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Matt Collins: Let the RonPaul.com fiasco be a lesson to the liberty movement


Let the RonPaul.com fiasco be a lesson to all of us -

I know we're all skeptics, and that is good, healthy skepticism is necessary. However a great deal of, or at least a certain segment, of the movement seems to be apt to eat their own and throw everyone under the bus at the slightest suggestion that there may be some sort of infidelity to principle, even before all of the facts are heard.

Disinformation, misinformation, lies, rumor, and innuendo seems able to easily run rampant throughout our community without as much as any sort of critical thought or discernment. This is very dangerous and in fact detrimental to the movement as a whole.

I've seen it a great deal regarding Rand, I've seen it a great deal during both PCCs, and of course it was very evident this week regarding the owners of RonPaul.com putting forth information that was not fully truthful. But yet somehow nonsense and outright false information seems to go viral instantly around our community. Having worked both on the inside and the outside, behind the scenes and in the crowd, I can say that unwarranted suspicion is not the same as healthy skepticism.

So please, as we move forward, I ask each of you to carefully consider what comes in front of you, think critically, be discerning, don't repeat non-credible rumors, and most importantly, NOT jump to conclusions. Doing otherwise is irresponsible and harmful to the cause.

-Matt Collins
RP 2012 PCC Event Producer, Political Operative, and New Media Manager
Rand Paul 2010 Political Operative, Fundraiser/Social Media Coordinator, Event Producer
Campaign for Liberty Coordinator, Nashville, TN

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I’ve pretty much ignored all the RonPaul.com stuff

So can some one give me a quick synopsis? I’m too lazy [not interested enough] to look into it for myself.

Me, too. Though I am not even interested in a synopsis.

Ron Paul managed to marginalize the liberty movement by his own actions or in-actions; he did not need any help in doing so.

RonPaul.com Isn't Worth SPIT. Know how...

I know?

Because THAT used to be the site I primarily used for RonPaul info. Then, shortly after the debates, or maybe after the election season of '08, the site got lazy with updates and they stopped for many months.


The only reason I searched and found the DailyPaul is because RonPaul.com stopped updating.

They started updating again when Ron Paul started making big news during his last bid.

There's no problem using someone's name in a fan-based site, however:

1. Never try to claim ownership of someone else's name, and
2. When people visit the site because of HIS WORK, not yours -> you (RonPaul.com) don't deserve to reap what HE (Ron Paul) sowed (30+ years of honest work for the people).


What fiasco ? Because you think it is?

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!


well you can't really blame anyone... they have been conditioned by the mainstream media to react to sensationalism...

thanks for the downvote w/o feedback, pussies

too scared to elaborate your articulate disagreement?

Cyril's picture

Yeah, I dislike that, too

Yeah, I dislike that, too. On post or comments. (Given it's pretty rare I downvote anything)

I don't quite get what the "fiasco" is about, though? Is it alluding to the domain dispute? I don't have much, if anything, to say than what I said already:

it's a domain name dispute, what's the biggie?

Is it resolved, btw? If not... let's just wait and see.

Et voila, upvoting you to get you some traction. :)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Don't you ever learn?

Michael has already told you to watch the language. I did up vote your post though. :p