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Max Blumenthal:How Law Enforcement and Media Covered Up the Plan to Burn Christopher Dorner Alive

How Law Enforcement and Media Covered Up the Plan to Burn Christopher Dorner Alive


At approximately 7 PM ET, I listened through a police scanner as San Bernadino Sheriffs gave the order to burn down the cabin where suspected murderer Christopher Dorner was allegedly hiding. Deputies were maneuvering a remote controlled demolition vehicle to the base of the cabin, using it to tear down the walls of the cabin where Dorner was hiding, and peering inside.

In an initial dispatch, a deputy reported seeing “blood spatter” inside the cabins. Dorner, who had just engaged in a firefight with deputies that killed one officer and wounded another, may have been wounded in the exchange. There was no sign of his presence, let alone his resistance, according to police dispatches.
It was then that the deputies decided to burn the cabin down.
“We’re gonna go ahead with the plan with the burner,” one sheriff’s deputy told another. “Like we talked about.” Minutes later, another deputy’s voice crackled across the radio: “The burner’s deployed and we have a fire.”
Next, a sheriff reported a “single shot” heard from inside the house. This was before the fire had penetrated deeply into the cabin’s interior, and may have signaled Dorner’s suicide. At that point, an experienced ex-cop like him would have known he was finished.
Over the course of the next hour, I listened as the sheriffs carefully managed the fire, ensuring that it burned the cabin thoroughly. Dorner, a former member of the LAPD who had accused his ex-colleagues of abuse and racism in a lengthy, detailed manifesto, was inside. The cops seemed to have little interest in taking him alive.
“Burn that fucking house down!” shouted a deputy through a scanner transmission inadvertently broadcast on the Los Angeles local news channel, KCAL 9. “Fucking burn this motherfucker!” another cop could be heard exclaiming.


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What the source for this alleged fact?

"the suspect, who was, to be sure, a wanted killer hell-bent on murdering cops,"

Was there a warrant issued by a court?

Was this Dorner a convict?

Media outlets admitted the were not a free press but slaves of Government offices.

Free includes debt-free!

He wrote a manifesto

He wrote a manifesto declaring his intentions and reasoning. He acted on it, striking at his enemies.

Of course he was never convicted, he didn't even survive to be taken into custody to be tried. There was allegedly a warrant issued by a court: http://blogs.laweekly.com/informer/2013/02/christopher_dorne...

The point is, it was the LAPD decision to kill Dorner. Even though it is their duty to take him to be tried in a court of law, the LAPD wanted him dead, so they simply killed him. And media organizations, whose duty it is to expose this kind of thing, made a deal with the LAPD not to write about it.

LA Times quotes Riverside police Chief Sergio Diaz: "We are confident that Dorner will be captured and that he will face judgment for his horrific and cowardly crimes."

The murder of Christopher Dorner by the LAPD was horrific and cowardly. The point Dorner was making by embarking on a suicidal murder spree was that LAPD members carry out horrific and cowardly crimes yet they never face capture and judgement for them.

Has anyone read the actual manifesto?

The LS Times summary is suspect and agenda driven.

Free includes debt-free!

That Old Canard

"Sheriff’s Department requested that all reporters and media organizations stop tweeting about the ongoing standoff with Dorner, claiming their journalism was “hindering officer safety.”

It's never about safety, it's about control. And in any event it's never about the accused's safety, that's sure.

Wow I take back much of my DPer criticism

Wow I take back much of my DPer criticism

Ron Paul 2012

Welcome my friend.

Welcome... To the machine...




Good writeup

They Found his Driver's License? How is it possible that it

survived this fire?



they found not ONE but TWO drivers licenses! Unless Fox News wants to admit that they are......wait for it......wrong. *DUN Dun dun*

Forget Conspiracy Theories. Who is misreporting things: Fox news or the LAPD? I don't trust either.

Lima-1, out.

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