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Hundredth Monkey: USA vacates prosecution!

Lately I noticed a peculiar rendition of my intellectual property being used to vacate a prosecution.


Scroll down to the bottom to view the Refusal for Cause.


Here is the evidence the USA has vacated the criminal indictment on the Libel of Review:


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Broken Bridges

If the bridge is to be built back from Admiralty to Common Law, it seems to me, there must be more common language used.

What was the situation, in plain (common) English, whereby these honest people were attacked by criminals running a false government, and these honest people managed to find a way to remedy that perilous situation?

I can almost decipher the maze of a spider web of falsehood tied up in knots with all these words that are known as legalese, but I am certainly not new to this, so how does this information travel to enough people sooner, without building a bridge built upon a solid foundation of regular common language?


heavily laundered Libel of Review

My intellectual property was laundered through a bible scholar first - to render "generic counterclaim Yisrael" and then through the technology of a fellow named David Wynn MILLER.


That should be a bit easier to digest.

The diversity of citizenship is whether or not you are in contract with the Federal Reserve by endorsing your paychecks. Or in other words the "public trust" of 1913 has grown - survived the "Run" of 1933 by allowing the common man to mimic a state bank and now is accepted into the general consciousness as government.



The only obstacle between you and the kingdom of heaven is between your ears.


Perhaps you miss my point, perhaps not.

I can make some sense out of these valuable packets of information.

This is the stuff of Liberty, this is the individuals POWER to End The FED (and the IRS), and even bring the Country back to moral law, or a working Republic (Sovereign States in a Voluntary Union) - to me.

To me, I can see this, despite my sense of being completely overwhelmed by the information.

"That should be a bit easier to digest."

All things being relative, no, that is more of the same broken bridges - to me.

"The only obstacle between you and the kingdom of heaven is between your ears."

As true as that may be, I think the road to Liberty in this Country can be a goal, and so steps in that direction aught to become common knowledge.


I agree with you, Josf

I have tried to learn this stuff, and I am no dummy. There is so much conflicting information, and so much condescending crap from those who claim to "know" how to work this system...
One time I saw one post where a person laid it out, step by step. You walk in, you challenge jurisdiction and they told you exactly what to say. Carl Miller tells you how to go into court and use the Constitution. But all the stuff on Admiralty and Common Law seems to lead to endless court battles where the courts rule against them and they claim it is a battle for this technicality or that one.
Liberty, for me, is not about spending the rest of my life in crooked courts begging for my rights. If this is true and legitimate, it should be something an average person can use. What these people do is nearly incomprehensible, and when asked to put it simply, they can't. But they will imply you are an idiot for not doing what they do, even though they can't explain what they do effectively.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Thanks a million

I agree with you too.

And I think the bridges need to be built on solid foundations, so I am going to try to build some of those foundations.

What if?

What if there is in the not too distant future a rapid exponential increase in the number of people demanding Common Sense Common Law packets of information along the lines of shopping for computer parts, or computer programs, or any business supply, or any business solution to a business problem.

Problem is defined as A.

Solution is defined as B.

Example 1:

I need a new computer, I start up my old computer, or use a computer someone else has, and I start up a Web Page called Price Watch.

Listed from lowest to highest priced computers, and parts, on the first page, is a start toward solving my computer problem.

Example 2:

My computer was invaded by a criminal who willfully invented, produced, and then unleashed The Dogs of War upon me, in the form of a Computer Virus.

I find an uninfected computer, someone I know, someone allows me to use their connection to everyone else, and I type if the words of the Warning my computer software reports to me, as to the type of Virus that attacked me, and my computer, and a list of solutions to the problem are available to me. I speak computer at a level that allows me to find the solution, or I know how to wipe out my Operating System and start over with a clean hard drive. No more virus.

I can run a computer business based upon the current, but marginal, level of knowledge and skill I have stored in my brain, and my human being.

