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How can we help others understand the benefits of liberty?

I truly appreciate anyone who takes the time to read all of what I have to say.

What I am writing now started as a letter to my family, that's why it's so personal. I don't know how much more I can tolerate, so I want to get as many of my thoughts down as possible. I want to communicate what I know, some certainties about life. The general condition of humanity is one of suffering and there is more suffering to come at the will of violent force, at the choice of aggressors. I implore my family, and anyone else who will listen, to be a tool in the solution.

I've had some struggles in figuring out my life but I think that I won't be satisfied unless I'm fighting for freedom. I've certainly done this to some extent so far ever since Ron Paul introduced and, subsequently, explained the idea to me beginning in that presidential debate in 2007 when Paul scorched Rudy Giuliani over the origin of terrorism. I was scorched too by Ron Paul's words. I've devoted a lot of my time (I was a delegate to state conventions during both of his campaigns) and I've spent a great deal of my money to support freedom since then, but not enough. Paul changed my philosophy and he changed my life for the better, or worse, I guess, if you consider my current condition. I now see all things through the prism of what it means to be free.

Don't you understand all of the restrictions around you? I'm asking you here to question life's restrictions, however they are imposed. This is not to say that we should not restrict ourselves. I'm questioning, in fact I am deploring and defaming, I'm excoriating the restrictions which one places upon another whenever that restriction is not the result of a mutual, voluntary and peaceful agreement between the parties involved.

I don't think I'm the best communicator of these ideas, nor do I know the best method for convincing people of what is right. I think that this is part of my frustration in life. How can my fellow beings not see the certainty behind the positive effects of human liberty? How can a restriction keep one free when the restriction itself is an implement of offensive force, when the restriction is an exact violation of freedom? Tell me which peaceful person you would like to have restricted for the benefit of your own pleasure and I will ask you why you want to see peace defeated.

A tax is a restriction upon the use of one's own productivity. The products of taxes are monuments to violence. Please take care to understand what it means to be free and knock it out of your deceived mind that what is brought upon by taxes, that those things which people desire and value which are associated with taxes, ask yourself why these things could not still find a place in our world in the absence of forceful confiscation.

Just because something exists as the result of a purchase made with funds that were gathered through tax, there is no logical reasoning to follow which says that these purchases could not be made through voluntary interaction instead. Look at the healthcare system, transportation, retirement, care for the poor, and the military. All of these things, which are in sad shape, have at their disposal the taxpayer. Could we not do better if we work together with voluntarism at our core? Violent force has ruined these things which are so vital to us. We can have these things, in better form, with peace. Stop believing the lie that we must unite under violence. Stop believing that there is not a gentle way.

Am I being too hard on taxes? If you think so, you have not thought it through. What about the person who wishes to pay no taxes, the person who wishes not to contribute to the elements of war and death, to a failed war on drugs, to poorly managed and inefficient systems of transportation and healthcare, to this plague of violent immorality? This person who desires to withhold any part of his productivity from the monsters of destruction, if he wishes instead to keep the whole fruit of his labor so that he can dispense it as he sees fit for the betterment of himself and those people and things which he cares about, if he follows his heart, then he will be imprisoned; or, in the case that he makes an attempt at self defense, then death at the hands of those with more physical power, murder by those who enforce the taxes, will certainly soon follow.

So, please, think about what and who you support; think about where morality lies and, then, once you understand that forceful preemptive aggression is bad no matter if the purveyors yield a uniform and badge, and no matter if they cling on to the deceptive courage siphoned from the delusion of an ugly and unidentifiable "state", then you can be a part of peace and prosperity. You can help end suffering--you must first, though, transform your ideas.

I don't have credibility, but these ideas of freedom, which are certainly not my own, are the most credible and loving ideas ever realized by humanity. I'm a poor, delinquent, and belligerent messenger, but I'm begging you, please just understand the righteousness of the message.

I think maybe I realized why I'm doing this, writing all of this dramatic and personal jibber jabber. There is so much pain in the world, so much despair, and I want the desperate, those who live in a confused intoxicated suffering, to realize the origin of their pain. By intoxicated, I don't mean drunk, like I have been so often before; I mean that people have been intoxicated by lies and mythologies, by the terror of those who manipulate ideas and organize barbaric races towards the most violent power. People are under a condition in which these forces, the forces brought upon by individual members of the mass media, individuals who participate in "government", and by individuals in countless other areas of life, these confiscators have laid a path of decay in front of those who suffer.

Wake up my friends! Wake up to your capabilities. I mean that you don't need to be told what to do by a higher power. You are the power and those who would like to strangle your power, your effort, have put you into a state of despair which is hard to comprehend. But if you look, then it is vivid and apparent. Won't you please recognize what it is to be free and fight for it? Unless you join me, I might drown in the sea of your ignorance.

