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25 Minute Judge Napolitano Interview

In this 25 minute interview Judge Napolitano speaks about Libertarianism, Drug War, Israel, Progressive Era, Gun Control, etc.

The Judge also tells in the beginning of the interview HOW he has lost over 60 pounds. In addition to this Judge has a new book out titled The Freedom Answer Book: How the Government Is Taking Away Your Constitutional Freedoms (published January 2013) which is mentioned in this interview as well.

And who is the interviewer? Glenn Beck.

The Judge's interview starts at 19:15.


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Listen to Beck as he speaks about libertarianism. Hear the subtle hesitation and uncertainty about what freedom really is...

Did you pick up how he said he wouldn't have a problem living in a community with no drug laws if it was with the Judge and Penn Jillette? What he was eluding to is that everyone isn't as self-disciplined as them, and so he can't fathom no drug laws for the general population.

Listen to how he attempts to justify military action with our service men and women to defend a foreign nation.

Listen to how he attempts to imply that self control and self discipline come from having a basis in religion and that those who don't believe in God and are disciplined and responsible, like Penn Jillette, are one-off outliers.

Glen Beck at his core is authoritarian. At the moment, he's sympathizing with libertarian principles, but even in the midst of that sympathizing, he still holds true to his belief that an authoritarian state needs to regulate human behavior outside of matters of which regulation is appropriate (force and aggression).

This guy is a wolf in sheep's clothing, proceed with caution.

As a registered and Libertarian Party member

Beck did not prove that he is not a neocon Republican that wants to destroy the LP. I don't trust him. I am running for local office as a Libertarian. I would not let Beck near my campaign. The LP need too watch out for the GOP WOLVES in sheeps clothing!

Did I hear correctly?

"I was wrong, you were right." LOL Was finally able to watch it - thanks for posting.

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My gut tells me that Beck is

My gut tells me that Beck is trying to soak up an audience and then change directions before the next election. Perhaps to sell a half-hearted Tea Party candidate.

I'm glad Beck is saying some good things for now but honestly it makes me feel sick after hearing his comments on XM during the election season. It will take a public apology for me even to take him seriously.


Can someone explain to me why Beck refers to the time between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution as Anarchy?

because their wasn't a strong central government

that couldn rake in taxes or tax personal income. A central government without its slaves is anarchistic.
But really, it probably has to do with his idea that the least government is anarchistic. His idea is based on his thoughts that no government is anarchy and it progresses from anarchy to dictatorship/fascism etc depending on the size and scope of the ruling class.
I don't know where rule of law comes into it. A people can get together and make laws amongst themselves and everyone governs themselves under such rules.
I would think it rare, though, that a group of any kind would not eventually have its so-called leaders. Some people are naturally more 'can-do' and 'involved' in the workings of a group while others prefer to sit back and be left alone. Strong personalities usually win out.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Thank you!

I watched the clip yesterday, but that question kept nagging at me so I asked. Appreciate your time and your well thought out answer.

the judge let beck

get away with some crap.

beck "when they take down our towers we flatten them and don't rebuild their cities"

huh? saudi arabia?

NAP on U.S. Government and Israel Government

Beck: How do we support Israel without an entangling alliance?

We. That little misuse of grammar that trips many people, causing them great confusion and grief for everyone else. This misuse should be a reminder to anyone advancing freedom privately and especially publically that words have a purpose: They convey messages from the mental plane to the physical plane and vice versa. Befriend nouns and pronouns so the message arrives to its destination without detours.

NAP, Who is "we"?

About NAP on this issue, the relationship between the U.S. government and Israel government, his answer was a failure. Poor analogy and poor answer.

NAP: We can provide them with a lot of help.

Who is "we" and who is "them"?

Is "we" the United States citizens? Is we the U.S. government and military? Is we NAP and Glenn Beck? Is we NAP, Glenn, me and you? Who is we?

Who is "they"? Is they the Israel government and its military? Is they the Israeli people? How about Israel's government, its military and Israeli people? Just who is they?

NAP ended saying "without putting Americans at risk." Yes, but how is that done? Why, of course, the only way: in freedom -- that if Joe America wants to help someone living on the terrain named Israel, he can. In freedom is acting in want, that is, without influence and control outside him and the object of his want.

If NAP meant we to be the U.S. government and military and they to be Israel's government and military, a grievous contradiction to "without putting Americans at risk," and I don't see how NAP doesn't know he made this contradiction, then I'm sorely disappointed in him. Additionally, I'm soured he didn't ask Glenn to clarify his use of we. After all the years NAP's talked about freedom, he makes not an oversight but this error, this contradiction, a brutal strike against logic??

NAP, explain how this allowance of yours, that the U.S. government and military fight with or for Israel's government and military, isn't a contradiction, please.

