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Senator Rand Paul Makes A Profound Statement on Drones Killing Americans

Front page of Drudge...


Senator to 'Hold' Nominee for CIA Director

Senator Rand Paul is pledging to "hold" John Brennan's nomination for CIA director, a statement from his Senate office reports.

"I have asked Mr. Brennan if he believed that the President has the power to authorize lethal force, such as a drone strike, against a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil, and my question remains unanswered."

---------full article linked above.

Rand's question goes unanswered? I wonder why? Don't you?

Is there any other senator taking such a stand against the use of drones killing US citizens? No. Senator Paul is the only one...

Profound: penetrating or entering deeply into subjects of thought or knowledge; having deep insight or understanding.

There are a handful of House representatives speaking out against the use of drones, but it seems as if Rand Paul is the only one in the Senate with any guts.

Rand asked a simple, but very important question John. Please answer it.

As if we already don't know the real answer....

Senator Paul is the only one raising his hand, asking the Big question about drones...the old media isn't saying a word about it, and the American people are more concerned with tweeting.

Tweet this: Rand Paul is firmly against drones using lethal force against Americans on US soil, and he's backing his words up with action against John Brennan.

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A Little Revision To The Tweet...

... Twitter limits a tweet to a maximum of 140 digits and that is a little over. This fits under the limit:

#RandPaul is firmly against drones using lethal force against Americans in the US,he's backing his words up with action against #JohnBrennon

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



a "Lone Nut Job" may now have been launched for Rand Paul

If I was Senator Rand Paul, I would go on super high alert for a "hit", an assassination. I would keep 3 to 5 people deep around me at all times, watch my food, and most of all keep clear of all unsecured surroundings.

Ronald Reagan was hit.
JFK was hit
RFK was hit
MLK was hit
Latin American Presidents where hit.
Europeans were hit.
And many many more were hit.

The American dictatorship has been run for over 75 years with as a SEVEN SEAT Oligarchical dictatorship. These 7 seats of power dictate and rule over all fundamental policies in the USA. From there, the House and Senate rubber stamp it by doing nothing about it.

The 7 seat dictatorial lock always makes sure that "their guy" is on each seat. When one of theirs is not in the seat, the other 6 take him out. While school-boy notions of "the 3 equal powers of government" may charm the romantic and seem so quaint, the reality is that those souls sitting in the House & Senate can be marginalized and vaporized in a New York second by the 7 oligarchs of power.

Here are the 7 seats of the American Dictatorship.

1. The President of the USA
2. The Secretary of Defense
3. The Secretary of State
4. The Atty General
5. The Head of the FBI
6. The Head of the CIA
7. The Head of the World Bank

The policies and views of these 7 must be in accord. They all must alignment. To "real change in Washington" really means to change these 7 positions. They all must agree, it's 'all for one'. Hence its a lock, hence its an Oligarchy of Power. When they all don't agree on policy, the others see to it to take get rid of them and take them out, one way or the other, think Richard Nixon being set up by Watergate Break-in.

Now you might think and ask, but the President appoints and elects his choices for Secretary of Defense, the head of the CIA, the head of the FBI, head of the World Bank and of course his Attorney General. He therefore is the number 1 power. Not so, see number 7.

By now your real-politic senses should tell you that getting to the Presidency means you must pass through those six's prior approval during your campaign, or you are marginalized, eliminated, and you certainly will not be getting to the Presidency. And if you somehow do get it, think JFK whose multi-billionare dad bought every sheriff off in Virginia primaries using the mob to deliver $25,000 dollars in cash to the sheriffs who held the voting boxes "under lock and key" the night before vote counting began and who bought up JFK's ghost written books by the truck load to make it a "New York times best seller' and who had Hollywood photographers and movie star promoters on the payroll to sell his son to the public. Yes, in that case you get in and you squeak by your attorney general choice whose your brother, but you can't let go the head of the FBI, he's wire tapped your ass and knows much to much. You can't get rid of the Head of the CIA, or you can try but look where that got you. The point is, all 7 must come into alignment, or like JFK & RFK, they take you out. Even if you, the President fires the Head of the CIA, think Allen Dulles, they do not loose all power: see who sat on the Warren Commission.

