroots now facing legal action, whihc I doubt they ever thought that would happen. I do think they thought Ron Paul would have talked to them and maybe offered to trade Ron Paul gold coins or something the represents his principles of sound money and diplomacy.. not hire a elegal team and smear them to FORCE the domain change.

Lew Rockwell is in charge of Ron Paul's Twitter?

I wanna see mad evidence for that!

Me too.

I had already decided that I just don't like any of this, so I was not going to say anything more about it. But yeah, I would like to know who is running RP's Twitter account.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

We're at the stage of

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Four legs good, two legs better!

when goes down

you will probably disappear with it.. my crystal ball moment

or take my dare and stick around.. it'll be your reputation and ego that takes a hit anyway, none of my business of particular care

wouldn't care if you died tomorrow from lack of job and malnutrition. or perhaps you wish ron paul owed that 250k to you? mister 'nothing wrong to scam the liberty movement while promoting it'

kind of an obvious strategic move to anyone with a brain

going head to head with ron paul will be a lose lose situation for them, so they want to divert the blame to some other personality

It makes sense to me

Seems the guys who own are trying to figure out what's really going on? Suddenly Ron Paul needs THIS domain name? Or is this just another cybor cyte attraction for those who need to profit off Ron paul, but not directly.. in an indirect way.. gives them something to talk/write about, without having to educate.. why not bash and expose ron paul supporters, render the site dirt and get it for dirt cheap?

I love conspiracy and this is becomming more fun all the time.. know why.. conspiracy is when you don'y ger the whole truth.. like that Ron Paul newsletter.. conspiracy has it the ghost writer was Lew....

Now I don't care.. what Lew and Ron Paul have going on, if anything.. all I'm saying is this whole thing is way made for MSM drama.. except for us.. so what's really up?

taking down ron paul won't necessarily channel the

diverged interested toward rand.. whatever your plan is

My plan

I'm standing with Rand, and let me inform you, I'm not asking YOU or anyone here, to stand with me or Rand. This is not about Rand..

This is about how RON PAUL appreciates grassroots.

I'm not grassroots, thank goodness, what a hell of a way to be appreciated.

Thanks, granger

That is the part that really bothers me. This is not like an isolated incident. When the grassroots fielded several hundred delegates to get to the RNC in 2008, Ron Paul and his campaign left us flapping in the breeze. After all the fuss about "Become a delegate" they never made a move to do anything with us. Only after Cat Bleish started to organize us on her own did they finally do something - and that turned out to be "throw them a party and pat them on the back." All the BRILLIANT minds that poured heart and soul into the effort were dismissed and the "big boys" went back to playing politics... until 4 years later when they needed someone to run the phone banks... I'll quit now. This rant could get long.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.