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More military drills in Houston...Army spokesman says "move along, nothing to see"


Second time in a months span the military has conducted drills of this type. From the article:

"We pose no threat to the public," Jackson said. "Let me be clear that this isn't urban assault training. We are a small group of folks, doing some activities."

When a government official has to clarify that no one is in danger, that usually means everyone is in danger!

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Yes, the building is on fire

please walk in a slow and orderly fashion towards the exit at the rear of the war theater.

just folks

doin' stuff


Great, I had enough of catching second-hand conversations about SOTU address that I almost tossed up my Bento Box in the breakroom, and now I have to come home to this!?

And the area that is being used for the egregarious displays of stupidity is home to what was once termed, "the most highly toxic place on the face of the earth."

Guess I'll be ok in my "Toxic City Cruiser!"

I have this feeling this is

I have this feeling this is going be happening ALOT more all over, look at this blog post about it...

A Warning I have received this week from two different Former Government Officials (One top rank Military - One Intelligence Officer)


"Great Men Do Not Seek Power, They Have Great Power Thrust Upon Them"