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How many wallets with ID cards in them did Dorner own?

Just like the suspected 9/11 terrorist’s explosion-proof passport that was found magically intact amid the ground zero rubble, the mainstream media is now reporting that suspected cop killer Christopher Dorner’s wallet and identification card were found beside charred remains in the burned out Big Bear cabin where police cornered him yesterday.
Citing the Associated Press, USA Today reports:
“A wallet with a California driver’s license bearing the name Christopher Dorner also was found, the Associated Press reported, citing a law enforcement official who was briefed on the investigation but declined to be named because of the ongoing probe.”


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San Bernadino Sheriff's Dept just positively Identified Dorner

remains. On CNN.

My question is "Why would he even be carrying HIS ID?"

Fake ID yes but carrying a real ID doesn't make sense. Think about it for a moment. You have absolutely no need for identification at that point. Why would he be carrying around anything that would identify him as Christopher Dorner when being identified is the last thing he wants?

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can UBL be identified in 24 hours but it could take "weeks" for Christopher Dorner?

This question has been in the back of my mind. If the military is giving the police departments all this new fancy equipment (like APC's and incendiary tear gas), then why wouldn't they at least loan them their snazzy DNA kits?
I mean if an entire community was at risk, and 50+ people had security details attached to them, then wouldn't it be important to identify this guy quickly?
Oh well...HEY LOOK, American Idol is on!!

Dr. Baden was on Greta last night and said they can get DNA

in a few hours to 2 days. He also said they should have had a forensic dentist at the scene and they could of made a positive ID in about 2 minutes.

PD friends

I have friends who are public defenders in a large city. One of the big problems that they face that cops lie all the time. But because of the sanctified status of police officers it is difficult to get juries to believe that it happens. This may be evidence of lying by local police that their theory that "yes Dorner was here" is correct.

(BTW one case was won for the defense, because a gun owner was on the Jury. He could spot the prosecutor's lie about fire arms purportedly used by the defendant.)


Just like that plane crash in

Just like that plane crash in Mexico a few weeks back with that pop singer. Plane disintegrated, but her driver's license was barely scorched at all.

Southern Agrarian

Reminded of the movie "Bruce Almighty"

In the movie, there's a scene where the main character uses his powers to alter reality to create a news story.

Here's the scene that I am reminded of (skipped ahead to the relevant part):

well it's obvious that Doners wallet

is Osama bin Laden reincarnated...he died 3 times as well.

Where can I get me one of those fire proof, flame retardant IDs?

Melt proof, flame proof drivers license survived the cabin fire that was too hot to go into for hours so they let the place burn to the ground, and miraculously, that kryptonite drivers license was laying next to the charred body. Do they only issue them in California? I want one.

bdoy armor

I want some friggin' body armor made of that stuff.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Forget the details and just follow the plot! lol

You guys are like those people watching movies who point out the mistakes in production. That kind of ruins a good movie, when someone reminds you it's just hollywood.

seriously tried this?

how stupid is this.

Ben Swann is also questioning this on his facebook.

His comment:

Did Chris Dorner have 2 wallets and 2 sets of identification?

Headlines across the country say that authorities found Christopher Dorner's wallet inside the burned out cabin in Big Bear.

"A wallet with a California driver's license bearing the name Christopher Dorner also was found, the Associated Press reported, citing a law enforcement official who was briefed on the investigation but declined to be named because of the ongoing probe."

Didn't police already say on Monday they had found his wallet filled with identification at the U.S. Mexico border (San Ysidro Port of Entry) when he attempted to steal a boat in San Diego?

Then he adds this video: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/02/12/fugitive-ex-cop-christo...

funny how this always happens


They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb