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Federal Minimum wage...raise it to $9/hr?

Is Obama that out of touch?!?!
.20 cent/hr increase is a slap in the face you sad excuse for a commander.

173 full time hours/month * $8.80 =
$1522.40 GMI

173 full time hours/month * .20 cents more than $8.80/hr =
$1557.00 GMI

What can you buy for $35 more dollars/month...what a dumb prick!

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Raising minimum wage will

Raising minimum wage will only raise prices, and it will hurt those it was intended to help. It may cut some jobs for a short period but they will return once businesses have raised their prices to meet inflation, which is the ultimate reason to raise the minimum wage...

Southern Agrarian

Raising the minimum wage is about raising tax revenues.

Wall Street (that is Federal Reserve members) are guaranteed a 6% profit on paid in reserves after expenses.

Main Street will suffer as profits shrink, perhaps below the level of sustainability.

Government is happy, their cronies in the Federal Reserve are happy. Low productivity workers are happy.

Main Street gets the short end of stick, again.

Free includes debt-free!

Don't something like 98% of

Don't something like 98% of jobs pay more than the minimum wage, and half that do take minimum wage are those under 18?

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It'd pay for my WoW sub

With some money left over.

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What can you buy for $35 more dollars/month

"What can you buy for $35 more dollars/month[...]"

You can buy an ounce of .999 silver. For now.

We should tell the people.

We should continue to do so.

Now, as far as the minimum wage goes...

How The Minimum Wage Is Not Only Unfair,
But Is Also Actually Hurting The Economy:


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He has to keep up with the small inflation we are seeing

THe question you should as is why not make it $20.00 or maybe $50