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RonPaul.com Now Claiming Lew Rockwell wants domain for himself

They're really taking it too far now. This post went up a little while ago on RonPaul.com with a poll at the end. I think these guys are really going to lose a lot of sympathy by trying to drag Lew into this.

"We have it on good authority that Lew Rockwell (and not Ron Paul) is the driving force behind the ongoing legal ambush on RonPaul.com.

The reason is simple: Lew Rockwell wants RonPaul.com for himself.

Lew Rockwell is already in control of Ron Paul’s Twitter account.

Last week’s callous attack on Chris Kyle just two days after his death was only a preview of what RonPaul.com will be turned into in the future if Lew Rockwell gains control of it.

The Ron Paul we knew and loved will be twisted, distorted and misquoted to fit into Lew Rockwell’s anarchopacifist worldview."

Read more: http://www.ronpaul.com/

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World as it was, is, and will be without end for ever and ever

Seems no matter how things change.. they don't.

Here's to me
and here's to you
and here's to love and laughter
I'll be true as long as you
and not a moment after.

;)) <3

"Ron Paul and his campaign"

"Ron Paul and his campaign left us flapping in the breeze. After all the fuss about "Become a delegate" they never made a move to do anything with us."

Then it appears that some have not learned a thing.

Dr. Paul has suggested more than a few times to open the Constitution. I would think that that is a good place to start.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

LOL ((((((((PAV))))))))

What does the constitution have to do with bait and drop?


If you have a point, it is lost on me. I am talking about getting us coordinated in some sort of strategy to try to bring some kind of resolution to the floor, or bring a nomination from the floor, or simply stage a mass walk-out... Instead, what happened was Ron's Campaign Manager came and told my husband and I to stand down. We were Ron Paul bound delegates, the GOP had decided they were going to ignore us and pretend Idaho was 100% behind McCain and announce Idaho's; "26 delegates go to McCain." Idaho had 32 delegates, the other 6 were for Ron Paul. We were going to shout "and 6 for Ron Paul" and take the arrest, tazing, beating, whatever... We wanted to speak the TRUTH. Now, what all this has to do with the Constitution is beyond me. We were at the RNC, the Constitution is highly irrelevant there...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

(( fishyculture ))

I was furious about all that has happened. I was in Tampa. I understood when everybody was told to be respectful, but what many others did not understand was not to get pushed around.

Maybe I missed your point somewhere, but many relied on campaign to lead them every step of the way. Campaign may be useful for some things, but the duly elected, imo, were not bold enough to do what was necessary. J.C.! The dems back in the 60's did a better job of being heard than we did down at that screwed convention.

The Constitution IS relevant. It is the individual right to be heard. It then becomes an irate minority. Why didn't they all ban together and peaceably storm the center isle right on up to boehner! Because they would be escorted out? Because they may have been arrested? That's what this is all about! If given the choice between being escorted out and walking out, think of the coverage that would have been had.

So I talk to folks around here and they truly believe that I'm smoking crack because they saw NONE if what I described on TV. And THAT is why they call me a friggin kook.

I'm not taking it out on you, I am only letting off steam. But don't tell me that the Constitution has nothing to do with anything because that's all I hear every day.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Stand Down


I would have told him, Shame on you!" And would have said, AND SIX FOR RON PAUL!" So his ears were ringing.

I'm pretty independent.. it's that libertarian in me..

I'll take responsibilty for my own actions, when they are my own.. I have few regrets and no resentments that way.

I'm sort of stunned that we did not.

It was pretty overwhelming, and pretty intimidating to have Lew take the time to come over, stand with our snake State Chairman, and ask us not to "disrupt" the nomination. At the time, I still thought "The Campaign Manager" for Ron Paul was a trusted spokesman for Ron Paul, considered the request to be from RP himself. It was not until we got home that we found out Lew had been on the GOP payroll that night.
I did snarl at Karl Rove... can I get a brownie point for that? lol!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Brownie Point for (((((fishy)))))

I hope you get to share that brownie with me when I return from the CA GOP convention where Karl will be talking about his new Vision PAC.


If you get the chance... Look him right in the eye and tell him "The people are waking up, Karl."
Give 'em hell, granger!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

You know ((((((fishy))))))

I;ve been imagining that if I get to speak to Rove, he would ask me what I think of the RON PAUL VS ronpaul.com.. and I've been thinking,, how would I respond?

THANK YOU ((((((fishy))))))

I'm going to look him in the eye and say, "The people are waking up Karl".


I wonder how long the arbitration process will take

We'll get more accurate info. when the dispute is settled, I guess. The domain was put up for sale recently and RP probably is afraid it might end up in the wrong hands. I heard RP had someone do a valuation estimate of the domain and came up with the $50K figure. It's alot less than they want, but I don't think it's dirt cheap either. I'm hoping the arbitrators allow RP to buy the domain for that amount if it's found to be a fair value estimation.

Several people were accused of being the newsletter author. I still don't believe it was Lew though, based on his writing style and kind of topics he writes about. Someday, someone will surely spill the beans ;-)

I don't think it will take long

Fame has it's advantages as in speeding up legal processes because people are watching. Reading the complaint, RON PAUL hired a firm to go after the domain names. The original price appears to me to reflect 6 years of work.. They paid $24K for the name.. $50K is an insult.

