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Pinching Pennies In Canada

A Canadian metals buff brings you a very interesting summary of the impact of Canada's disappearing penny.


Can't afford to buy metals? Start saving pre-1982 pennies and nickels now.

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I have been sorting pennies

I have been sorting pennies and saving nickels. I even buy rolls of nickels. If nothing happens to these metals or no one deems them worth more than their face value, oh well, because face value is all I spent on them. I love the debates among the sheeple about getting rid of the penny and nickel. "Just use your card." "They are too much of a hassle to deal with or carry." But dare anyone mention the erosion of the dollar and go against GENIUS krugmansian/helicopternsian ideologies. It costs 1.6 cents to make a penny in Canada. In the US it costs 2 cents. It seems they really want to just push and push up to a sudden collapse.

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No metal bugs up yet?

I thought this was really interesting.

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