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Ron Paul on John Stossel

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Ron Paul on Stossel is always great

It has been nice over the years that Stossel was a supporter and gave Dr. Paul access to his audience.

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Dwight D. Eisenhower

Biggest hole in the heart of DP

Is there isn't near enough RON PAUL going around.



I loved hearing him again.

should be front page!

This is a great interview, and it's our Dr., so I'm bumping it again. :P

It already was on the Front

It already was on the Front Page:

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Thanks for the bump

Thanks for the bump. I have a judge Napolitano update too. :)

got to bump

got to bump

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Ron Paul on John Stossel you say....

Well.... Happy Valentines Day to me I guess.

"I guess it was all just a dream" lol

The college students: Go get 'em Ron Paul.

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Thanks for posting!

You're welcome

You're welcome