Lets say you think that is all "history". Well many of us supported Ron Paul for President. But what some of us may not have realized is how impossible that would truly be. Even IF the General Public suddenly wore "crazy for liberty" T-Shirts and then went out and overwhelmingly voted for Ron Paul and he actually won, here is what he would face.

He would face 6 existing powerful men sitting on top of huge organizations who are all about maintaining and growing the existing power structure.

One might naively think that a President Ron Paul could simply appoint and elect his secretary of Defense, The Attorney General,
Head of the FBI, Head of the CIA, Head of the World Bank. The reality is ITS NOT THAT EASY, indeed, I am telling it is so NOT EASY and that is WHY it is truly an 7 member dictatorial Oligarchy of Power.

Now among the six seats on this 7 member Oligarchy of power, its been custom to grant the President his choice of Atty General without much fuss because its seen as his ticket not to get Impeached Trump Card, and if the President gets impeached, this can put the other 6 positions on the table.

*** Thus the tight hold and lock of the other 6 upon all those who seek the Presidency. You want the Presidency? They ask themselves, "do we want you?".

*** This means the election is one thing, but getting through the election and by us, is quite another. We 6 control this country. We 6 have influence over what get said, what doesn't, and how it gets said. We have 'insider information' on you. Just ask former New York State atty general Eliot Sptitzer about screaming for bank audits and somehow all his credit card hooker records miraculously land on the FBI's desk.

If you have been following closely the Obama and Hillary campaign "close race", you might not be surprised at all that Obama gave Hillary Secretary of Defense position. It went down smoothly, for she proved herself a true-blue warhawk on the Campaign trail. Now comes the Chuck Hagel nomination, and all hell breaks loose. He's not Ron Paul in the least, he is just not a true-blue neocon.

If you were awake during the GWBush years and saw who he signaled for each of the 6 seats of power DURING his 2000 campaign. If you paid attention to Al Gore during his campaign, you saw who he signaled for those 6 seats of power during his campaign.

Now how smart is that young man Barack Obama? I think he is very smart and I think he knew this going all the way back to the Reagan Years. It was the Reagan years, particularly his second term, when the young Barack Obama saw this. He may have even been trained or taught it straight out by his CIA handlers.

Much is made of the fact that Obama has leftist friends. Well what few truly understand about the radical left is this. They see the 7 member oligarchial power structure JUST AS MUCH as the libertarians do. Both the rank and file leftists and rank and file libertarians have put together the same finding -- Its a Corp-Govt Conglomerate take over of America. The intellectuals inside the libertarian movement and the radical leftist movement both see clearly --- gone is the school-boy romantic myths of "3 equal branches of power". We see clearly the 7 member Dictatorial Oligarchy.

Now I have been following Chuck Hagel closely. The best I can tell is that he does NOT see it. He does not UNDERSTAND IT. And most of all, he does not understand why a democrat president would want him, a Republican as his Secretary of Defense. Maybe Hegal does understand it, he's been there long enough, but just never lets on.

For Obama, its a step, a tiny step, in the left direction. The end goal for Barack Obama and his true leftist nature, would be to have all 7 positions filled with radicals for Equality like himself. And in just the same way, the end goal for a President Ron Paul would be to get all 7 positions filled with radicals for liberty.

So so so. So the WTF. What are you and I and regular liberty lovers to do? Not much. Get the popcorn out and watch.

But here is ONE REALLY BIG thing we can ALWAYS do.

Sell Equality. That is right, Sell Equality. Sound strange? You're not a leftist, that is right. So SELL EQUALITY, and sell it "through maximizing liberty"...... that is, let the very natural human wish for general Equality be the 'flavor' and 'sizzle', then serve up a meaty juicy dinner plate of Liberty.

That's right people, you want Equality? Well you must freely walk thru the door of Liberty to get it. Walking straight thru Equality's door only gets us Tyranny on the other side.

Now and then, you will run into the lefty brainwashed who will say we should just go straight for what we want, general equality, and use force to get it. But you can then pull out your libertarian wisdom and explain to him (who loves history and historical examples) that general equality never came at the point of a gun, and if it did, it ended poorly. You can explain to him and others that that by seeking to maximize "liberty for all", again and again as history proves we get "equality for all". "After all" you could add, "Isn't equality peacefully arrived at better? than equality forced down our throats?"
....."Yes? so lets try to maximize human liberty as much we can and then sit back and watch how wonderfully fair it all turns out. So stop calling for the govt gun and join me in the call for more human liberty & freedom".