*shakes head side to side* *sighs*

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

forgive what

He hasn't even really admitted to anything. Aside from the Paul bashing he's done he also torpedoed Debra Medina and proceeded to talk about french kissing Rick Perry.
He kept on about the rigid libertarians being the problem. This has to be directed at Paul and Mises types. I can't help but think this is just the old Koch brothers/Cato/fox news vs Rothbard playing itself out.

Explanation Required

During the primaries Beck attacked and derided Ron Paul and Gary Johnson the only libertarian candidates in the GOP. As little as 4 months ago Beck was chief cheer leader for Romney the most establishment of the establishment candidates. If Romney had beaten Obama Beck would still be chief cheer leader for president Romney. Yet now, without any explanation, Beck has had a Damascus moment and converted to libertarianism. Give me a break. Most likely the establishment threw him out of the tent when they realised how little power he actually has to sway the population to vote for an establishment candidate.

I welcome his message but not the messenger.

It's not

surprising that Glenn moves toward the Republicans during election time and away afterwards. Yea it's sickening but it's what most people do. Many of us libertarians stick to what we believe no matter the consequences but that is fairly rare and also dependent on the situation. I find myself disappointed all the time by people who have told me one thing and then done another when it benefits them and are later completely blind to having done it. We spend so much time getting mad about it when we should probably figure out how to use these people for our cause when we can and abandon them when we can't and realize that holding up two middle fingers is not always the best way to support your cause even if you're "keeping it real". I recognize Beck's tendencies and moved past it, now what do I do with the info that can bring things forward?

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Beck: Public Apology Required!

I saw Judge Napolitano at CPAC 2009 at the Omni Shoreham in D.C., and he is a most remarkable man. HE was there in support of RON PAUL (as the other speakers were).

As soon as BECK announces a PUBLIC APOLOGY due to the fact that BECK was a VOCAL INSTRUMENT that swayed the American public to reject the notion of the CONSTITUTION (which DIRECTLY LEAD to Ron Paul's defeat in both 2008 AND 2012), I will accept that he is being genuine. Beck's ideas regarding 'Occupy Wall street' are all wrong (as usual, he is still towing the official 'party line' on this one, and cannot come to do the research regarding the origins and the infiltration). The 'KISS ISRSAEL'S ASSETS' talk by BOTH of them near the end is quite disturbing as well (I never expected the Judge to go along with this crap!).

Beck is opining that the 'two-party system' somehow is NOT a TOTALITARIAN political party that is controlled by the SAME people/intetrests, and that BOTH are NOT 'quite yet' into FASCISM (another point on which he and I, as well as many others, disagree on).
As soon as Beckie-boi comes clean and humbles himself by admitting that his attacks upon you, me, and Ron Paul were totally WRONG, I shall reconsider my well-learned factual observations regarding this media schill.


On The Subject Of Wheat And Weight Loss

The Judge discusses the loss of 60 extra pounds due to the non-intake of WHEAT, and described that Campbell's Tomato Soup has 'wheat' in it.
What Campbell's Soup uses in their product is G.M.O., NOT REAL wheat.

If wheat (honest wheat) was actually BAD, would Jesus have performed the MIRACLE of feeding the 5,000 with fishes and LOAVES (of BREAD, which is mostly WHEAT)?

Wheat which is 'genetically modified' is not able to be assimilated by the human body in the same fashion as the real stuff. All the 'good' things about it (like the good cholesteral and REAL fiber) are removed from the process (because if it's good for YOU, it is good for lower forms of live, and THEY are trying to engineer a crop that is resistant to 'pests' which also eat it because it is good for them).
Three basic Needs and Essentials for humans:
The CLOTHING comes from Sri Lanks, Bangladesh, and China, using slave labor.
The SHELTER comes from houses constructed with CHINESE DRYWALL that is poisoned with all kinds of stuff.
What about the FOOD?
A fast hamburger at McDonald's, perhaps? THEY gotta feed over 6 and a half BILLION people, and the need for 'sesame seed buns' is overwhelming! How about if THEY engineer a wheat 'product' that can be grown RAPIDLY in ANY CLIMATE and is resistant to EVERY ATTACK from pests to blights? Could THEY make a whole *hitload of money at this? they already supply your houses with drywall that molds on contact with the air, and clothing that cannot stand up to actally 'wearing it'.
The Judge missed a great opportunity to direct the conversation here.


what are you rambling on about

I can find nothing saying GMO wheat is already grown and in the market. Australia is the only country stupid enough to actually do trials.
"Australia is on track to be the first country in the world to grow GM wheat commercially, and to test this in human feeding trials."


I hate GMOs, but you shouldn't lie about what's out there as it will discredit everyone trying to stop the GMOs out there.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Wheat has been genetically

Wheat has been genetically modified the old fashioned way -- through programs of selective breeding. It has not been genetically modified the new fashioned way (outside of Australia) by introducing new genes from other species into the genome.

Now whether wheat modified the old fashioned way is good for us is another issue. If you avoid wheat you are probably cutting a lot of carbohydrates out of your diet and that in itself will lead to weight loss.

