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The War Against American Christians – Part I

Posted by Charleston Voice

12. Feb, 2013

The War Against American Christians

Part I: Short History
By Dr. Elias Akleh

The American Christians have been for a long time the target of a covert religious war whose battle fields include their homes, their public schools, their churches, and their Sunday schools.

They are subjected to massive well-planned scientifically-based brainwashing programs, whose goals are to distort and to weaken their Christian beliefs, and to divide them into smaller differentiated groups that can be easily manipulated, controlled and enslaved to blindly and loyally serve genocidal colonial agendas of Zionism and Israel under the fallacy of serving God’s chosen people.

Groups such as Christian Zionists and Christians United for Israel are victims of such war. Such groups are the American Christian lost flocks.
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Not exactly well reasoned sounding

But I'll accept it until there's counter-evidence.

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