But what have I done? I'm just sitting here in my dump of a studio apartment in my lawn chair, the only chair I have. I'm just drumming up anger and drama because it makes me feel good to tell others what is wrong with their world while I do nothing to fix my own. This is becoming quite a large fight within myself. Do I tell people what I think and risk the scorn which I undoubtedly deserve, or do I stay wrapped up in my own mind while I continue to drive myself mad? Well, if you are reading this, I decided to say 'screw it', and let it out. Fuc* you if you don't care! I don't mean that. Really, though, I'm saying what I am because it's the best way I know how to love, as sad as that may seem.

To those who suffer, to those who live in poverty, and to those who think they live well, everyone must come to terms with the fact that our existence together, as it is, falls far short of what it could be. Those who have none, or who have not enough, must realize that, as you suffer, you are without something grand. It is something you have, but around it the curtains have been drawn. It's a beautiful show, the one you're missing, this show which has been hidden from you. In order to witness this disguised elegance, which is the most nurturing thing in the world, you must not take from anyone, nor may you ask others to do the taking for you. This is a thing you already have. It is your freedom!

If only we all may recognize that we need not be given a single thing from anyone else, we only must retrieve from within what we already have, what is given to us by the nature of our shared ability to deduce and induce basic logic, then we will find bliss and harmony and happiness together. If we stop trampling over one another we can work together in an indescribably elegant maneuver. The maneuver is not one maneuver only, but an infinite number of maneuvers, which are the infinite actions we make in accordance with one another. The sum of of these actions creates our human world, and to think that this incredible volley of dealings, of interactions and transactions, of love and care, to think that this most intricate dance could be bettered by humans with plans to transform this grand beauty by means of violent force upon our noble freedom--to think such a thing, that liberty should be stifled for the sake of designs made by a select and "intelligent" few amongst us--such a thought is the height of hate; it is the most pious indignity upon the beauty and progress of humanity. Be free and be good.

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Dear OP, I want to help.

Dear OP,

I want to help.

First, listen to this for yourself, from G. Edward Griffin, in this post:


Shortcut - it's also on Youtube, here:


Then try rephrase it to your folks, in your own words AND from your own life experiences (and theirs).

It is CRITICALLY important to understand THE HARM DONE BY GRANTING OVER-REACHING POWERS to the ARBITRARY ABSTRACTIONS OF GROUPS - in a collectivist agenda - and AGAINST the individuals, AGAINST the persons - ultimately, AGAINST THE PEOPLE and what would have otherwise remained A RIGHTEOUS LAW OF THE LAND.

'Hope this helps,

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Watched the video. It was

Watched the video. It was very good, thank you for sharing.

I start by asking them if they have an *issue*

Do YOU have an issue?

And then I tell them I truly want to help them with their issue and (try to) lead them to the root...

Competitive veiwpoint: if you please.

"Am I being too hard on taxes? If you think so, you have not thought it through."

You fail to see how false words enslave the dupes.

That makes you a dupe.

The word Tax is used instead of the more accurate term Extortion Fee.

If the victims (dupes) start using the term Extortion Fee instead of the word Tax then it becomes possible for the victims to unite voluntarily in defense of their POWER to avoid paying Extortion Fees, as well as avoiding the too often resort a Dupe will choose to demand an Extortion Fee from someone else.

If you can't see how my viewpoint is competitive, then I can try harder to show you why my viewpoint is competitive when my viewpoint is compared to your expressed viewpoint quoted and now quoted again.

"Am I being too hard on taxes? If you think so, you have not thought it through."

The criminals have taken over government and now "taxes" are involuntary instead of a voluntary investment in Liberty, so why use false words, are you helping the criminals cover up their crimes?


Well, jeez, my bad.

Well, jeez, my bad.


"How can we help others understand the benefits of liberty?"



The ancient maxim makes the sum of a man’s legal duty to his fellow men to be simply this: “To live honestly, to hurt no one, to give to every one his due.”

This entire maxim is really expressed in the single words, to live honestly; since to live honestly is to hurt no one, and give to every one his due.

So my due, due to me, for the response offered, is exactly what it is in fact.


Thank you for the link.

Thank you for the link. Lysander Spooner is an inspiration of mine, a true master of words. I will definitely read that when I have a chance.

I approach it by just asking

I approach it by just asking the question... Are we really free anymore?

Want to build a fence on your property? You have to apply for a permit... (sometimes have to conform to HOA guidelines...)
Want to get married? Have to get a license from the gub'nint
Taxes? What isn't taxed?
Be a citizen of the US? Prove you have health insurance...
Air travel? Let us feel your junk...
Property rights? No so if for the good of "society"...
Be a male (for now) in the US? Register for SS
Deliquent on stu loans? Might find guys with guns at your front door...

We're not all that free anymore... people have to decide where they will draw the line.

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Understand the complexities

Understand the complexities and benefits of Liberty and convert them to understandable terms for the brainwashed masses glued to their TVs.

Just finished reading, good post. I understand your frustration. I have friends who are drawn more to the glow of flashing lights than to the hard facts of Austrian economics and individual liberty. It is a slow process to win them over.

Southern Agrarian