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Did Ron Paul Just Destroy His Own Legacy and Legitimacy?

One giant slip for mankind...

Ron Paul Files International Copyright Complaint Against His Own Fans

(This isn't going over very well all over the political map...)


"Ron Paul has filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization against the proprietors of RonPaul.com and RonPaul.org, according to a blog post on their site on Friday."


"Even more shocking to the proprietors is that Paul's complaint was lodged with a U.N. agency, an organization that garners mistrust among libertarians...."

---------full article linked above.

Mistrust is not the word! True conservatives find the UN to be reprehensible. Hardcore republicans HATE the United Nations...strong word, but true...and justified.

Good Lord, why did you do that Ron!!! You're a doctor and a politician, so why on earth would you treat a small headache with LSD?

This goes against over 40 years of Ron Paul's grain.

He admitted it was a mistake not to own the site in the first place. The free market demands a fair price, but Ron Paul does not want to pay it even though he is wealthy beyond most of us here put together. He'd rather seek a solution to a relatively small personal problem from an agency of the United Nations of all things?

For real? As if his houses aren't already paid for. Give me a break, Ron Paul. (Never thought I'd say that!)

Did Ron Paul do this because no court or lawyer in the United States would hear or take his case?

Did Ron Paul exhaust ALL American judicial avenues first, before seeking a UN fix to his own personal issues?

I'm totally lost in Ron Paul's, "World Intellectual Property Organization," political sauce.

I feel like a young, rational man who has just been told that Santa's UN Clause is real.

Ron Paul's actions pertaining to the issue of his own domain website seems super hypocritical, and contradicting at best.

The, "free market," solution to the good Doctor's problem would be to make his own website....www.ronepaul.com

Simple solution Ron, with no UN strings attached.

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An observation, tends to be

An observation, tends to be accurate. Happy trolling, n00b.

Ventura 2012


...your time spent on this particular forum make you feel more 'special' or more 'wise' than other people, really?

Do you feel empowered by your tenure, really?

In the dim recesses of your mind, does the time spent on this forum bestow upon you some higher-level of intelligence and the ability to assess with uncanny accuracy?

Nah, obviously not.

Keep living in your dream-world sonny. That said, it is likely close to your bedtime, so you better toddle off and check with Mommy and see if your graham-cracker and pudding snackie is ready, k?



Ventura 2012



shocked to see a 5 year vet

shocked to see a 5 year vet willing to throw away Ron Paul's career over some legal dispute. People are supposed to protect their leader's legacy from attack, too much to hope for I guess.

Ventura 2012

Ron Paul is NOT my

Ron Paul is NOT my leader...NOBODY is my leader, except God and my father. Besides those two leaders in my life, I am my own leader. This isn't about me, it's about Ron Paul's recent decision making.

A 5 year vet? Who the hell cares about me! 5 years, big whoop. Ron Paul is a 40+ year Freedom combat veteran, and he's throwing it all away by trying to settle a petty legal dispute outside of the document (and country) he so cherishes and loves.

WHY NOT get, "creative," to use the word loosely and start your own website, www.ronepaul.com? As if word of mouth on the internet wouldn't travel far and wide in order to satisfy Ron Paul's true recognition.

www.ronepaul.com - it's for sale, Ron! I'd act as earnestly as possible.

Somebody needs to hook Ron Paul up with GoDaddy.com right quick.

Ron Paul...you're a freaking rock star. Protect your brand! If somebody is smart enough to create a domain name in your name, you should do your best to one up them instead of going to the ultimate Big Brother solution.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

you dont have to tell

we care about your father way less

and why mention him? are you some 25 yr old with no income?

Good for you, but you

Good for you, but you probably haven't studied political movements like our own revolution(Washington, Jefferson, Adams), the Indian revolution (Ghandi), the end of Apartheid South Africa (Nelson Mandela), the Civil Rights movement (MLK Jr), the Russian Revolution(Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky), Nazism(Hitler), Bolivian Revolution(Simon Bolivar) or the French Revolution(Robespierre, Danton) to understand the critical importance that the idealized leader plays in rallying and motivating people. And Ron Paul is a greater man than perhaps all of them when it comes to moral courage. This is exactly why the media tried to hard to smear Ron Paul the MAN, even more than it attacked the ideas.

If the guy starts drinking babies' blood, fine, pull the plug on the "fervor" that drives our movement, but until then you need to get your head in the game.

I don't feel that comfortable posting this by the way because only the top intellectuals here will undestand it without getting all selfrighteous and indignant. Plus it gives strategy away.

Ventura 2012

5 year vet.....

Or John McCain....Manchurian poster.......