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Ron Paulers on Alex Jones

My brain has been tickling over this for awhile now. Please know that everything stated below are the opinion of myself and only placed out there to start a discussion.

Is Alex Jones claiming to be a Libertarian? I've heard that he has been on every MSM station. He kind of popped out of no where recently and has a very neo-con attitude towards the state that we are in right now. Is he funded by an outside party to direct the sheeple into thinking Libertarians are like minded as this loud tempered Libertarian?

When Obama was up for his first election versus McCain the MSM labeled the Tea Party as racists, which was all they really needed to claim to discredit the hard working Americans that could see the horizon and the socialist ideals of Obama before the sheeple could. There is a lot more liberty being talked about now more than ever. Almost as if the poles shifted and the Tea Partiers realized they were for Liberty!

What better of a way to slowly discredit our community then to have a loud mouthed covert neo-con claiming to share the same interests as someone like myself. I feel as though this man could be more dangerous than we think. Do I share the same opinion of some? Is this a topic that has been steaming for awhile and I've just not seen it?

If not can anyone shed some light on this man. I'd like to hear it from those who have been aware of him longer than I. I am against gun control, but I feel videos going viral on how people are gonna start shooting people isn't always the best route to take to tackle sheeples opinions and how to keep our 2nd amendment.

Lastly let me state that I do agree on many topics he discusses just not sure about the avenues in which they are presented. I can't tell you how many times Piers Morgon will ask a Jesse Ventura like minded person, "You really think the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT was behind 9/11? Have you gone mad?(chuckle, followed by the tube drones laughing). That being said is this a way for MSM to start calling everything he says as Conspiracy Theories and immediately turning peoples head back to the front position with McDonalds in hand? The Elite groups sometimes put out these nuts to let the people know who is really in control.

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