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How to Build your own Hydroponic Rain Tower (finally finished the "How to")

Hey everyone! I finally put together the detailed "How To" video for my creation of a hydroponic (or maybe areoponic) Rain Tower. If you remember, it's the hydroponic system that can fit 12 plants in a square foot area. I was trying to make something virtually anyone could build with materials they could get at a hardware. We all need to be able to grow our own food if need be. So, I'm trying to learn all I can and use my space efficiently.


It will likely clear up some of your questions. It's 23 mins long. I couldn't make it any shorter. There was so much to explain. For those of you who just want a quick 6 min overview. Here's the introduction video so you can see how it works:


Also I wanted to say so far one person has built their version right here on Daily Paul. Fiodax built his own over a Aquaponics system. He built that really fast!! I'm pretty amazed! Here is his video. He has some really cool ideas!


I can't wait to see how it works out for him!

If YOU build one or have modifications that you make please let me know! I'd be REALLY interested in seeing your videos or pictures and hearing what you do or how it works for you.

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Chicken Resistant?

I wonder if these can be considered chicken resistant...

Also, what if you had four of them sharing one pump, and used the timer to rotate them every 15 minutes...

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Only if you put them in a chicken wire cage... lol!

My chickens LOVED my AP system when we had it outside last summer. They never made it into the fish tank, but they got up onto my grow beds a few times. Did not help the plants at all. We also were admired by the frogs- we had an invasion, which brought a snake to live under the fishtank... We had quite the little ecosystem going. The wasps learned to recognize the sound of me pumping the water, and would swarm the system. Never once stung me, they were after the fresh water.
If you want to set up multiples, I would recommend connecting the systems so the pump either feeds into all four at once, or two of the drain into the other two, then back to the tank. However, if you have an idea in your head it may not be what I am envisioning, so TRY IT if it looks like it will work with your space.

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Nice Job!

Good stuff. It is always interesting to see how different folks do things differently. Here is a variation on how to make a tower that might be cheaper and a little easier for some folks...


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can someone link posts on off-grid electricity generation

to this? That would make a complete system as the only weak link I see here is electricity for the grow lights and to work the pumps. I thought I saw a good one (system or set of links) here on DP.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

I have some ideas for using a

I have some ideas for using a ram pump but need to experiment to see if we can get enough water flow to make the ram work.

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70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

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our lights solution

We are building in a greenhouse, so there will be a lot of natural light. However, the length of the day can be an issue with fruiting, so we are going to get those little garden solar lights and put the panels on the roof and the lights inside. It is not enough to grow by, but it is enough to make the plants think the days are longer than they are.
So far, charging a battery pack is the only way to run a pump we have come up with. I'd love to hear a better idea, too.

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Thanks! I'll update as I have

Thanks! I'll update as I have success (or failure), but I'm determined to ultimately have success!

I think i will do the other technique

Thers another way hwere u use a round pvc pipe and saw a straight line then shape it with a heat gun. No net pots. just add hydroton. it's a lot less effort. Nothing wrong with your approach looks great just... I'm all for less work!

My dream would be to create a pressed sectional that held 4 pots and then you just slid it along a pvc tube you bought yoruself and get like 32 pots per 8' pole. I might invent that! like the 500 dollar system but way cheaper to make.

my current effort is a solar powered aquaponic system. but I want to run the water from the bed into vertical towers. But since I cant find work in austin I'm probably leaving my house and land and off to a frigid climate to work. sigh.

I really liked this post

Great ideas. Maybe one day when I have all that equipment and a garage I can build my own.


Are there toxins within the vinyl and adhesives?

Looking forward to seeing your long term success with this invention.

Well I dont know but it seems to be what most growers use

From what I've seen in the Hydroponic world, plastic and pvc is necessarily used frequently and people get great results. Even Epcot at Disney has a huge exhibit of hydroponics and they use loads of the stuff. I think NASA does too, last I looked.

I think the plants themselves tend to be more sensitive to the chemicals. Like for instance, you can't use tap water with the plants because of the chlorine will kill them. You have to use well water or dissipate the chlorine from the tap water before you use it with a bubblier over a few days.

Seems to me that the plants would be the first to complain, but I don't know for sure.


Non-toxic "food grade" silicone glue is available. It is for medical uses and costs something $200 for a one ounce tube. MOST of the glue winds up being covered, and it is the same glue that is holding your water pipes together if you live in a recently built house.
As for the PVC, it probably gives off the same nastiness as other plastics. However, when you consider the toxins you WON'T be exposing your garden to... no chemtrail / Fukushima fallout, for instance... When the "perfect" solution comes along, I'll be happy to see it. For now, this is the fastest way to food liberty I know of.

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Thanks for taking the time to do a fully instructional video. Youtube is becoming an amazing place to learn whatever you want to know. I made what I thought was a ridiculously dull video about fodder feeding, and it has 13,000+ views now, and people DOING it and giving feedback. It is really amazing how fast people really can become self reliant, if they start digging in with a "What can I do today?" attitude.
Check out this guy's idea, reminds me of what you are doing "on steroids."

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Heeer Fishyfishyfishy......

Getting ready to build a small-based thing like the single tower system in the video as my starter project to aquaponics. Do you think this is the best intro project or got other ideas?


Are you familliar with earth buckets?

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I did not know that was how to call fish

but apparently it is... lol!
I think this is an excellent starter system. Now, with the qualifying statement... Each system is its own little world, and you are in control of what features you want in your world. If you just want fish for the fertilizer but don't want to eat them, you can use a very small fish tank and minnows or goldfish, which would enable you to put a system in a VERY small space. I like that this uses vertical grow beds, and I intend to incorporate a lot of vertical beds in the system we are building now, but I have never used them before, so I can't personally attest to how easy they are to maintain.
And I have never heard of earth buckets, but I will be consulting google about that right now... thanks!

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Jefferson's picture


original post got me thinking about other set ups that use vinyl fence posts. I found this when I was digging around. It's every bit as effective as the several hundred dollar rigs we sell. With a little time and ingenuity you can make one pretty cheaply.