It's not Lew, it is a internet law firm representing RON PAUL

RON PAUL is paying a net law firm to FORCE the owners into giving him the site because it's got his FAMOUS name, like Hillary Clinton and Julia Roberts, who is mentioned.. he's using precident.. Ron Paul teaches us that using precident is how we lost our way from the constitution. So what the real shame is, that instead of attempting to deal with grassroots, who have done a nice job with the web page, and have items for sale.. RON PAUL is saying they did this is bad faith, and that's apparently not true.

I've moved onto Rand Paul.. doubt I'll ever visit RON PAUL once he's got it, and it's a real shame he went there, except, makes Rand's case of working with what you got, going along to get along stronger. Happy Valentines Day ((((((Missy)))))))))


Sorry people are down voting your comments on my post...I keep up-voting them even though I disagree with some of them cuz I don't like seeing friends get down voted lol

I agree that building and maintaining a website for 6 years is a lot of work...even if it is just cut n' paste articles, ads and paraphernalia sales. But RP doesn't want the website, just the domain. The cost of buying and keeping the domain is well under $50K. They can keep their website and membership list and buy a new more appropriate domain (RonPaulFanSite.com?) for about $10 and still make $26,000 profit. I think any true RP grassroots supporter would take that deal and run!

The problem is RonPaul.com comes up as the first link in a Google search and since the domain is also RP's name, people mistake it for his official website (even with the little "fan site" disclaimer) IOW, people searching for his official website are misdirected to someone else's website and they don't realize it because his name and image are all over it...and they know it! Now that they've used the site to abuse him just because he's utilizing the domain dispute arbitration option in the contract THEY AGREED TO, I have to say, I'm all for taking the domain away from them as they've proven that it's already in the wrong hands.

I still prefer Ron to Rand, but I haven't entirely given up hope on the prodigal son :-)

Happy Valentine's day!!!

Come on

It's not like ronpaul.com had anything to do with Google to send them traffic.

I wrote you a long post about it on your thread.

If you don't agree with what I post, give me a down vote. I'd rather a friend who had the compassion to tell me I had spinach on my teeth than to let me face a crowd with spinach on my teeth.




It made me feel bad though. :-(

You are for "taking the domain away"...?

This issue is one of those where our opinion matters not one whit. I am in favor of free markets, up to and including "finders keepers." Ron Paul left that domain up for grabs, due to his own lack of comprehension about how important the internet was. He's a pretty smart cookie, but he is just NOW starting to think he might want his name...? Someone beat him to it, fair and square. He could be thanking his lucky stars that the people were supportive of him and his message, they could have made it a smear site. But then.... my opinion does not matter one whit...
And neither do the down votes. When that thread went up asking what your score was, I played with mine a little. I had never noticed it, was curious how it worked. After a couple days, I decided I had no idea how it works, so stopped watching it again. It would go up and down with no apparent relation to my upvotes and downvotes on comments or threads, and often would make a huge swing when I was not even online all day.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


Our opinions have no influence on how the arbitration settlement goes. Nor are most of us very well informed on rules pertaining to domains. But the comments option is there for us to voice our opinions, well informed or not, influential or not. I agree, upvotes and downvotes are not that important. I guess I just wanted Granger to know that I wasn't down-voting her.

I respect your and Granger's opinions on this, fishy. I just happen to disagree based on what I've already posted. It is a fact that the domain owners agreed to the terms in the contract when they obtained that domain. Therefore, dissing RP as "unlibertarian" or as some kind of monster for utilizing the arbitration option for domain disputes in order to try and obtain a domain that is his name is just wrong (imo).

Ideally, I'd have liked to see RP and RP.com reach a settlement privately, but their ideas of reasonable price were obviously very different. That's what contract law and arbitration is all about, helping resolve disputes between parties who can't do so on their own. RP might end up with nothing but legal costs. Maybe he'll be awarded the domain at a price deemed reasonable. Whatever the outcome, we'll have to accept it I guess. I'm assuming ICANN knows established domain rules better than we do, so I don't have a problem with that.

the ghost writer was not Lew.

you should not write that sh!t.


There is no proof WHO the ghost writer was or is, and since RP isn't speaking except to deny that he wrote it.. it could have been Lew.

But to tell me I should not write what I read, makes no sense.

And what really gets me is the profanity in your post, as that is what should not be written.

They've showed their true

They've showed their true colors with the "anarchopacifist" line. That's straight from the opposition. Next they'll start using words like anti-semitic kook.


I'm not seeing many true colors anywhere. I'm seeing a lot of drama and few actual answers. If you have a link to the actual documents could you post them?

This is the Claim, posted on

This is the Claim, posted on DailyPaul.

The documents were posted on RonPaul.com

But they took down everything regarding this issue earlier today. Hopefully, someone took some screen shots.

I remember skimming them

but I did not study them,, and now I wish I had time, though part of me still feels this is all some kind of, "made for ron paul supporters drama".

LOL @ ronpaul.com

This guy is such a bottom-feeder. I can't imagine why anyone is siding with him. Also, no one has yet to address the fact that his business is registered in Panama City.



They took it down lol

It looks like they have taken down ALL of the stories to do with "Ron Paul vs RonPaul.com".

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The home page looks different, like they might be dismantling the site or something.

Lew Rockwell would do a way

Lew Rockwell would do a way better job.

I might actually visit the site if he were in charge of its content.

Who cares, not our

Who cares, not our jurisdiction, we aren't a collective.

Southern Agrarian