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Lincoln the Movie VS Lincoln By DiLorenzo Guess What? The Movie is Now In A School Near You!

Before some of you go jumping on the "racist" wagon please know that this isn't about race in any way shape or form, That said, The good old propaganda machine is working overtime to try to instill great love for Lincoln in the public schools again (Or what I refer to as "The Government Run Indoctrination Centers") I haven't seen anyone here talking about it but I think we should all be aware that tptb are trying to hold on to the "big government is good" brainwashing scheme that they are beating into the kids on a daily basis. If Spielberg says it's true then it must be so right? That's what they want the kids to think! Anyway please take time to read the articles on the links below and think about how to counter this activity in our school system. It makes me sick that we are taxed by the schools whether we have kids or not and have no choice in what these government employees are teaching the kids in order to keep their government bribes, oops I mean funding. BTW, if you haven't read "The REAL Lincoln" then please do! It is enlightening to say the least!



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