OK, so what happens if a criminal who took over a government office, or government enforcement JOB (labor for hire), attacks you, or someone you know wants to borrow your access to The World at Large, because that victim (your friend who was in Liberty) is locked up, kidnapped, and is currently being tortured, and murdered OUTSIDE of Liberty (inside of crime made legal)?

You don't know.

I don't.

And there is a Union of people who know how to keep the practice of making crime legal going for as long as the victims remain divided, ignorant, stupid, and fighting each other over the very limited supply of power that those criminals, in office, GOVERN that POWER SUPPLY into a state of perpetual scarcity?

So, as you can see, I have a very hard time building the bridge, because I know too much.

My understanding is that David Merrill knows too much already too.

My understanding is that you know to much too, based upon my reading of your replies on this forum.

We can no longer reach the average person who lacks the power of common sense, lacks the power of understanding, lacks the power of knowledge, and is by that ignorance, combined with apathy, combined with a desire to perpetuate crime made legal, powerless to defend themselves when attacked by their tormentors that they gladly transfer their earnings to, in so many ways, as THEY provide the means by which we all suffer.

Again, I have a very hard time reaching anyone, let alone someone who is even close to my level of understanding, and for what?

For lack of the power of common sense.

For lack of the power of a common language.

For lack of the power of accurate perception.

The criminals have taken over, and therefore it is imperative that the victims understand that fact, and it is imperative that the victims begin speaking to each other in a language that is accurate, and not false on purpose.

So, my feeble attempts to build this accurate language is met with Stone Walling (as in Stone Wall Jackson?), as even the simplest questions are met with almost complete silence.

But I persist, as we all should, in the face of what lies ahead as We The People continue to run as fast as we can run down this road into abject belief in falsehood without question.

If there were a Web Page, searchable, with key words, whereupon a Non-Union (not Legal Crime) Lawyer can offer expert advice, expert step by step processing of thoughts and actions, so as to avoid being victim to UNION Lawyers (legal criminals), then could that be a useful THING as time goes by?

The answer I get, in my pathetic searching for an answer, is yes.

The criminals who took over (they did so in 1788 in this country) abide by a set of rules that can be called Admiralty Law.

Those criminals recognize, in their own laws, the laws employed by their victims, and the laws employed by their victims are called by various names including Natural Law, God's Law, and Common Law.

The methods by which the criminals who took over are avoided, by the targeted victims, are methods understood by a few people, whose numbers are growing (as far as I can tell), include the employment of Common Law as Common Law is recognized by Admiralty Law.

As far as I can tell, The Constitution was a Usurpation employed by Criminals who were able to Usurp Common Law by that document; however the Usurpation was not complete, since the targeted victims were able to attach The Bill of Rights to that Usurpation (The Constitution) and in that connection lies the remedies that remain to be remedies until such time as those remedies are also Usurped.

In other words, the targeted victims (which are all the honest productive people who produce anything worth stealing) are nearly completely powerless and the power remaining is vanishing rapidly and unless we get our acts together, there is little hope for us, save for God's actual judgments whatever that may be according to God, and I have no clue on that subject - I don't get the memos from God either.

I don't get the memos from Legal Crime Central.

If I'm kidnapped, for failure to shut my mouth, or for failure to avoid being targeted by an IRS man, or for failure to avoid being targeted by a UPS man, who knows, many criminals have the legal license to kidnap me, torture me, and murder me, as well as any other individual in this country, at any time, and if that happens, what can I do to remedy that situation in any case?

A. Plead for mercy, ask for "help" from a Union Lawyer (one of the criminals who have given themselves badges to target me for exploitation).

B. Find a competitive, non-union, fellow friend in Liberty.

A = Admiralty Law
B = Common Law

I may be well off base, and I've been at this for over 25 years.

The future is still bright, and I know better than to darken it, since so many other people are doing so, and they don't need my "help".

I don't know if that helps. I tried. I honestly tried, and honestly, I'm not perfect, and honestly I spend a lot of my time enjoying Liberty as it does exist, where it does exist, because my parents set a good example in that regard: to make the best of the cards dealt to us.


All very good points and ideas

A common language, and a universally accessible resource would be huge.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.