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A dire warning: What happens when there is no more money for welfare?

A dire warning: What happens when there is no more money for welfare?


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Awesome Video!

Thanks for posting this!



I intend to be ready to help put aquaponics systems in any and every school and church (or food bank, Community Center...) I can find that is willing. Got to get my own back up and running first.
I hear a lot of talk about "starving hoards." Well, if you can feed them enough rice and beans to be able to think again, you can teach them how to feed themselves from there on out pretty quickly.
I hear talk about "Oh, but there are violent thugs who will just come take your stuff" and here is the sad, honest truth: I am more afraid of the government coming and stealing my land than losing anything a thug might carry off it.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

One of two outcomes

Either there will be plenty of money and prices will be so high it won't buy anything or there will be plenty of money and nothing to buy. Either way the checks will keep coming until it all blows up.

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Let's not forget the people collecting unemployment checks.

It is surprising how many people I know that are collecting instead of looking for work.

Nothing because we got the message out!

Liberty brings prosperity and government does not help, It never has though it pretends to give lip service to it's lip service. But yak yak never helps everyone.

Free includes debt-free!

This is the true problem.

This is the true problem. The true source of political power is the ability to placate the dependent masses. As long as the money works to do that then the rules can rule more or less peacefully, but once the money begins to fail they will have to resort to violence more and more. The real solution to achieving liberty is found in feeding the poor.

Feed The Dependent Waistrils GMO

Allow the government to feed them 3 squares a day of this crap..