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New Video. Front row seat to Dorner Shootout. From 1st responders.

WOW. This is as close to the action as your going to get. 20 yards from cabin in police passenger seat. Intense video Up close and personal.


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safe to say

that they were not trying to negotiate for the mans surrender after watching that clip.


He had killed 1 already and was shooting out the window.........
Its safe to say the criminal had no interest in negotiating.....

was dorner shooting back?

it's hard to tell if he was shooting back or if all the shooting was from the cops...

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I find it very hard to believe

those cops were being shot at. I mean how cartoonish of the guy half hiding behind the tree. Then the other guy down below near the other cabin is standing out in the open.

The don't look like people being shot AT.

What part of Big Bear....

was this. Anyone know?

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Seven Oaks

Near Barton Flats.

50 cal

Was his 50 cal full auto, sounds like it. Think that the smoke you see in the video is from smoke canisters.

I watched this live

For most of the day yesterday. The reporter was following the Cops and got stuck behind the firefight. Everyone kept saying "You are only hearing police weapons because all of Dorners weapons had Silencers" Said at first they couldn't figure out where Dorners shots were coming from because Police couldn't hear them.

@0:05 seconds in on bottom right...

So the cops did start the fire huh?!

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From The Comments On Live Leak

I have to think that most people that post comments there are also really into America's Got Talent.


I have a question:

Ok, so when the owners of the cabin that was torched go to file their insurance claim, and the insurance company finds through their investigation that it was not a faulty wire or some other accident that caused the fire, but was rather an intentional fire set by the cops. Will the LAPD have to file charges against themselves for Arson?

Just curious.

The insurance company will pay the claim, with no subrogation

IMO the insurance company will pay for the fire with no recourse back to the LAPD. There could be subrogation back to Dorners estate if there is any money available in it. The government has an immunity in these cases, just like the fire department has. Sometimes the fire department does more damage than the fire. So it won't be the tax payers paying the claim, but the policyholders. If it's a replacement cost policy they will pay the full amount to rebuild the cabin, if its an ACV policy they will pay the dwelling limit, as it's clearly totaled. They did mention on the news that the cabin was a rental, so I would assume the policy is a dwelling form and not a homeowners policy. Same conditions apply in this case.

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A judge may have to decide.

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The homeowners' policy...

will pay for the replacement of the cabin. Most standard policies have a clause about "civil disturbance" within them. The insurance company will then seek subrogation against the law enforcement agencies involved and get its money back. So essentially, the taxpayers will buy a new cabin.

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I know.

But it wasn't a civil disturbance. It was arson. Not to mention, the arson was committed with the intent to kill the person in the cabin...and that is murder.

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"Why didn't they just declare it a gun-free zone? Then they could have just walked in and given him a hug & some therapy"

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or thrown him a pair of DHS Scissors