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Video: LBJ recording I've never heard before.

For Valentines Day, the LBJ library is releasing some of his love letters between him and Lady Bird. There is also another LBJ recording I have never heard before.

LBJ was know for being crass, but this is hilarious. It gets good at the 2:00 min. mark.


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I'm speechless, thanks for sharing this with us.

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yeah, that was hilarious until you realize he was running

our country - yikes!

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Thanks for

sharing, very funny. (Burp) :-)

that was too funny

I can't believe you guys aren't listening to this one.

ridin' on a wire fence


When he orders the pants! Too funny!

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Bump for later listening

Thanks Ralph.

There is the official presentation - the official story, and then there is reality. Looking forward to listening.

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