Me, I still eat wheat and I'm not overweight, but what works for me doesn't necessarily work for everybody else.

The Nap vs Rand?

Man that is not fair... I love Rand and Nap equally but only I put Ron above... But why do all the most hard core DPers love Nap even when he is hugging Glenn and Israel but when Rand plays and talks nicey nice with Israel and Glenn beck colleagues, oh he's a total neocon and sellout even though 99% of his ACTIONS speak liberty. Look nobody said Ron would ever be anti Romney but they are saying that about Rand already. Rand is running for president and he has to rub the right shoulders to get any where so he's actually pretty damn smart. Rand knows the system is so corrupt that he needs establishments blessings to even win a single primary. I believe rand is carrying his dads legacy and mission but realizes he could actually win, unfortunately unlike his father in this cheating fraud corrupt system and power structure in this country.

Ron Paul 2012

I hate to say it.

Beck makes me want to like him when he talks this way. If he embraces the NAP he will have trouble continuing to excuse statism.

I'm not falling for it

Beck ALWAYS embraced the judge. Napolitano would often sub for Beck's program on Fox when Beck was on vacation or out for whatever reason. Beck wants the Liberty Movement on his side but he needs to apoligize to Ron Paul before I 'embrace' Beck again. Beck says a lot of good things but actions speak louder than words.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

After his treatment of Paul

over the "live by the sword" tweet I don't think there's much chance of that soon.

I don't trust him either. I would trust him more if he engaged someone on the topic, like a Tom Woods, or such who can actually give him the answers he claims he doesn't yet understand.

I also can only think the bad guys are using Beck to maintain control. Even when it tends into a direction they don't prefer so long as they control the leaders, they control the trajectory. Like Reagan, man did he talk pretty. But whatever independence he may have had, went awol after he was shot.

It's not only possible, it may be probable he's trying to co-opt the liberty movement.

when on Fox, Glenn had a series Founders' Fridays

and it really was a terrific show. During one of his studio audience shows, someone asked him why he never did a Founders' Friday on Thomas Jefferson. Glenn hesitated a bit before answering then mumbled something like, 'because he never did anything good.' And now I hear him quoting Jefferson?
Before I ever trust Beck again, I want him to retract that statement and admit he was wrong and I also want him to acknowledge Ron Paul as the #1 advocate for liberty in our time and apologize to Ron Paul for all the disparaging comments he has offensively made against Ron Paul.
This is the same guy who just months ago deliberately used his 'Blaze' to criticize and ridicule Ron Paul throughout the primaries.
When he's man enough to admit the above egregious actions and apologize for them, I'll start to give Beck the benefit of doubt that he really has changed.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

This is Revolution 3.0!

I'm going to take Glenn's idea and run with it. He's got a massive base of followers and these people will be easier than ever to convert to/help recognize libertarianism. This is Revolution 3.0! It would be in our interest to jump on this.


was really good...

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

Click Here To See The Candidates On The Record


Word can not begin to explain how impressed I am with this interview.

Thank you!

Judge Nap, you have given me something specific to think about :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Not sure whats going on here

but Glenn Beck didn't tick me off in this video. And if he wants to go by the constitution and stick to it, then I am open to hear what he has to say.

I will say this about Glenn. It is quite obvious that he is listening to what we've been saying. Example his point about our arguments against aid to Israel.


I don't think people have a "problem" with him changing somewhat his point of view, but it wasn't as if that's all that's happened between him and us.

I remember VERY CLEARLY how he viciously attacked both Dr. Paul AND his supporters (calling them terrorists), when Dr. Paul was running for office in 2007. It was most uncharitable, and I did a video clip which I sent specifically to Glenn Beck's office expressing my distress over his vitriolic attack right before Christmas that year!

TOM WOODS never did such a thing publicly like Beck did. There is a difference. So, I think you are being too harsh on those of us who have a difficult timing forgiving and forgetting.

Time may heal those wounds, but I'd just say to you--Don't push it.

@Brian Middleton

Because he changes his views as often as the sun comes up and goes down. He is no more intelligent today than he was the last two election cycles. That means he consciously stuck it in our ass the past 5 or 6 years. He is looking for a slice of the pie to CASH in on. Nothing more. I'm not buying it, nor will I ever.

Cash in? Huh? Are you

Cash in? Huh? Are you kidding. You mean cash in on libertarianism, like the Atlas Shrug movies, like Freedom Watch? You do realize that the libertarian movement is tiny and not very profitable, right?

Don't buy it then. No one is asking you to, but first examine how long it took you. Then why not criticize Tom Woods for taken 10 years to convert? How long did it take you to let go of your old ideas?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

The Judge 2016

This has to happen. Is this in the works? If so, where do we go to donate?

Joined the Liberty Movement in Anchorage, Alaska, 1977. Ron Paul supporter since 1983.
In Liberty from the Pacific Northwest.


But the problem is his credibility...listening to him now reminds me of how he coopted the TEA PARTY from RP. I hope his not doing it again. hmmm...