Once you are on the path to maximize human liberty, guess what, 7 institutions Oligarchical Power are in the way. And like millions of liberty termites who turn into a tidal wave, those institutional power structures will begin to fall. Its either that future, or a future where the leftists gain hold of those 7 positions, and its game over, lights out, the light of liberty is dead.


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

Rush Limbaugh just

said Rubio's name 37+ times in the first 20 minutes of his propaganda... I mean show today. Looks like the Statist NeoConservatives are getting out in front of the Rand Paul presidential campaign ! Know thy enemy !!

Ron Swanson

Rand Paul and Chuck Hagel confirmation

I have an open mind about Sen. Rand Paul. Does anyone know about his position regarding the Chuck Hagel confirmation re the Sec. of Defense?

Hmm he could use some love in

Hmm he could use some love in the comments section

Link has been "droned"

Link has been "droned"

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it's working now


"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Glad Sen Paul asked the question.

The first drone strike in the USA will shred to bits any eventual answer a prospective director may give. I can not see a DoD hand behind such an event. Need to take weaponry out from the CIA charter and leave it to the DoD to defend against INVADING enemies, and the local sheriffs against citizen lawbreakers. Also melt any president's private army, back into the defensive military, where it came from.


Our military service was and is, by definition, a socialistic governmental institution necessarily paid for by enforced taxation.

WS scrubbed the article

weakly standard: "The requested page could not be found."

WS cannot let any REAL information stay around too long I guess.

Rand Paul is standing up

Where he should be, against excessive executive power.

While Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz, John McCain and the other Neo-Cons are after Chuck Hagel for his anti-war, defense budget cutting stances.

I think Rand is doin a great job.

A lot of non neo-con media are noticing him, and running stories almost daily.

Neo-Cons love the drone policy. Rand ain't no neo-con.

If we have learned anything

from Ron Paul, It will not be a politician who saves you, It will be you and your neighbors helping each other. Stop putting so much into one person and put more energy into your community.

If the drone policy sticks

People will have to stay away from their neighbors in case of drone strikes on the kill list.

We mind as well stop playing the neo-con hope game too...

Based on "things" like this...taking a moral stand on fundamental issues...the Karl Rove crowd WILL NOT, I repeat WILL NOT allow Rand Paul anywhere near the White House in 2016...no matter how many times the Hannity-types give him airtime, no matter how many establishment GOP loyalists and right-wing talk radio junkies profess to like him!!!

A Rand Paul in the White House would most certainly run his campaign on all the angst and frustration the Republican leadership has heaped upon the constituents they LIED to; but....the PTB know, Rand Paul would strike from the books, every last obnoxious Executive Order that hints.of Marxism, Statism, Fascism, Communism, and dictatorial powers immediately, if not sooner, once he would be sworn in...

Rand would...do the RIGHT thing...and he would be risking his life.doing so!!!

This game the neo-cons are playing, to boost their sinking ratings since they have such a CREDIBILITY problem; we must get ahead of it now!

As Dennis Miller would say; they ALL "like the cut of his jib"....but....we KNOW better! Everytime Rand takes a strong leadership position like this, or, on the TSA, Patriot Act, 2nd Amendment, NDAA etc....and the right-wing, pro-Israel unto America's destruction ignores it...it is OUR JOB to make it news, and, OWN that position in OUR movement, with Oathkeepers and all of our allies(Gun Owners of America, Ben Swann) etc.

Got it gang? I want to reveal the right-wing media players for what they are...scum sucking vermin, who don't give a damn about our current financial state of affairs, or our posterity!!!

Let's do this!!!

If the GOP wants to win in

If the GOP wants to win in 2016, they will have to make a deal with, "the devil," in disguise.


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Good job Rand!

Don't let up!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Copy & Tweet!!!


You should see my BIG SMILE

Ahhhh ha ha ha ha I LOVE it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkQuwT4fHfw

i applaud this action

by the senator. as ron paul pointed out: this is the gun that needs control.

Ah! The, "Love Bump," by the

Ah! The, "Love Bump," by the Lone Ranger....makes me dance in the kitchen. Thanks bro! I think this song would make every Daily Paul member smile.

Love Bump, not Love Drone....

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


Rand nneds to keep this up. At times, he does not seem aggressive enough on issues such as this.