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Lost interest in dailypaul more and more since the Elections. Too extreme. Anyone agree ?

Since the elections it seems the topics are all so focused on things like the Newton shootings being a gov operation extreme ideas .. Maybe it is because there is no more focus on Ron Paul so the topics have drifted..

Anyone else like me and not extreme and would rather concentrate common sense libertarian ideas? The Alex Jones stuff is fun and I agree with some things he says but its not what I want to be associated with..

I liek Rand Paul some but he has to appease the right wing people to the point where theres not that much to get excited about with him.. well.. atleast he is not as exicted to goto war as the others.. thats better than most..

I listen to the Joe Rogan podcast and Adam Carola podcast and they seem to talk aobut alot of common sense things that I agree with and wish there was someone like them I could get behind and vote for..

Im not religious.. I just want people to be responsible for themselves and gov to leave me alone and leave other countries alone ... if you must spend more money for tanks.. id rather it spent towards helping our own people ..

anyone with me? Tired of the extreme stuff and just want someone to talk common sense?? or just go ahead and rage on me now if you like..

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I lurked during the election/campaign season

I enjoy it better now, but to each their own.

I don't think of it as extreme though. Some days there is nothing I am interested in talking about... yesterday and today have seemed a little dry to me, other days it pours.

Extreme is relative.

I moved on from Ron to Rand

and now I'm really excited there's a randwatch.. and I strted my fast, and getting a kick out of the ronpaul.com threads.. I'm having fun. Hope you have some too!

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I know I'm only self-promoting a post but what do you think of

I know I'm only self-promoting a post but what do you think of this:


I'd be glad you join the effort.

Actually, I'd be glad ANYBODY join, for what it is about.


I forgot to answer your concern, specifically: I disagree. I don't see anything (as posts) "too extreme" on the DP these days.

However, this WORLD is too extreme, yes. Granted.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I'm with you... I've been weaning myself.

Then tonight, I came back and read Robin's thoughtful post:

By all means - take a break for your own sanity, but be sure to come back every so often. Let that determine how long your next break is.


I agree

I find fewer and fewer posts on here worth reading. I used to check in multiple time a day and still couldn't read all the posts I wanted too but now I check in every couple days and I can hardly find any thing worth clicking on. I filter out the conspiracy stuff which doesn't leave much. I'll continue coming here but DP has changed and not for the better in my opinion.

I will give you my two cents...

What do you want to be associated with? For me, and I can only answer this for myself, it is the truth. Seems plain and simple, and most of you will agree, but what is the truth? Reality can stare one in the face time and time again, but why don't we see? The answer is in knowledge and understanding. I think most here on this site crave knowledge, they do not run from it but like a good analytical thinker, delve into those topics that confuse or dismay their perceptions of reality.

To that I ask you this question: When did you wake up to reality and what is it that gave you that "Eureka!" moment? Do all things give you cause to search out the truth? Should we dismiss everything that makes us question reality and our own perceptions? I say no. Even if something is easily dismissed we should, as sentient, free humans, seek the truth to what end it provides regardless of it's source. Come to your own conclusions.

We are a tribal lot, us humans, and we are humanity. We band together with those who think like we do, yet as libertarian thinkers, we also believe in self reliance. There is a strong pull to stay with the group regardless of our desire to be free and this is the paradox that we must live if we are to be free. Acceptance.

Do not worry what associations you have, the only ones who really should care are those who wish to take away your liberty.


wait a year and a half, it

wait a year and a half, it will change. same thing occured after the 2008 election. And the stuff on here is not extreme.

And how many "extreme" ideas have gone mainstream in 18mos?


Free includes debt-free!

Isn't It Amazing

how you put so much effort into a post and get absolutely NO response? How come that is? Are there just too many more important issues out there? No, I think it has to do with human nature and what appeals to people. DP'ers like to think of themselves as superior and enlightened but we are no better than most are we? Lots of posts just drop off the face of DP and most people never even know about them. Sorry, your post is good. Not saying anyone has to agree or not but it's a good thread anyway.


Or maybe

People just didn't read it.